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Anyone know..............
what the development is on Winstanley Road close to the boundary at Garswood a new road un...
orrellite 32 3,374 18th Mar 2012, 14:10
Ownership of property
Has anyone any experience of changing ownership of a house from "joint tenents" to "tenent...
erontquay 9 1,404 2nd Mar 2012, 19:48
Wigan Borough FC - request for information
I'm hoping someone may be able to help. I'm trying to find what colour shirts were wor...
Garswoodlatic 4 1,095 13th Feb 2012, 11:24
a new one for you
sum up in one sentance.....i like (or dislike) wigan because.........
briorrell 9 1,248 9th Feb 2012, 23:01
baker boy
1911 Help?
Would anybody be so kind to search for a Bridget Taylor, living in Wigan with a child name...
explorations 1 846 2nd Feb 2012, 08:35
carol gr
Of bathroom scales and weights
Pounds (lbs) and kilograms are whole units, no problem there. When it comes to Stones (14 ...
dave© 15 1,401 1st Feb 2012, 15:14
scoop 2 718 26th Jan 2012, 21:49
wheres me owd mate cocci
cocci where are ya. aint heard from you in ages
sue.64 2388 32,581 22nd Jan 2012, 21:05
Santander / Tesco.
Check your bank statements if you purchase at Tesco Kiosk my wife just received a statemen...
curly 5 1,732 18th Jan 2012, 15:19
New Website
Updated from [url=""]Wigan History Search to [url="http...
explorations 20 1,973 13th Jan 2012, 08:46
Farrington Cloggers
Hi I'm researching the Farrington Family, Cloggers from Wigan. Would like to share info I ...
afairclough 1 1,226 2nd Jan 2012, 14:38
A walk from Gathurst to Parbold along the Canal
jagman64 7 1,777 25th Dec 2011, 01:07
santa,s grotto
spent all day filming saturday at Birkacre Garden Centre if you have kids this santa,s gro...
jagman64 5 1,181 24th Dec 2011, 14:49
Video from Santa
I'll repost this on here in case anyone missed it and wants to send a santa video to a lov...
Mac 24 1,422 18th Dec 2011, 17:10
cllr gareth fairhurst
WiganWorld/X Factor
Nobody seems to write on this page. So it needs livening up. I'm thinking of auditioning ...
disco_diva 32 2,616 12th Dec 2011, 20:43
Perkin Warbeck
LuckyHens Rescue Wigan - Urgent Homes Needed.
Anyone any room in the Inn for an ex battery Hen or two!!!??? .... we need to rescue as ma...
LuckyHens Admin 1 878 11th Dec 2011, 12:01
Locomotive]Can someone tell me...
cindy 15 1,712 5th Dec 2011, 18:27
cllr gareth fairhurst
Emma Hoolin charity cd 100% sales to Appeal [:w]
Single wrote by Kieron Riley guitar James and mixed by Emma well done all of you. Its on...
boys5 - 637 30th Nov 2011, 09:53
Suttering Cat
The teacher taking a biololgy class with 6 year olds said that human beings are the only a...
bentlegs 4 1,120 25th Nov 2011, 23:48
i used to go to Lils cafe after school for a spare and the pinball.anyone else go there?
daveo 26 5,775 17th Nov 2011, 19:30
OMG wot is happening to this town??? everywer ther is roads being dug up bus station dug u...
billingeboy74 67 9,706 15th Nov 2011, 20:25
O.K. if you have nothing to do try one of these click normal you should do it in under fo...
dougie 1 865 15th Nov 2011, 19:19
Workers in Alexandra park.
I was cycling through Alexandra park .(newtown) when i saw a council worker ..blowing leav...
cozzer45 2 1,139 12th Nov 2011, 20:17
nice day at Rivington barns
jagman64 3 946 8th Nov 2011, 06:28
veg grower
john joseph 3 869 3rd Nov 2011, 00:11
William Prescott Joule
Sorry, James Prescott Joule, I think every electrical engineer would've heard of him in th...
dave© 6 1,357 30th Oct 2011, 11:20
post pictures
whats the correct way of uploading large pictures to this forum
jagman64 6 1,335 26th Oct 2011, 00:02
Kiteboarding at Ainsdale beach Southport
jagman64 5 761 19th Oct 2011, 00:11
veg grower
Wigan's World Champion Arm Wrestler Steve Rogers!
I must be an Albatross, as Steve lost his title , and put it down to me filming his contes...
jagman64 - 1,154 16th Oct 2011, 23:02
The Fishmonger
A friend off WW sent this by e-mail a few weeks ago i was thinking someone would upload it...
dougie 7 1,033 14th Oct 2011, 20:21
Who remembers,"TOM HALLS" "and. "DONALD HEATONS"
I remember it very well.Gerrin mi 1st bike from tom halls. It wus a "chopper"... cost mi g...
cozzer45 26 4,319 11th Oct 2011, 09:33
Photo -a -day
I would love to post some photos on Photo-a-day....! please excuse me...! but i don't kno...
cozzer45 3 953 10th Oct 2011, 15:48
chat in pub
got talking to the son of a landlord .he told me his father rented a property out to some ...
albion 9 2,134 5th Oct 2011, 17:21
ruddy duck
Three Sisters Race Track Ashton
Great day out cafe & a bar [url=]jagmanfilms
jagman64 4 818 26th Sep 2011, 10:18
Old wigan on film
will try again to post this its easy'er to post on MI 5 web site! [url=
jagman64 17 3,002 25th Sep 2011, 22:57
Video of the Wigan Warriors & the Challenge cup
spent three hours on Sunday waiting for them to arrive but got some good shots of the lads...
jagman64 7 1,308 25th Sep 2011, 22:55
Have you seen this
My grandchildren came today with this trick, before you look do you think it's possible t...
dougie 9 1,192 25th Sep 2011, 17:57
If 42 is the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything ... What is the Ultim...
jo anne 26 1,466 23rd Sep 2011, 15:31
veg grower
Road To Wigan Pier journalist - Harry Kennan
Hi all I'm a journalist writing a piece for the Sunday Times magazine 75 years after Orwe...
stevea - 992 23rd Sep 2011, 08:55
The Grey Lady of Dam House
On a recent visit to Dam House what used to be Astley Hospital I took some photographs of ...
jagman64 9 3,763 21st Sep 2011, 17:30