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Redcoats at Astley Hall, Chorley
I visited Astley Hall in Chorley on Saturday where the 47th Regiment of Foot had set up ca...
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LIZZIE'S ANAGRAMS NUMBER 23***********************
[url='javascript:scroll(0,document.getElementsByTagName( %22body%22)%5B0%5D.scrollHeight)...
lizziedownunder 461 4,710 1st Apr 2017, 18:32
Wigan RSPB Local Group
Indoor Meetings at St Ann's Parish Hall, Shevington - [url=
jo anne 1 1,508 11th Mar 2017, 09:21
jo anne
Wigan Books by Frank Orrell
JUST ONE MORE is a 240 page book with 572 pictures costing £15.99. This book contains F...
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13065 LMS Hughes Crab
One of my favourite steam locos on the East Lancs Railway. Designed by George Hughes, C...
--oy-- 15 2,161 4th Feb 2017, 13:21
Big Bertha
The one that got away...this unique locomotive,only one built would have been a fine resto...
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LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM NUMBER 22************************
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Aspinall 12322 for Kevan
A couple more of the Aspinall for you Kevan. 1. Leading the Crab across Brooksbottom vi...
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Steam Trains
Here are some of my steam train pix. I hope some of you like them. Sticking to Black & ...
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Steam & transport events
Just found this mini guide to steam and transport events in Lancashire published by Lancas...
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For model train enthusiasts
I've just watched James May's reassembler TV programme about rebuilding a Hornby model of ...
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What are you all reading (2)
Carrying on from Lesley's [url=
jo anne 36 2,748 14th Dec 2016, 09:11
Autumn Photos
Autumn is here so please share your autumn photos. [url="
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Knitted dolls lookalike
Hi Can anyone help im trying to find someone who makes knitted dolls that you send a photo...
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cant remember title or auther can you help
years ago around 1995 i read this book it was set around main characters . John AND ...
molly 5 1,647 21st Oct 2016, 01:56
Wildlife & Nature Photos
Please share your wildlife and nature photos. Here are some bug photos that I shot this...
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I am alway's very surprised that there is never any comments added to this particular sect...
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Gardening - And All Things Garden Related (2)
Carrying on Veg Grower's now v long thread: [url=
jo anne 139 6,024 18th Sep 2016, 14:12
Can anyone tell me where I can purchase these books, 1." founded on Derek Winsta...
GOLDEN BEAR 20 2,776 27th Aug 2016, 15:17
A Little Life
Has anyone read this book by Hanya Yanagihara? [I got it cheap in Tesco]. It's one of the ...
kathpressey 10 1,273 22nd Aug 2016, 18:41
good cook books just for biscuits
A cry for help from the better half she tried to make some lemon biscuits they just did no...
GOLDEN BEAR 1 916 5th Aug 2016, 16:26
Kennet historical barge photos
Below are some photos of the Kennet historical barge which was moored at Top Lock today. S...
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LIZZIE'S ANAGRAMS NUMBER 21***********************
[url='javascript:scroll(0,document.getElementsByTagName( %22body%22)%5B0%5D.scrollHeight)...
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Stall holders wanted for the Saturday Breakfast Community Fundraisers in Orrell ([url=http...
jo anne 20 2,190 4th Jun 2016, 11:59
jo anne
From WW What's On - Art and Poetry Fest [url=]Link ...
jo anne 39 4,675 18th May 2016, 22:01
jo anne
Talk on Antiques, Thur 14th Apr, 2pm - 3pm, Standish Library, £3 "
jo anne 2 1,321 7th May 2016, 22:32
jo anne
Model Railway Exhibition
Sat 30th Apr, 10am - 4pm, St Joseph's Hall, Chapel St, Leigh ([url=http://www.leighjournal...
jo anne - 894 26th Apr 2016, 17:33
jo anne
D H Lawrence
THE COMPLETE D.H. LAWRENCE NOVELS COLLECTION (illustrated and unabridged) Kindle Edition O...
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I posted (elsewhere) noting death of Umberto Eco last week. (Same day as Harper Lee) A...
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How many of us still enjoy Handknitting.The birth of twin granddaughters 2 years ago got m...
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Craft Board For Crafters.
WR has a craft board for all crafters so If your interested in crafts you know where it i...
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jo anne
Does anyone else feel that it sad to empty tubs and pots at this time. My plants are still...
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Mike Harding's Folk Show Christmas podcast
Mike Harding's latest podcast. [url=""]Clic...
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Mapping the Arts
Welcome everyone. Our community organisation is all about promoting the arts in Wigan. We ...
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jo anne
LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM NUMBER 20************************
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LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM #19******************************
Good Morning to you all💜...had a great time...😊 was lovely and i...
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New Ukulele / Banjolele Open Mic Night
Chonkin Choons-Day! A new open mic night for ukulele /banjolele performers. This is NOT a...
timmyblue2 7 2,014 9th Jun 2015, 15:27
jo anne
What book...
Are you reading? One book I am reading is 'The Making of Wigan' by Mike Fletcher.
Mac 167 8,025 19th May 2015, 09:12
LIZZIE'S ANAGRAM...NO.18**************************
[url='javascript:scroll(0,document.getElementsByTagName( %22body%22)%5B0%5D.scrollHeight)...
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Maureen, the book that you want.
Sorry to use hobbies and books as a message board. Maureen, please phone 01257 422410, re ...
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