History of Wigan   (Help with ancient and recent history.)

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Wigan's hall of fame - who should be in it.?
they might not be well known outside Wigan but so what. For starters I'd nominate BIG AM...
i-spy 111 10,895 21st Apr 2014, 13:04
Easter Sunday
When getting chocolate was such a treat.. wearing a new frock.. and if the weather was nic...
kathpressey 3 1,044 21st Apr 2014, 11:17
Market Street
Hi trying to gather information on any businesses or shops from Market Street, Wigan (not ...
Jen2312 2 1,268 15th Apr 2014, 12:26
Pubs in the Little Arcade
Can anyone help me with the name of the pubs in the little arcade and makesons arcade as w...
blackrodweaver 21 3,234 3rd Apr 2014, 01:34
Inquest Info
Does anyone know where I can access Inquest Reports from 1916 please.
gemfree 11 2,284 12th Mar 2014, 11:40
What is the evidence that Wigan was once the Roman "Coccium"?
brian 76 4,630 8th Mar 2014, 19:51
The Latham brothers
I am working on my family tree, can anyone give me information about the Latham brothers w...
peter francis 8 2,116 19th Feb 2014, 13:42
1872 I Mech E Wigan visit
In 1872 members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers visited establishments in the W...
gaffer 1 1,184 17th Feb 2014, 12:09
Does the name Winstanley have any meaning behind it other than some person in the council ...
JM_Wigan 32 5,174 3rd Jan 2014, 03:53
Ince Hall Colliery and Rose Bridge Colliery
I am interested in the above collieries for the period following the terrible fire damp ex...
peter francis 8 2,423 29th Dec 2013, 23:09
peter francis
Market Hall Clock
Was it presereved? [url=
dostaf 6 1,762 22nd Dec 2013, 15:39
Station Rd Central Hall Primitive Methodist Church
I am looking for the history and photographs of Station Road Wigan Central Hall Primitive ...
Saronie 9 1,670 20th Dec 2013, 14:41
Archaeological Unit
dustaf 17 3,083 4th Dec 2013, 17:45
English Civil War in Hindley/Aspull
Does anyone know anything about an action in Ladies Lane or Hall Lane resulting in the dea...
flaggy delf 10 1,992 29th Nov 2013, 16:56
St. Pauls Independent Chapel in Hindley
On reading some historical notes, I found that there was a small graveyard associated with...
dave© 2 1,150 26th Nov 2013, 01:02
benefits 1930s
Does anyone know of the help available for single mothers in the 1930s Wigan? I'm told my ...
kathpressey 3 1,257 24th Nov 2013, 09:24
Walmesleys Pagefirld
Could anyone help with the history of Walmsleys from 1968. I did my time their and left in...
aussie94 5 1,623 10th Nov 2013, 13:31
When The King Lost His Crown
Derek Winstanley Champaign, Illinois, USA September 20, 2013 King Charles I belie...
explorations 21 3,197 25th Oct 2013, 22:10
Has there every been a lunatic Asylum in Wigan
Just love reading the replies ,answers ,comments on WW and some of them brought up this q...
blackrodweaver 34 5,724 18th Sep 2013, 18:44
...... Did You Know .......
....... that, historically, Wigan was a part of Newton le Willows?
tonker 41 3,029 4th Sep 2013, 19:54
baker boy
Wigan All Saints Burials
Ive found quite a lot of my ancestors were buried at 'All Saints' in Wigan but where is th...
paddy2t10 3 1,840 24th Aug 2013, 21:31
Wigan Genealogical Records
Found this good site for all of you who are interested the history of Wigan it contains a ...
blackrodweaver - 1,937 10th Jul 2013, 20:04
Pennygate Medical Centre Ladies Lane Hindley
Does anyone have any information about this site I believe there was a toll gate very clos...
Penny3 4 1,415 5th Jul 2013, 20:23
Derwentwater... last weekend.
Cadfael 3 898 1st Jul 2013, 09:14
Abram Arley Mine 1908
I have a puzzle in my family tree and I'm hoping someone can help me solve it. I know the...
Lois B 10 2,304 27th Jun 2013, 21:20
Maxwell House Children's Home
Does anyone have any information on Dr Maxwell - who in 1894 bequeathed 276 Gidlow Lane to...
spring viewer 2 1,330 21st May 2013, 20:42
Coal mining in Wigan
When did Wigan first become associated with coal mining?
brian 34 3,497 10th May 2013, 09:46
vera howarth
Standish pit(s)
Does anyone have any maps relating to the location of the workings etc of pits in Standish...
carol gr 11 1,579 22nd Apr 2013, 18:28
Wigan burials
After spending years on my family history and found that most of them who lived in Wigan w...
alihet - 1,365 2nd Apr 2013, 12:29
Wonderful industrial history of Wigan
Hi All! To anyone out there who is seriously interested in the industrial history of Wiga...
alihet - 1,054 1st Apr 2013, 15:31
Is there, was there such a place?
dostaf 8 1,576 16th Mar 2013, 20:17
Cotton Mills
There were 8 in the Wallgate area, can anyone name them.
erontquay 56 4,191 16th Mar 2013, 14:14
Haigh Hall (Plantations)
Given to the people of Wigan. Or was it?
dostaf 9 1,649 8th Mar 2013, 20:43
What was this Building
(Apart from the obvious!), And when was it that....
Mac 3 1,693 6th Mar 2013, 21:40
History of Wigan
[url=]Ancient and Loyal
Mac 6 1,242 5th Mar 2013, 13:47
Brian A brilliant new thread.
MarieM 4 1,436 4th Mar 2013, 14:10
Wigan on Wheels
Just found this film clip [url="
wiganyankeeron 7 1,663 3rd Mar 2013, 20:30
What is the origin of the place name "Mesnes"?
brian 8 1,731 2nd Mar 2013, 22:24
Gates Of Wigan
Always a favourite. Hallgate, Wallgate, Standishgate, Millgate, Bishopgate, Churchgate...
dostaf 26 2,258 1st Mar 2013, 14:20
Wigan Rugby League
When was rugby league first played in Wigan?
brian 2 1,725 26th Feb 2013, 23:16