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Hayley hangs up her Anorak
Hayley Cropper has had enough and has made the decision to leave Coronation Street to conc...
ayrefield 26 991 14th Jan 2013, 17:46
Burying Bad News
What did Jo Moore, that naughty spin doctor put in an email? I got it wrong. But th...
dostaf 12 887 14th Jan 2013, 12:38
jo anne
Skaing on ice wk2
has jason gardener got his own mop should we ask vg to knit him one Buggers SKATI...
erontquay 4 635 14th Jan 2013, 09:02
I Didn't Laugh
dostaf 36 1,720 13th Jan 2013, 20:21
still wide awake
i sit here with the great errol garner and his piano lulling me into the billowing clouds ...
billy 27 902 13th Jan 2013, 19:25
One For Mache
dostaf 2 548 13th Jan 2013, 18:13
Jane Is Four Miles Away
These temptresses are twisting my melon. Yon Rebecca never got nearer than three miles...
dostaf 133 3,434 12th Jan 2013, 10:02
Not Going Down Well
[url=]Titanic Hotel Too soon?
dostaf 5 579 11th Jan 2013, 21:18
Apparently Jessops has gone into administration. More on this as it develops.
Mac 16 886 11th Jan 2013, 20:17
Mac 11 717 11th Jan 2013, 11:09
You wait
... ages for a bus and then ... [url=
jo anne 7 751 10th Jan 2013, 19:45
Should Australia become a republic????
Your opinions would be valuable........
lizziedownunder 56 1,050 9th Jan 2013, 17:09
baker boy
Second Choice Roles
Just mentioned the fact that David Jason was the original choice for the role of Lance Cor...
dostaf 45 1,791 7th Jan 2013, 23:19
'Some people' talking sense
[url=]Say what?
Mac 2 579 7th Jan 2013, 21:04
Older than you think
Just skyped a friend in Zambia, his father has aged 6 years in the space of 30 seconds. H...
erontquay 15 798 6th Jan 2013, 20:13
Telegram for mache
[url=]duke of Gloucester I nearly bought ...
erontquay 12 678 6th Jan 2013, 14:49
The Union Flag
Now be told! [url=]Flag or jack
Mac 47 1,148 5th Jan 2013, 19:37
Big brother bites the dust then...
i-spy 167 2,216 5th Jan 2013, 19:37
Headline gave me a bit of a shock
It said 'Jarvo poses for gay mag' but reading the article it turned out to be Jarvo's ex...
i-spy 4 792 4th Jan 2013, 22:11
shoe stretching
any help on this,ive had to stretch my boots round the bunion area,bought a shoe stretcher...
ecmdj 26 976 4th Jan 2013, 01:16
What was your best ever birthday present?
We all have had quite a few.... Which one stands out as something special....!!
lizziedownunder 15 620 3rd Jan 2013, 19:57
Cutting the flab
Yet again its reported that if you dont loose weight your benefits could be cutCouncils ar...
PeterP 4 808 3rd Jan 2013, 18:29
just tying out something
tomplum 7 714 3rd Jan 2013, 14:32
Christmas 1914
Nothing shows the spirit of Christmas like the 1914 Christmas truce, which saw many soldie...
Mac 6 840 3rd Jan 2013, 03:45
Christmas shopping, are we getting enough help?
Just thought you might want to air your opinions on helpful or unhelpful sales people. As ...
lizziedownunder 11 555 2nd Jan 2013, 23:56
driving test disasters..
there was a phone in the other day on radio 5 and the tale that got me chuckling was the w...
i-spy 3 647 2nd Jan 2013, 21:02
jo anne
Watched a film earlier with Anna Friel in it. The girl done good in Americaland, but di...
dostaf 9 1,157 2nd Jan 2013, 16:01
who remembers painting by numbers...
I wish I'd kept my masterpieces. They would probably be worth a fortune these days.
i-spy 18 771 2nd Jan 2013, 11:16
Heel Bars
Just been thinking, whilst reading about tow bars. Was there ever one in Wigan? The...
dostaf 80 3,050 1st Jan 2013, 14:58
Worth it?
Wonder how many of these will be sold...A snip at a mereĀ£29,350.00 [url=http://www.bel...
Mac 35 1,098 31st Dec 2012, 21:18
Tackle Out
Tackle I like that word. But why are its uses, as a noun, so specific? Off hand, ...
dostaf 43 1,370 30th Dec 2012, 07:55
Where have they gone
I was looking for an old post but they only go back only to July 2011.
erontquay 20 945 29th Dec 2012, 20:08
Thinking Aloud
Trying to get me yed round a proper sort of term for the type of people who, as kids, were...
dostaf 72 1,769 28th Dec 2012, 15:58
What was all that about? I often pull Jarvo's leg about the subject, so I had a bit of...
dostaf 28 1,202 28th Dec 2012, 14:18
Email just received
>Man in a hot air balloon is lost over Ireland. He looks down and sees >a farmer ...
cindy 9 864 28th Dec 2012, 02:17
Telegram for mac
Mac is there an alternative to adobe flash player that would suit Windows 8.
erontquay 3 639 26th Dec 2012, 16:16
collective nouns are terrific but raise questions.
why do some seem to be obviously female ( a gaggle of geese or a huddle of penguins) whil...
i-spy 44 1,224 26th Dec 2012, 13:53
jo anne
Has anybody got
a back scratcher
mache 35 1,128 25th Dec 2012, 09:28
Carol singing] Dostaf an...
erontquay 21 765 24th Dec 2012, 18:39
jo anne
A word a day
I have decided to learn a new word every day, and todays word that I would like to share w...
erontquay 337 10,588 23rd Dec 2012, 19:28