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Rubbish renewal, house clearance
Can anyone recommend a trusted and reasonably priced firm to clear a house of all furnitur...
JR 4 380 12th Jun 2022, 16:19
Heard this morning, from one of the Market Stallholders. That he heard news this morning,...
admin 15 856 12th Jun 2022, 13:58
TT wik
channel freeview 26 ITV4 9 pm - 10 pm all this week and next week will cover some highli...
tomplum 33 805 12th Jun 2022, 09:19
GP's letter to The Times today.
Alan Edwards 9 hours ago I have written this before but when I started as a GP 30 yr...
gaffer 50 943 11th Jun 2022, 18:27
Mystery day out
I'm going on an event today, My journey to it will start from ,Wigan Wallgate and its a fr...
Arfur petesake 15 590 11th Jun 2022, 17:31
If you know any young person who aspires to join this profession, this might be of interes...
ena malcup 15 467 10th Jun 2022, 23:37
ena malcup
There are more.....
....[url=]questions than answers ...
lectriclegs 23 955 10th Jun 2022, 20:39
Platinum Jubilee - Trooping the Colour
I have been watching the Trooping of the Colour, which has kicked off the Platinum Jubilee...
Tommy Two Stroke 62 1,642 10th Jun 2022, 20:36
Lisa in bother?
First Mate 13 582 10th Jun 2022, 08:13
Owd Codger
Lycra Wearing Morons
Tom Doo yoo and your mates ride four abreast on the road, just to annoy motorists [...
Tommy Two Stroke 34 1,392 9th Jun 2022, 17:36
ena malcup
Bid to buy Boots the chemist.
The Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance Industries and the US private eq...
gaffer 3 211 9th Jun 2022, 16:46
ena malcup
this is going up, that is going up etc
So I'm informing others who do not know that. You could be entitled to discounts if you m...
tomplum 25 664 9th Jun 2022, 13:28
Tommy Two Stroke
basil brush 6 374 9th Jun 2022, 11:22
basil brush
Password Manager
Do any of my friends on here use one & can recommend one ?
nanajacqui 7 298 9th Jun 2022, 10:46
Paper £20 Note
(The one with Adam Smith on the reverse) Have not used cash much since Covid arrived on...
ena malcup 7 271 9th Jun 2022, 08:15
Opticians: should I go to.....
I have recently used Vision Express, and also a small independent business (now gone). ...
ena malcup 7 332 8th Jun 2022, 22:06
Tomplum ..........
........ we've geet an 'edgehog! I spotted it walking around the garden a couple of da...
tonker 34 614 8th Jun 2022, 13:17
Hi all. Been on BT for phone/internet services for quite a while now but was told that Vod...
jacks 11 439 8th Jun 2022, 09:10
Johnny Depp ......]
tonker - 151 7th Jun 2022, 23:47
Interesting sayings
Sore finger An expression often used by Chinese people who own/work in chip shops. They ...
lectriclegs 195 4,491 7th Jun 2022, 21:37
Watch This .........
....... well, it's a long one, but watch the first minute, then forward it quickly, stopp...
tonker 5 269 7th Jun 2022, 18:58
Billinge Biker
River Douglas
Douglas Rivers Association CIC is a new local group passionate about restoring the River D...
jo anne 19 1,501 7th Jun 2022, 18:34
Billinge Biker
Boris & Rishi - Fined for Partying
Now we know two things. 1. The reason why Rishi Sunak moved his stuff out of Downing St...
Tommy Two Stroke 98 1,767 7th Jun 2022, 13:49
Tommy Two Stroke
I am about to run out of Bushmills. I did lay in a stock, prior to Christmas, at a cost...
ena malcup 15 444 6th Jun 2022, 22:16
Does this
bother you? [url=
basil brush 9 312 6th Jun 2022, 19:53
Texas school shooting
basil brush 10 242 6th Jun 2022, 14:20
basil brush
Stolen BBQ
Be careful if you're putting your BBQ outside for a street party , a white van has driven ...
nanajacqui 6 695 6th Jun 2022, 09:51
basil brush
Rotary clothes line dryers
Can anyone tell me, please: Is the fitting between the upright and base a universal size,...
ena malcup 7 322 6th Jun 2022, 09:18
Bank closures
Every day we read about bank closures and the excuse being less and less people are going ...
PeterP 44 882 5th Jun 2022, 08:20
I do like to hear Classics on piano
ena malcup 19 464 3rd Jun 2022, 20:30
ena malcup
Happy jubilee weekend...
Hi everyone... I have not been on here for a long time.. Missed everyone from years ago. ...
custard 16 519 3rd Jun 2022, 15:25
Unpaid Carers
Wigan and Leigh Carers Centre support both adult and young carers who look after a family ...
jo anne 1 109 3rd Jun 2022, 14:48
jo anne
OK, it can be fast. But it is NOT ALWAYS so. Just found downloading a book from Amaz...
ena malcup 2 186 3rd Jun 2022, 14:29
ena malcup
The Duck is Dead .............
........ A woman brought a very limp duck into a veterinary surgeon. As she laid her pet ...
tonker 13 360 3rd Jun 2022, 14:05
basil brush
Some Things .........
........ just don't make sense! [url=
tonker 1 212 3rd Jun 2022, 13:44
gas bill
got mine today my DD has risen from £50 a month to £180 per month, WOW, I hope bori...
tomplum 14 499 3rd Jun 2022, 07:52
Owd Codger
weird happenings
I'm pottering about the garden today and in the shed messing with my Jubilee display when ...
tomplum 25 718 2nd Jun 2022, 22:58
Absolutely disgusting
basil brush 2 354 2nd Jun 2022, 16:09
Ted Hankey.
Former BDO darts champion sent down today for2yrs for indecently assaulting a teenager. Th...
Billinge Biker 7 511 2nd Jun 2022, 11:14
basil brush
One Life... Live it.
All was well Saturday afternoon.... half time at the Rugby cup final... round at a neighbo...
Billinge Biker 22 897 1st Jun 2022, 22:33