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Oxford University Covid 19 ......
....... [url=""]RiskCalculator . Fill it in and see how ...
tonker - 185 3rd Sep 2021, 19:25
Well i see all the " do gooder's " are coming out of the woodwork again saying that isn't...
GOLDEN BEAR 88 2,077 3rd Sep 2021, 17:35
road works in wigan
not been on for quite a while been ill since april.just getting about again. i went to hi...
baker boy 5 408 2nd Sep 2021, 17:49
Iceland Supermarket Woes
"Iceland supermarket boss sounds alarm over Christmas supplies" [url=
Tommy Two Stroke 93 1,557 2nd Sep 2021, 13:03
Leeds and Liverpool Canal
Great Canal Journeys - S13, Ep2 Wed 1st Sep, 9pm on More4 (Ch.18 on Freeview) https:...
jo anne 5 466 1st Sep 2021, 22:45
Well i see it is the 24th Anniversary of the PRINCESS OF WALES DIANNA being killed in th...
GOLDEN BEAR 9 359 1st Sep 2021, 14:42
Where as summer gone? Late nights
How the nights have closed in. Started putting the side light on in the living room just a...
PeterP 25 737 1st Sep 2021, 14:31
Ride out.?
Do any of the bikers on this forum fancy a get together and an afternoon ride out in the c...
peebee 101 2,348 31st Aug 2021, 19:15
Travellers Site at Bickershaw
It is on fire, piles of tyres are on fire, so if you live around there keep your windows s...
Tommy Two Stroke 13 861 31st Aug 2021, 08:28
basil brush
Contactless card limit rises to £100
From October the Contactless card limit will rise from the current £45 to £100. For m...
mortarmillbill 38 997 31st Aug 2021, 08:26
basil brush
The Poets Thread...
CLAIR de LUNE There she goes, following me again... Across the cropped corn and ...
jarvo 385 10,667 30th Aug 2021, 21:17
Charlie Watts
Dead. Boo hoo, hoo. Different times, different days, no woke, just life.
Platty 8 597 30th Aug 2021, 21:05
Up and Abou
Hello to all, After a long period of time in Hospital ,I am now up and about. Not covid ,...
aussie94 2 284 29th Aug 2021, 12:53
Tommy Two Stroke
3D tv
Does it still exist coz I just found a pair of specs on the cupboard
i-spy 4 318 28th Aug 2021, 09:20
jo anne
Kieran Barrington, of Forest Avenue, Beech Hill, had been charged with burgling WKD Sports...
admin - 398 27th Aug 2021, 18:31
The birds
We have never really had a lot of different birds in and around our bungalow.We used to ge...
PeterP 41 1,037 26th Aug 2021, 11:10
Len McCluskey secretly plotted to bring Britain to its knees with a general strike disrupt...
First Mate 9 544 25th Aug 2021, 22:15
First Mate
Trolls wake rules
I just bought a copy of Trolls wakes rules on posting comments, Its ok to post jokes abou...
Arfur petesake 16 745 25th Aug 2021, 09:37
basil brush
I 'm a member of the NSAoECC and we are giving out heavy fines for anyone getting in Breac...
tomplum 11 387 24th Aug 2021, 19:32
Fatsia Japonica
I recently took cuttings, several of which have rooted well. I think in a few more weeks t...
Anne 2 225 23rd Aug 2021, 21:13
hoi thee snowflake
Did you know you can't have a best friend anymore because, You are insulting your other fr...
tomplum 3 361 23rd Aug 2021, 17:45
can anyone check the recent death records for a bernard smith from wigan cant seem to find...
houghy1 - 195 22nd Aug 2021, 16:12
is't that ignore button great,
not that i turned it on, I just use discipline,
tomplum 12 606 22nd Aug 2021, 10:11
basil brush
ebay run around
At the back end of May I ordered a can opener from Currys via Ebay,This was delivered on t...
PeterP 9 338 21st Aug 2021, 18:10
I am beginning to wonder.......
......if a well known reject has slipped in under the wire again Look carefully folks ...
Stardelta 16 534 21st Aug 2021, 15:27
Tommy Two Stroke
there you go, you'll be able to chat with them [url=
basil brush 7 341 21st Aug 2021, 11:19
basil brush
Past Forward
The latest issue of the local history magazine is available online for free - [url=https:/...
jo anne 22 3,324 19th Aug 2021, 18:04
jo anne
D.W food and drink prices
Supporters club. beer from £4.20 to £4.50 pint. pies £5.00 On the concourse same prices...
admin 11 563 19th Aug 2021, 15:49
Thank you tomplum
The close coupled w.c. in my bathroom had started to leak where the cistern was bolted to ...
builderboy 15 589 19th Aug 2021, 15:25
When it's gone it's gone
They mean it too
i-spy 5 446 19th Aug 2021, 14:48
Samaritans Wigan
Samaritans Wigan are asking for help with donations and need volunteers to help in their H...
AngelWood 2 460 19th Aug 2021, 08:53
jo anne
Galleries security
There seems to be more of them than customers. How do they fill the time?
i-spy 7 398 18th Aug 2021, 18:50
Billinge Biker
Wigan North Western Mural Project
This looks interesting! [url=]@WiganComRail (9th April...
jo anne 3 530 18th Aug 2021, 15:50
jo anne
A thinking mans bus company
Vision Bus company, a company running the 639 bus route from Wigan to Worsley Hall, they ...
tomplum 3 348 18th Aug 2021, 14:32
Tommy Two Stroke
Was it
worth it, a lot of people who were injured, and people who lost love ones, in Afghanistan ...
basil brush 13 535 18th Aug 2021, 12:50
Billinge Biker
youtube promotional management,
Just seen a get rich quick scheme whereby, After paying a monthly subscription, This compa...
tomplum 2 323 17th Aug 2021, 22:26
Bye bye Wigan post
Poor circulation figures has signalled the end for Wigan's daily paper. It will re-launch ...
i-spy 18 594 17th Aug 2021, 20:30
Clever. ?
Many years ago I watched University Challenge in the hope I could answer at least one ques...
Billinge Biker 16 423 17th Aug 2021, 20:27
So What
Happened to the millions that were given to the French? [url=
basil brush 4 295 17th Aug 2021, 15:35
Coal Mines Joke
Last week Boris made a joke about Margaret Thatcher and the coal mines, now I know what Wh...
Tommy Two Stroke 30 1,043 17th Aug 2021, 15:00