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My car has 4 different driving modes Eco Normal Sport Individual. I have driven it for nea...
PeterP 3 847 14th Apr 2018, 11:17
Free Old Time Music
Free 40s, 50s music at [url=
dave© - 698 13th Apr 2018, 22:57
I have just pressed my Wifi Icon and just below my internet connection is one for GM Polic...
PeterP - 998 25th Mar 2018, 10:47
road signs
I was reading last week about the government doing away with what they class as road sign ...
PeterP 6 1,082 24th Mar 2018, 15:51
The Royal Haircut
Oh, I say [url=] Wills has paid £180 for his haircut, was he ripped ...
dave© 11 1,432 13th Mar 2018, 13:17
I am on Sky Broadband Unlimited(18 MB/S average) + Sky talk anytime(£8) +McAfee internet ...
PeterP - 716 13th Mar 2018, 10:22
At 9-40 this morning a car and bus collided at the junction of Bolton Road and Barrow Stre...
PeterP 6 1,057 11th Mar 2018, 10:51
Radio Caroline
Some of you old timers who remember the days of the pirate ship radio stations of the 1960...
dave© 37 2,936 13th Feb 2018, 13:34
Light bulbs
Why are there so many different ones and why do they cost so much. I'm sure one used to fi...
i-spy 17 1,510 5th Feb 2018, 20:10
jo anne
Safety Socket Covers
A big "con," none of 'em are any use, yet they're for sale on ebay and other sites, an int...
dave© 1 1,042 22nd Jan 2018, 15:00
jo anne
Pinky and Perky
They were on the excellent sounds of the 60's on Yesterday and I realised how nervous they...
i-spy 10 1,106 11th Jan 2018, 22:48
On my way into Wigan this morning about 5-30 from Ashton the BP/SHELL petrol stations wer...
PeterP 3 1,329 25th Dec 2017, 17:22
I was viewing a prog last night chas & dave were on from way back, anyway this guy was on ...
GOLDEN BEAR 4 986 25th Dec 2017, 17:18
mobile calls
I missed a call on my mobile and when I looked at the number it was 12 digits long(074****...
PeterP 1 1,212 20th Dec 2017, 11:19
Kill joys
An interesting [url=] read for a dark Saturday afternoon. How f...
dave© 1 1,418 13th Dec 2017, 23:40
our kids, a short story
Each morning I am woken up about 5am with a loud bark in my face, my two English Springer ...
britboy 33 2,603 7th Dec 2017, 14:15
Did you know........
that the humble stir fry can cause [url=] air pollution? Ther...
dave© 4 1,333 4th Dec 2017, 12:36
Deafness warning, don't travel.
In fact, don't step out of the house [url=] do not commute hid...
dave© - 1,242 23rd Nov 2017, 23:46
Toilet Roll ....!!!!!!!!!!
Not a great topic but just had to share this. Youngest Grandson 4yrs old came home from...
blackrodweaver 3 1,278 9th Nov 2017, 20:56
Murat Illusionist
It's been on before, some years ago [url=] Murat I still find i...
dave© 2 1,238 3rd Nov 2017, 23:15
Oxfam bucket
Latest ploy from Oxfam donate to buy a bucket Instead of kids filling plastic containers w...
PeterP 9 1,647 2nd Nov 2017, 10:17
Feral Children.
Anyone watch this? no education, no rules... I'd like to see these children in 10 years ti...
kathpressey 2 1,168 29th Oct 2017, 08:43
Did anyone see this weeks apprentice where a group of daft lads thought it would be a grea...
kathpressey 5 1,246 28th Oct 2017, 08:52
TV remote controls
They drive me nuts. Why do they have so many buttons, why do they always go missing when y...
i-spy 9 1,165 19th Oct 2017, 18:03
jo anne
Amazon - EBAY mystery
Does anyone know why I get the odd package from Amazon when I've ordered the item from EBA...
dave© 3 1,479 16th Oct 2017, 15:48
A Turbulent Chef?
Will no one rid us of this turbulent [url=] chef What does t...
dave© 1 1,038 7th Oct 2017, 12:13
Shoe laces
..they last longer than shoes these days
i-spy 12 1,278 6th Oct 2017, 20:55
jo anne
Not seen one of these for.....
Not seen one of these for ages plenty in the 50's and 60's....yet today there it was today...
blackrodweaver 11 1,916 11th Sep 2017, 21:10
GOLDEN BEAR 3 1,431 7th Sep 2017, 15:28
GOLDEN BEAR 3 1,301 28th Aug 2017, 10:51
diesel scrapage
GOLDEN BEAR 6 1,600 20th Aug 2017, 15:06
North Korea
Americans are asked to find North Korea on a [url=] map and you...
dave© 6 1,395 15th Aug 2017, 19:22
Does any body remember the old game we used to play in our youth Piggy/ Peggy / Nippy dep...
blackrodweaver 8 1,369 6th Aug 2017, 12:38
Amanda Holden BGT
Dress or no Dress that is the question, Why ring up and complain if you don't like it turn...
blackrodweaver 13 1,813 29th Jun 2017, 13:53
hugh wilson
The Daily Mash
Does any one read the [url=] Daily Mash? What an anarchic bunch...
dave© - 1,231 25th Jun 2017, 00:30
Ice Cream Parlour
Wonder how one of these ice cream parlours would go down in Wigan. [url=
ayrefield 4 1,469 6th Jun 2017, 14:40
NHS messaging
Over the last few weeks and going into next week we had/have various hospital/clinic appoi...
PeterP 4 1,276 4th Jun 2017, 01:10
The inventor of the Jet Engine
This taken from Rob Orlands Coventry website , everyday he uploads something that's about ...
dougie 3 1,239 3rd Jun 2017, 09:12
Google annoying reminder...
Any ideas on how to stop "" A privacy reminder from Google "" appearing every time I open...
blackrodweaver - 1,043 30th May 2017, 20:22
Jersey Royals
Why am I not seeing them? I'm sure they are usually in shops by 10th April.
priscus 33 1,759 30th May 2017, 17:31