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Garden Topic
Every time I switch on my garden progress I just love to hear and see the growth of my ...
john joseph 2 662 7th Dec 2012, 20:31
To Sarah.
Just been looking on the 'Album' and saw a comment by Our Irene about a poem that was read...
joseph 1 15 2,019 5th Dec 2012, 20:49
New Gardening Topic!!
Momac suggested a gardening thread and so here it is!! Anyone at all, with any growing ...
veg grower 608 17,014 5th Dec 2012, 16:28
loved my visit to see family in Wigan. the lights in town are really lovely - but so many ...
kathpressey 4 1,019 5th Dec 2012, 13:21
Hi, Just read an article by our own Geoffrey Shryhane including some of the last pictures...
susie q 71 12,954 29th Nov 2012, 16:10
Title deeds of your house
We are now the proud owners, I THINK, of our house. After 25 years the place is now paid ...
erontquay 21 2,801 27th Nov 2012, 16:39
gardeners a brill tip
gardeners a brill tip I had a big problem trying to keep my finger nails clean as w...
john joseph 6 1,133 26th Nov 2012, 13:15
Where to post
I wonder if someone could give me some advice. I have a retirement card of my dads from Wa...
Pam 5 1,015 13th Nov 2012, 14:33
wiganworld webcam
Anyone know what is happening to it, its been down since the 5th of this month. I always l...
berylh 1 949 6th Nov 2012, 22:05
Land Girls Wanted
Do you remember the dedication these ladies put in during the War? Reason for this th...
john joseph 14 1,016 4th Nov 2012, 09:20
Hi everyone Organic Jack is looking for about 300 metres x 1 or 2 metres wide ...
john joseph 16 1,309 1st Nov 2012, 15:05
john joseph
Hows your uncle Peters bald head. Tripe with hairs on, Pigs feet. Little Polly Perkins, ...
bentlegs 60 3,697 18th Oct 2012, 21:05
Outside Light
Looking to buy outside light fitting, not the halogen type but the type fitted with a sodi...
dave© 5 998 12th Oct 2012, 13:04
Google 3D image
Just uploading this photo taken off Google Earth as they have now started to upload some b...
dougie 7 1,755 8th Oct 2012, 15:07
Old Picture in Wigan Observer to-day
Any one see the picture of the old man sat in front of the fire in days gone by on Geoffre...
susie q 15 2,483 8th Oct 2012, 02:44
In English,
... the name of each number shares a letter with each of its neighbours. ONE shares an O w...
jo anne 7 3,274 30th Sep 2012, 13:29
jo anne
Somethink to look at
Well someone may like to have a look at this link of some [url=http://www.all-creatures.or...
dougie 9 1,330 25th Sep 2012, 12:24
jo anne
bandstand marathon at Mesnes Park
what's it all about and when is it on.
i-spy 9 1,441 12th Sep 2012, 16:53
jo anne
council gardners
why doesnt wigan council train there gardners how to cut peoples lawns instead of just cut...
alanrabster 9 1,375 16th Aug 2012, 06:58
veg grower
What a day, didn't cost me a thing, worked in the garden today, had lunch in the garden, ...
scoop 6 1,062 12th Aug 2012, 13:27
billy melling rip
i am sad to hear about the death of billy ince rose bridge arlf god rest mate from st jude...
oldswintonion 69 8,105 11th Aug 2012, 16:37
dave marsh
Can any one help me i,m trying to find out what DOE RIDING was. My grand mother Clementin...
upright 72 5,846 1st Aug 2012, 19:39
Come and meet Wigan Rugby Players
We've got them here lets see if we can get their supporters to come along to meet them off...
dougie 8 1,334 28th Jul 2012, 17:48
Answer to kayleigh,sister's name Kathleen Taylor.
rolyat 1 880 27th Jul 2012, 19:20
St Marks School
Who went to St Marks School between 1956 to 1961 ? If you did what did you think of Miss S...
nana jacqui 36 4,247 26th Jul 2012, 18:15
fred mason
first flowers on my roses, and they are beautiful,but those pesky greenflies are all o...
scoop 15 994 18th Jul 2012, 17:37
Studio Girl Cosmetics
Does anyone remember this cosmetics firm, I think the products were made in Skelmersdale i...
kathhwal 9 2,184 15th Jul 2012, 16:25
anthony1 24 1,040 12th Jul 2012, 23:55
Is anyone else having issued accessing the site recently?
stuartp 7 1,299 28th Jun 2012, 21:00
susie q
info for gardeners urgent!!!!
Email from B & Q today 15 of may THEIR MESSAGE IS Despite rigorous quality contro...
john joseph 3 1,246 14th Jun 2012, 06:46
john joseph
""] What a fine lad...
erontquay 30 1,878 18th May 2012, 19:25
Wigans best professional singer.
Who do you think is the best singer to come from wigan.. (PROFESSIONAL).. not a karaoke si...
cozzer45 53 8,545 21st Apr 2012, 20:59
cllr gareth fairhurst
just had a lazy day ,and playing old cd s,the ink spots, anybody remember them ??///
zippydadoda 4 974 16th Apr 2012, 16:41
Why do i always get edit on my posts?.
scoop 13 952 14th Apr 2012, 08:09
Old bottles
Got a couple of old bottles here, don't think they're worth much, one of 'em has embossed,...
dave© 4 1,388 13th Apr 2012, 00:03
Help with this family please
Hi everyone can you please help me with this family. Have Elizabeth Bate (maiden name) ab...
washy 2 1,115 4th Apr 2012, 15:28
Anyone know..............
what the development is on Winstanley Road close to the boundary at Garswood a new road un...
orrellite 32 3,293 18th Mar 2012, 14:10
Ownership of property
Has anyone any experience of changing ownership of a house from "joint tenents" to "tenent...
erontquay 9 1,370 2nd Mar 2012, 19:48
Wigan Borough FC - request for information
I'm hoping someone may be able to help. I'm trying to find what colour shirts were wor...
Garswoodlatic 4 1,071 13th Feb 2012, 11:24
a new one for you
sum up in one sentance.....i like (or dislike) wigan because.........
briorrell 9 1,218 9th Feb 2012, 23:01
baker boy