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Hot Jets
I understand that the exhaust temperature of aviation jets is in the order of 900 Deg C. ...
priscus - 756 12th Feb 2019, 21:37
greggs vegan sausage roll
Sausage item of food in the form of a cylindrical length of minced pork o...
blackrodweaver 9 1,152 6th Feb 2019, 00:43
Hybrid Cars
I've read (on the Microsoft News site) that they are turning up on the second hand market,...
priscus - 854 2nd Feb 2019, 16:43
Idiot Driver
On my way home today from Golborne saw a driver who had to stop at a junction (waiting to ...
PeterP 3 1,053 2nd Feb 2019, 13:28
TV Licence
TV Licence to go up yet again on 1 April Is it not time this was abolished Just been read...
PeterP - 737 1st Feb 2019, 19:48
Sugar tax
Early last year sugar tax was put onto soft drinks making sugary drinks about 20p a litre ...
PeterP 1 819 29th Jan 2019, 18:31
Yorkshire Puds
Was just going to make some Yorkshires, when I had the inkling to take a peek ont net, to ...
priscus 5 904 21st Jan 2019, 19:57
Frozen jacket spuds
What's the point
i-spy 8 1,136 20th Jan 2019, 12:53
Washing Pods
I prefer Washing Powder But My Wife prefers pods I find they Don,t have a pleasant smell,...
cindy 5 949 17th Jan 2019, 19:25
knocked knees
Is it me but it seems that there are a lot of female teenagers who appear to walk knocked ...
PeterP 3 1,019 14th Jan 2019, 16:46
Race for life
Cancer Research UK after 25 years are opening the Race for life to MEN. Are they not getti...
PeterP - 700 10th Jan 2019, 20:24
Exotic Railway Journeys
All the current crop of TV programmes, (Impossible Railways et al) are really stirring up ...
priscus 8 983 9th Jan 2019, 07:37
Trivia Question
What country has lost MORE than half of its rivers in the last three decades?
priscus 10 1,190 5th Jan 2019, 13:58
Taking the car
[url=]for a walk?
priscus - 718 4th Jan 2019, 17:02
Friday's lottery
My son checked his numbers this morning and he has won £2.40, he can't decide what to spe...
linma 1 839 2nd Jan 2019, 16:47
Set in my ways
Decided, as it is Christmas, would have Full English Brecky. (Well, eggs, bacon, mush and...
priscus 11 1,214 30th Dec 2018, 22:42
Christmas Dinner
I am chief cook and bottle washer in our house I spent 2 hours yesterday preparing the veg...
PeterP 6 952 26th Dec 2018, 21:50
If you could see her through my eyes
priscus 1 842 21st Dec 2018, 23:30
Hospital tomorrow
Have got a hospital dental appointment tomorrow, having been referred by my usual dentist....
priscus 2 1,024 9th Dec 2018, 00:10
Motorhome based on Mercedes Sprinter
Can anyone tell me if this is a group 'B' (B1) vehicle, ie qualifies to be driven on a ca...
priscus 3 911 7th Dec 2018, 13:14
Sigourney Weaver
She is managing to keep her youthful appearance isn't she. 70 next birthday. Photo i...
priscus 10 998 5th Dec 2018, 07:57
Unhappy in france
The French have kicked off in Paris, I can understand these people demonstrating and tryin...
bambam 3 754 4th Dec 2018, 21:20
Toilet paper
Is toilet paper getting smaller.
cindy 9 1,205 3rd Dec 2018, 23:32
My mother has just informed me that she has been blocked on Facebook for 24hrs after expre...
bambam 2 929 29th Nov 2018, 15:27
Big Knickers
[url=]Caught my attention on the BBC Ne...
priscus 2 953 27th Nov 2018, 22:20
jo anne
Is it a drink that has gone out of fashion? Have only just switched back to it, after d...
priscus 5 918 26th Nov 2018, 19:24
PAD 13th Nov
I know the L&L Leigh Branch and the Bridgewater Canal meet under the bridge on St Helens R...
PeterP 5 1,057 26th Nov 2018, 19:12
jo anne
When I was a Lad..
Back in the day ........ * Pasta had not been invented. * "Kebab" was not even a word, ne...
blackrodweaver 4 1,005 20th Nov 2018, 18:08
On Monday I ordered a parcel for £24 with free delivery. Today I looked on the tracker fo...
PeterP 11 1,129 16th Nov 2018, 20:00
litter patrols
Wigan got rid of their contracted litter enforcement officers now Liverpool are going to f...
PeterP 2 887 16th Nov 2018, 18:17
Bonfire Night
back in my youth of the 50's and early 60's we collected weeks in advance sofa, dressing ...
blackrodweaver 12 1,322 11th Nov 2018, 14:42
Pen Pals
Mine was from Norway in the 60's .Letters (remember them) once a month. Don't hear anythi...
blackrodweaver 4 954 11th Nov 2018, 14:23
Coca Cola Truck
For a few years now the Coca Cola Truck has visited various town/cities around the UK. Thi...
PeterP 5 969 9th Nov 2018, 00:22
Halloween will soon be with us Pumpkins are for sale now but I wonder how many millions of...
PeterP 8 1,061 27th Oct 2018, 15:40
M6 Roadworks
Week in and week out there are accidents on the M6 in the roadworks. Once you clear the T...
PeterP 6 987 26th Oct 2018, 17:04
The LMS apprentice?
LMS men of the [url=] footplate a throwback to 1939.
dave© 1 856 7th Oct 2018, 08:58
What am I doing wrong? Earlier this year I planted some Maris Piper Spuds and left them to...
PeterP 3 1,022 5th Oct 2018, 20:27
I appreciate it's got nothing to do with Wigan, but is anyone watching Bodyguard on a Sund...
linma 5 1,134 30th Sep 2018, 14:45
Plenty of water
Was reading today from experts who say you don't need to water your lawns has they are ver...
PeterP 9 1,561 29th Sep 2018, 18:48
Re-usable Bags
How Much are they when You buy them in the shop, 20p-30p each, Recently saw 5 of these bag...
cindy 10 1,177 28th Sep 2018, 22:31