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What a nightmare
For once, I think I can see the events promoting this experience. I had been watching a...
priscus 5 636 28th May 2020, 21:08
Admin your two faced aren't you
When I ask for posts to be removed you ignore me yet you remove my posts!!!
laughing gravy 15 1,309 27th May 2020, 06:40
laughing gravy
Just a test voting form I've been playing around with give it a try 1 http://www.imgur...
dougie 9 671 25th May 2020, 20:20
Hermann Göring's Special Train
Just came across this. Know there are lots of WW members interested in trains, so thought...
priscus - 377 24th May 2020, 15:04
WW's most unpopular poster
Following on from Laughing gravy's anti Tonker thread. I though we should discuss who we t...
Aziraphale 148 3,122 27th Apr 2020, 12:12
basil brush
Test message
admin - 368 8th Apr 2020, 21:02
Post code lottery
On Tv at the moment advert for the post code lottery.Over £500 million given to good caus...
PeterP 6 989 30th Mar 2020, 20:04
Missed bin
I put my Brown bin out for collection Wed evening for collection Thurs Still not been empt...
PeterP 13 1,367 26th Mar 2020, 17:14
Dog Poo the council doing some thing at last
No change yet here in Walford Road after another 18 months but in The Wigan Observer this ...
dougie 18 938 19th Feb 2020, 15:38
Emergency services/Local press
I have noticed lately than when ever there is an incident requiring the Emergency services...
PeterP 6 738 4th Feb 2020, 22:23
Twin Wash Basins
What's the point of Twin Wash Basins.
cindy 8 708 22nd Jan 2020, 19:21
Just received an e-mail of Eon to say my present contract will run out in January for gas/...
PeterP 15 1,099 15th Jan 2020, 15:37
Train Truckers (TV programme)
I can understand why some of their loads could not travel the rails under their own power....
priscus 1 410 15th Jan 2020, 10:00
It is the time of year when the sales upon sales are on Papers today saying stores offerin...
PeterP 4 635 1st Jan 2020, 10:29
Is it herself singing?
The usual Christmas Dolce and Gabbana advertisement features actress Emilia Clarke perform...
priscus 2 482 11th Dec 2019, 16:19
Rare Phenomenon
Just checking batteries with my multi-meter when doorbell ceased to work. Got a shock (...
priscus 24 835 9th Dec 2019, 19:35
Pen and Ink
Last night, a friend and myself were talking about our schooldays in the 50s, whilst we we...
dave© 15 1,295 9th Dec 2019, 12:16
Turnip Prize 2019
The Turnip Prize is a spoof art award of the Turner Prize, and, as daft as I am, is one of...
jo anne 5 708 5th Dec 2019, 09:10
jo anne
TV updates
At the beginning of November Freeview were doing updates and moving channels. Our Tv is st...
PeterP 2 541 4th Dec 2019, 10:48
How can you trust trip advisor when I have just read a review for the Harrow Inn Golborne ...
PeterP 3 1,065 1st Dec 2019, 14:46
de Kuyper
Cherry Brandy Liqueur. I am new to this stuff. Bought a bottle when I could not get Ki...
priscus 3 548 29th Nov 2019, 23:25
Free ink cartridges
Free ink cartridges for Epsom XP 315 if anybody wants them, Think there,s about 20. http...
cindy - 367 17th Nov 2019, 13:29
Wackford Squeers - Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby
An interesting item appeared in Wigan Today, [url=] School Day...
dave© 2 696 11th Nov 2019, 21:51
Things not used but are there
People get annoyed with drivers who do not use the indicators in a vehicle. Many a time th...
PeterP 8 843 9th Nov 2019, 17:41
Robert E Twist (Ormskirk)
Many years ago, I remember going to a car boot sale, amongst the items I bought was a book...
dave© - 998 5th Nov 2019, 01:54
bank scam
Yet another scam doing the rounds.This time from Lloyds Bank The usual there as been a bre...
PeterP 11 1,729 21st Oct 2019, 16:28
E mails
We are with Sky and they use Yahoo mail. Over the last few weeks when there are NO E-mails...
PeterP 2 704 11th Sep 2019, 17:39
The Great Model Railway Challenge
Any one interested The Great model Railway Challenge Starts Next week Friday 13th Septem...
cindy - 474 4th Sep 2019, 16:29
what a bout last night,
ww's hero Terry W in the red corner, who posts interesting and informative posts all yea...
tomplum 46 1,294 29th Aug 2019, 18:18
basil brush
Gulielmus or William
Gulielmus V or William V, I wonder what name will be on the coins?
dave© 15 1,095 8th Aug 2019, 18:02
Just been reading about the sex scandal involving Oxfam in Haiti They think they will have...
PeterP 5 896 26th Jul 2019, 05:21
Ants. Are they getting quicker?
Been in the garden today doing a bit of potting and tidying up. I have a few pots which I ...
Salmon & Ball 16 951 21st Jul 2019, 15:57
Stork pub at Billinge shut and boarded upAnother one bites the dust
PeterP 2 860 7th Jul 2019, 20:28
Where's the dog?
Have you noticed, every advert for a cordless/battery operated vacuum cleaner, there's alw...
dave© 4 706 30th May 2019, 08:58
These are getting beyond a joke! I have just counted up, and 46 damned passwords I am s...
priscus 2 700 23rd May 2019, 17:12
Warping pans
I believe it is a quite common culinary technique. Searing meat (The Maillard Reaction ) ...
priscus 2 721 10th May 2019, 10:49
Stanley Kubrick
Why the extensive Kubrick stuff airing on TV currently? Is it some kind of anniversary...
priscus 3 718 30th Apr 2019, 23:30
Name the movie
Name the movie " "width=500]
Jazzy 10 728 16th Apr 2019, 08:16
Ribble Bus
Saw a Ribble Bus going through Standish twice last week, Is there a group that restores & ...
cindy 5 868 10th Apr 2019, 17:26
Rice pudding - what happened
My dear old grandma said I couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding. Trouble is that th...
i-spy 7 791 6th Apr 2019, 16:01