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People   (Re-unions, trace old friends and relatives.)

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Butcher in old Market Hall
Asking for someone else. Does anyone know of a lad who worked in one of the butchers in t...
stevek 9 1,876 7th Jan 2023, 17:18
Tommy Two Stroke
I just want to publicly thank JAMB for taking his time and finally helping us find a pictu...
JakeDawber23 - 320 6th Jan 2023, 17:51
Family of William Burton
Finally, after nearly 11 years of searching, I've identified who and where my Great-Uncle ...
lbarlow73 23 4,807 6th Jan 2023, 16:59
john b
Does anyone know or have an idea how to get in touch with Wigan Cemetery Index, because th...
JakeDawber23 8 767 3rd Jan 2023, 13:59
Brian Skipworth
Wondering if anybody remembers my Grandad Brian Skipworth?
JakeDawber23 - 261 3rd Jan 2023, 00:27
Mike Kitchen Funeral
If anybody knew Mike and want to know when his funeral is and want to pay their respects p...
JakeDawber23 - 440 3rd Jan 2023, 00:14
Looking for my nans side of the family
JakeDawber23 22 783 3rd Jan 2023, 00:12
Looking for any Walsh's that lived in either Scholes, Whelley or Ince
JakeDawber23 - 288 30th Dec 2022, 21:17
Is there a limit on the time frame of photos to publish? Of course they will be old pictu...
JakeDawber23 - 300 28th Dec 2022, 22:47
Hello, I’m looking to trace more on John Dean. What I know so far he was born in 1795 in...
Chloebolton22 1 345 27th Dec 2022, 13:20
Family descendant
Looking for information about Thomas Matthews 1834–1913. He died on 20 August 1913 in W...
Chloebolton22 - 259 23rd Dec 2022, 23:33
trying to get in touch with colin stewart triumph, over 60years ago. RONNIE FORSHAW
rf22vul 1 390 21st Dec 2022, 10:59
Looking for Dawber’s?
Any Dawber’s I might be related to?
JakeDawber23 - 291 18th Dec 2022, 21:39
looking for Woodall family
Looking for Woodall family..
JakeDawber23 - 256 18th Dec 2022, 19:05
Mike Kitchen
Devastating news. Mike Kitchen passed away Tuesday. Letting everybody know for people who ...
JakeDawber23 - 547 16th Dec 2022, 19:50
does ny one rem dehaans meet works park lane abram
hiya does anyone remember dehaans meat works , or worked there in the past about 1970 than...
nannaspet 115 9,839 15th Dec 2022, 16:38
john b
Jane Cunniff
Hi there I'm trying to find someone I went to Uni with - her name was Jane Cunniff, born ...
ClareBullenSmith 1 475 13th Dec 2022, 14:32
Aunt trace
Looking for more information about my deceased auntie’s Birth 7th April 1932 • Bird,...
Chloebolton22 6 488 10th Dec 2022, 18:11
Wayne Dawber
Does anybody know my dad? Any old friends? Brothers Andy & Benny
JakeDawber23 6 972 9th Dec 2022, 19:27
Ancestor trace
Looking for information on Matthew Matthews was born on 7 September 1871 in Ince, Lancashi...
Chloebolton22 2 360 4th Dec 2022, 21:24
GOLDEN BEAR 24 1,383 4th Dec 2022, 15:20
been on parish registers thomas the martyr , and got my ancestors burial details , at the ...
ecmdj 44 3,572 3rd Dec 2022, 11:15
Hi. I’m trying to find information on a person named George Ralphs 1891-1924 born in inc...
Chloebolton22 5 612 1st Dec 2022, 00:09
marieg dcottriall
i am trying to locate a marieg and a dcottriall in regards to a family matter
louise rasburn - 296 30th Nov 2022, 11:53
louise rasburn
Greenfield Convent Billinge
Frances Burkett is looking to contact anyone who was at the Greenfield Convent Billinge fr...
Billingenurse25 - 306 29th Nov 2022, 12:08
Bold colliery
Does any one remember Bob Guest the switchman at the top of the Trencherbone meeting stati...
Doscoman 5 429 28th Nov 2022, 12:25
kevin horrocks
what ever happened to him.last seen in wigan by me being thrown out of a pub with four fri...
rufustoot 8 2,200 25th Nov 2022, 21:31
Urgent - Mike Smith
Bit of a long shot but I'm looking for anyone who knew Mike Smith who used to manage John ...
SJP1989 - 501 23rd Nov 2022, 20:32
Looking for Thomas or George LOWRY
Hoping someone can help me here please. I'm looking to contact Thomas or George LOWRY. ...
mikejb 13 2,404 9th Nov 2022, 17:11
ann oaks
sorry got the name wrong at first its not oats its oaks.oaks is the correct surname
rufustoot 1 385 9th Nov 2022, 17:06
george lowery
what happened to george not been in contact with him for about 16 years.he lived near wiga...
rufustoot 3 565 9th Nov 2022, 17:04
1841. 1851census
Sarah winstanley. 1787. Living winstanley. With two sons James 1828 john 1829ish. Want t...
christine marsden 17 2,489 21st Oct 2022, 11:56
christine marsden
St. James Junior school poolstock
anyone go to the school in the late 60's ? with it portable cabin toilets..! and the schoo...
chickdrum 56 10,534 4th Oct 2022, 16:30
Wife's family tree
I am putting together my wife's family tree, I have DNA matches to Middlehurst and Cumming...
Mac1964 9 692 15th Sep 2022, 18:21
Brookwells of Haigh and BrockMill
I am working on my family history, and looking for information on the Brookwell side (my G...
William Waldron 11 645 14th Sep 2022, 17:19
ann oats
anybody know the name she lived off darlington st canal side or the family name.
rufustoot - 348 10th Sep 2022, 12:43
Greenall family of Goose Green
Looking for more information about John Green; Evelyn Ellen Green (nee Greenall); Jeremiah...
liam_ault 4 594 6th Sep 2022, 16:48
Power cuts,Did anyone expeience
The power cuts last night. Leccy only off for seconds, trouble with a cable I am led to b...
bentlegs 3 493 5th Sep 2022, 17:54
grey squirrels
were have all the grey squirrels gone went round haigh hall not one in site there used to ...
houghy1 9 724 2nd Sep 2022, 14:46
Wild/Green/Greenall Family Tree
Hello, I am currently working on my family tree and am interested in finding relatives ...
liam_ault - 452 30th Aug 2022, 18:26