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Annoying Coppers
The cardboard cut outs in shops.... I think its insulting and annoying....
moodysue 18 728 26th Nov 2012, 18:51
Where's The Pac-A-Mac Factory?
dostaf 22 1,140 26th Nov 2012, 18:41
Political Suicide
Anyone else felt like putting a gun to their head with those two cap members on the politi...
moodysue 32 6,570 26th Nov 2012, 14:55
Hope U Don't Mind, Must Share them with U
Hi all, hope you don't mind, me sharing these pics, i got them in an email yesterday from ...
piccyme123 3 543 26th Nov 2012, 11:25
An alternative
[url=]A party
erontquay 20 731 25th Nov 2012, 20:53
A Nice Video Clip
[url=]Fun for all the family. Lord how we lau...
dostaf 31 1,049 25th Nov 2012, 20:29
What do members think of the new EGGHEAD.
cindy 13 697 23rd Nov 2012, 15:18
joseph 1
Is there a plural of this word,cockalauri? Can you say what a shower of cockalorums
erontquay 64 933 23rd Nov 2012, 12:14
Miss marbles investigates
knitcraftgreen (inactive) Congratulations xx Replied: 20th Nov 2012 at 21:55 Saw ...
erontquay 24 1,051 23rd Nov 2012, 09:47
Pot Lobby®
Will it catch on? I don't mean a poor excuse for a vestibule, but a handy snack for Ley...
dostaf 50 1,113 22nd Nov 2012, 20:46
Useless facts - I love 'em
for instance did you know that the favourite sport in nudist camps is volleyball. or th...
i-spy 144 2,842 21st Nov 2012, 19:48
Ouija Board
I know they've been dicussed many times on here, but while contemplating in cloisters earl...
dostaf 19 992 21st Nov 2012, 16:43
speed camera van
Yet again the CASH COW has been parked up on the central reservation at the junction of Wo...
PeterP 6 665 21st Nov 2012, 10:18
Market Research
Why do we not send a birthday card to a new born,after all its their "birthday". We send ...
erontquay 7 448 20th Nov 2012, 21:00
More assault claims
From this [url=
mache 24 644 20th Nov 2012, 14:27
I didn’t feel right, so I phoned a specialist in Liverpool. I didn’t need to see a doc...
Mac 21 664 19th Nov 2012, 18:44
strange goings on
kryten (272) Take a look Here Mr Moulding .It,s good advice. Replied: 19th Nov 2...
erontquay 23 634 19th Nov 2012, 14:52
I,m a celeb
Poor Helen Flannagan [Rosie from corrie]what a sheltered life she must have led. She,s ge...
erontquay 77 1,401 19th Nov 2012, 14:47
Is that an American thing, or were 'ours' also stagecoaches? Google time.
dostaf 44 2,083 19th Nov 2012, 14:30
Lost Knowledge
I've lost a bit of knowledge that I knew. I've mentioned something on here about theatr...
dostaf 5 466 18th Nov 2012, 16:34
Emmerdale live
Anyone taking bets on who pops it in tonights live show. I dont think its Carl its too ob...
erontquay 54 1,176 18th Nov 2012, 11:42
Mester Joseph
There are some lovely photos on 'Album' which may be of interest to you. [url=http://w...
dostaf 35 788 17th Nov 2012, 14:17
babies names
i was at the bus stop yesterday, chatting away and the conversation got onto families and ...
kathpressey 13 878 16th Nov 2012, 19:46
Caramel Shops
Anyone been to one lately? Or ever?
dostaf 56 1,274 16th Nov 2012, 14:00
jo anne, read my message on dostaf - caramel shop
sozzz, jo anne before you go please read the message ive put on dostaf Caramel shop thr...
piccyme123 1 445 16th Nov 2012, 13:58
jo anne
I wondered about this ???
Please do not ask me why, but i have wondered about this and finally decided to search it ...
piccyme123 11 404 16th Nov 2012, 11:01
What's happened
To my inner sanctum, where I can post without a care. Laugh at lime chewers with gay aban...
Mac 37 942 15th Nov 2012, 08:42
Puns for the cryptically educated
(and musically stunted!!) 1. King Ozymandias of Assyria was running low on cash after ...
erontquay 9 912 11th Nov 2012, 14:35
Walking Stick
In a shop window in Wigan there are some fancy walking sticks. The handle of one incorp...
dostaf 59 1,209 10th Nov 2012, 20:33
Why do computer manufacturers not put a windows back up disc in with their computers, or d...
erontquay 10 985 10th Nov 2012, 13:37
Searches Related to: 1939 Adolf Hitler MEIN KAMPF
Im trying to price Searches Related to: 1939 Adolf Hitler MEIN KAMPF WWII 18 Weekly Par...
john joseph 2 493 9th Nov 2012, 08:22
Wigan council
I know we all moan about our council/workers but for a change I would like to praise our r...
PeterP - 446 8th Nov 2012, 18:53
Tonker - Help!
Where is Granandaland? And do the BBC respect its boundaries now Gordon Burns has left?
dostaf 38 1,093 7th Nov 2012, 18:42
If every zombie bit one new person a day, starting with just one zombie, the entire world ...
piccyme123 16 748 7th Nov 2012, 11:46
Corries Miss Marbles
erontquay (5938) Maria will end up with the gay nurse. Miss Marbles says so Rep...
erontquay 12 723 6th Nov 2012, 18:03
Who'd a thought it.
Will it be handbags at dawn outside the Rovers for Sean and Marcus.
ayrefield 2 505 6th Nov 2012, 14:54
Nailing A Snig To A Fencepost
Anyone done it? [url=
dostaf 45 1,324 3rd Nov 2012, 21:26
Spot the Giraffe, keep looking at the photo and suddenly you will see a Giraffe. http:...
ayrefield 10 809 2nd Nov 2012, 21:15
john joseph
What is/was one? I don't mean like some people. Occupation Baptism: 9 Oct 1832 ...
dostaf 48 1,433 1st Nov 2012, 14:38
Were there any in Wigan? There must have been. But off hand I can't thiink of any plac...
dostaf 60 2,370 31st Oct 2012, 14:12