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Laughing Gravy is banned & I'm not surprised after his outburst today
nanajacqui 20 1,204 17th Aug 2021, 14:07
peter g
Saturday night pieberque
Welcome to my Saturday night Pieberque, I'm having a pint of John Smiths smooth with a Ste...
Arfur petesake 19 661 17th Aug 2021, 10:20
basil brush
PPG Industries Prince Phillip Visit
Hello I am trying to find a pic of my late husband Paul Dawber at work in 1992 at PPG. He...
dawbersandra - 160 16th Aug 2021, 09:44
The Galleries Redevelopment
'ALL' of The Galleries as built in the 1980s will be demolished, which of course will incl...
Tommy Two Stroke 101 3,697 15th Aug 2021, 22:46
jo anne
Who is "cardboard man" ?
Walking along the canal towpath near Wigan dry dock I noticed someone watching me from the...
mortarmillbill 4 688 15th Aug 2021, 20:52
jo anne
Interesting bridge markings
I noticed today that the bridge at the bottom of Red Rock brew over the River Douglas has ...
Don GB 9 854 15th Aug 2021, 20:34
Don GB
Sweden Next ?
During the EU Referendum Campaign in 2016, the Swedish media closely followed what was hap...
Tommy Two Stroke 3 273 15th Aug 2021, 14:15
Burnage acadamey
Just been on north west tonight about exam results. Hardly a white pupil in sight,surely t...
riocaroni 19 721 14th Aug 2021, 16:12
Tommy Two Stroke
Manchester Town Hall
Seeing as we live in the greater manchester area ,( even though iam a lancastrian) i would...
GOLDEN BEAR 9 496 13th Aug 2021, 16:27
Climate change stupidity?
There is no doubt that the climate is changing, but what makes our politicians (and others...
fedup 12 413 13th Aug 2021, 15:09
The name game
Why do pubs keep changing their name - does it make the ale better? I was made up when th...
i-spy 22 625 13th Aug 2021, 14:25
WN1 Standisher
Lycra Wearing Morons
Tom Doo yoo and your mates ride four abreast on the road, just to annoy motorists [...
Tommy Two Stroke 30 705 12th Aug 2021, 22:29
Men only poll
Just been reading a Youguv poll. 3 of the questions are: 1. Would you beat a big dog in a...
Platty - 186 12th Aug 2021, 19:57
lockdown again
thanks to democrats bringing all the unvacciinated immigrants to America, The rate of covi...
madamehmurray 1 248 12th Aug 2021, 19:08
NHS waiting list could rise to 14 million
"NHS waiting list could rise to 14 million in England next year' Whupsy will be having ...
Tommy Two Stroke 50 1,208 12th Aug 2021, 17:16
Remembering, again.
On last nights The Repair Shop a man took in a ticket machine used by the conductor on the...
linma 6 360 12th Aug 2021, 11:54
Turning 42
42 By ejp Not sure how I like turning 42 Got more grays then I used. Aches and pains ...
madamehmurray 7 371 11th Aug 2021, 23:19
joined tik tok
i joined tik tok and have like over 599 or 600 followers. i cant check it because i have n...
madamehmurray 2 360 11th Aug 2021, 23:16
going to camp.
The boys birthdays are this weekend Hope they dont start lockdown by then. We have a 1990 ...
madamehmurray - 124 11th Aug 2021, 23:13
My bestie says to your bestie
[url=] I' gonna set your ass on fire
tomplum - 147 11th Aug 2021, 21:08
Tommy two strokes
I'd just like to say that, Yoo must be one of the top posters on this board with, dozens o...
tomplum 21 587 11th Aug 2021, 17:48
I like to watch old films on Freeview 81 but it’s no longer listed, anyone know why?
linma 11 518 11th Aug 2021, 10:57
GB News
This is a new news channel, which will soon be launched in this country, the man behind th...
Tommy Two Stroke 21 1,701 10th Aug 2021, 21:53
Tommy Two Stroke
Removed posts
Every time I post a comment referring to the three stooges it gets removed, can anyone exp...
riocaroni 95 1,999 10th Aug 2021, 18:20
basil brush
Gone AngelWood (inactive)
basil brush 24 767 10th Aug 2021, 17:58
basil brush
Barbara Polaniak
Does anyone know this woman? Polaniak is her maiden name I don't know if she got married? ...
admin 4 406 10th Aug 2021, 14:37
the three amigos] Arfur handed me the papers to deliver today, I was sur...
tomplum 87 1,443 10th Aug 2021, 13:04
Trees on Wallgate
I couldn’t believe my eyes today when I saw the trees on Wallgate being sawn down…I th...
roylew 3 432 10th Aug 2021, 08:54
Tom, Stop it,
I have a load of work for you to do so ,Stop midering the good folks of WW and get over he...
Arfur petesake 1 258 9th Aug 2021, 21:45
How many men does it take to change a light bulb?
Just driven past exit 25 on the M6 towards Wigan on the A49 There must be a dozen vans a...
admin 4 313 9th Aug 2021, 19:41
Hey Tom
how did that video go, you know the one we made in my shop with us both together, Are the...
Arfur petesake 4 5,438 9th Aug 2021, 19:13
Ronan Keating ..... singing at Haydock Park tonight. I can hear him through the window. I'd rather l...
tonker 17 636 9th Aug 2021, 14:51
What an absolute joke our judicial system is.. [url=
admin 29 1,348 9th Aug 2021, 13:00
basil brush
Its the new money spinner, If the forum you use is over run with trolls, you can claim com...
tomplum 18 628 9th Aug 2021, 10:23
basil brush
Flooding near Asda(Sun at 8.30am)
Once again the mini roundabout is flooded. 2 cars are stuck in the water.
mortarmillbill 4 404 8th Aug 2021, 11:06
[url=]somewhere on the outskirts of Wigan
lectriclegs 10 486 7th Aug 2021, 19:56
they've gone too far now
2 pies in Galloways £5, The empty shop as I walked in should have been a warning,
tomplum 34 1,632 7th Aug 2021, 19:13
Britain's Foreign Aid
For once i have to back our PM Boris Johnson on his stance on cutting aid to these foreign...
GOLDEN BEAR 88 1,603 7th Aug 2021, 11:21
old mate
dennis miller hope you see this just asking if your old mate dave alibone if his dad was c...
houghy1 - 215 6th Aug 2021, 18:28