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Does anyone know the whereabouts or status of the above two scallies ?
John Peters - 752 27th Apr 2020, 10:12
John Peters
Moved from General
No need for any comments---Thinking I was uploading to many links, e-mailed ADMIN about it...
dougie - 1,008 26th Apr 2020, 10:26
Workhouse deaths in 1890's
If someone was in a Workhouse at the time of their death in about 1898, would they have be...
agertsch 6 1,015 24th Apr 2020, 12:11
Breakfast Video
(1-2-3-4-4+-5-6-7)NO comments please, O.K. HAVE A LAUGH AT MY EXPENSE, am a Bovvard am a ...
dougie 1 997 22nd Apr 2020, 12:41
Face masks
What will you do are you ready just in case, noy saying they work Did you see the news t...
dougie - 801 21st Apr 2020, 15:38
Whatever happened.....
to John O'Grady. Anyone know of his whereabouts or status. I believe he came from Norley...
John Peters - 949 21st Apr 2020, 11:22
John Peters
Shirley Welland /About John Melling
Shirley i have just seen your comment on the photo Golden Lion Inn ( wallgate). 1935 ish ...
winnie 1 873 19th Apr 2020, 13:16
WW1 wounded soldiers
Has anyone had experience of tracing an incident of wounding from the casualty lists in th...
hilly 10 1,015 15th Apr 2020, 17:09
Park Lane School
Hi My dad was in the RAF and he and my mum came from Wigan. I also spent some time livi...
Montgomery 1 901 14th Apr 2020, 12:20
Anyone remember
The ex-soldier that posted this photo on WW I do he may still look in, I was going throug...
dougie 12 2,140 5th Apr 2020, 18:57
Michael Ollerton and Mary Olleron (nee Harding)
Hi all, I am reserching my family and hit a brick wall with my 2x Great Parents - Micha...
Richiemalia 3 1,104 3rd Apr 2020, 00:01
geralgine long
Thanks again for info.Life saver! Lancs bmd shows marriage for teresa & she had a daughter...
soreen - 698 1st Apr 2020, 22:24
2 Teresa Kellys
2 teresa kellys,1 born 1921,Wigan, mam a Dawber, & 1 born 1921,Hindley, mam a kelly. Im lo...
soreen 2 779 1st Apr 2020, 21:30
geraldine long
Can anyone see a marriage for W C Stewart to a lady called Mary ??? It probably would h...
annefair 6 855 30th Mar 2020, 10:24
geraldine long
Jimmy Culshaw
today I visited Jimmy in the Manchester hospital after his quadruple by pass last monday. ...
reddi8 56 8,489 25th Mar 2020, 12:48
peter g
I used to live next door in Leader Street to Eddie and Doreen. I believe both are now dece...
John Peters - 775 15th Mar 2020, 09:13
John Peters
Hi Does anyone know the whereabouts of Terry Fallows? His parents, Ken and Gladys ran th...
John Peters 2 873 9th Mar 2020, 09:18
John Peters
Hi Just wondering if any old friends of mine are still around. I knocked about with Char...
John Peters - 1,002 4th Mar 2020, 09:49
John Peters
joseph fairclough / elizabeth horrocks
joseph fairclough married elizabeth horrocks 1871.wigan. Any connection to engineering ...
soreen 2 880 3rd Mar 2020, 10:10
Lancashire's earliest photographers
The title of Gillian Jones's useful book, Lancashire Professional Photographers 1840-1940,...
maryms - 663 29th Feb 2020, 22:42
Family name Ehlen
Anybody out there connected to or know of any families called Ehlen connected to Mary Jose...
shaun452 20 3,315 28th Feb 2020, 16:22
Just read on the news that the murderer of Helen McCourt has been released from prison. I...
linma 5 1,148 26th Feb 2020, 14:50
Henry MORRIS and Mary Ann GORE of Crooke & Wigan
I'm looking for more information on the above, whose children were James b 1872, who marri...
maryms - 598 20th Feb 2020, 21:48
Geraldine long.
HI,You kindly found me info.on kellys and Tighes.Could you please help with sarah Edwards,...
soreen 6 970 20th Feb 2020, 15:52
GORE and SEDDON of Crooke, Shevington, and Wigan
I am researching the GORE and SEDDON families of Wigan, Crooke and Shevington. I've recent...
maryms - 675 18th Feb 2020, 21:31
Annie Tighe.1871 census
Hi, Can anyone find Annie Tighe in Wigan on 1871 census, please?my subs.ran out.Born in Ir...
soreen 8 1,193 6th Feb 2020, 18:09
baron street Scholes
Any one remember baron street up Scholes the one with steps at the bottom leading to the p...
paul b 5 3,190 5th Feb 2020, 19:02
Keith garswood
heard at the weekend Keith garswood had passed away. RIP Keith. Anybody who lives in Asht...
jack52 5 1,554 28th Jan 2020, 15:03
Wigan NW to Lime St train yesterday
If you were the fun lady G who mistook me for Michael Caine yesterday get in touch on 078...
GaryW08 2 1,391 26th Jan 2020, 12:41
peter g
Olwyn Holcroft
Hi, My wife is Alwyn Turner. We posted a few photographs of The Two Olwyns on the album Th...
peteralwyn - 863 8th Jan 2020, 22:12
Just heard some sad news an old friend of ours May Pearson has passed away at the age of 8...
maureen rutter nee green 10 2,634 2nd Jan 2020, 21:07
disapearing landlords
anybody any idea if Jimmy Parr who had the Royal Oak and Boars Head is still in the Wigan ...
i-spy 8 5,132 1st Jan 2020, 14:38
Dunn Family
Is anyone here related to James Dunn who was born in Hindley in 1868? He was married to Al...
DebCas 6 1,057 21st Dec 2019, 18:34
can anyone help please...?? I’ve been searching for my great grandad Daniels grave and ...
Lilfizz30 6 1,123 20th Dec 2019, 18:32
Toffee Makers
I have just found two of my relatives described as 'own toffee manufacturers' in the 1939 ...
macwil48 15 1,233 19th Dec 2019, 14:27
Ralph FORSTER (Foster) burial
COMPLETED. I believe he died in Hindley in Q2 1866 but he does not appear to be buried th...
macwil48 4 873 14th Dec 2019, 21:11
John winstanley
Above circa 1790 can't find him on 1841 census ?wife Jane ,son James 1826/7pemberton or wi...
christine marsden 5 1,515 11th Dec 2019, 09:57
Bill Cockram
Former games master at ashton secondary modern Passed away peacefully on 10th November 2...
joemaplin 5 1,047 1st Dec 2019, 00:25
Change of user name
Due to computer problems, I have been unable to get into Wiganworld now for quite a long p...
alan85 5 1,435 29th Nov 2019, 16:26