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How very happy it was to watch a young English man win a golf competition on American soil...
GOLDEN BEAR 2 127 21st Jun 2022, 16:15
Shaun Wane
Watching the Matty Johns show last night on Foxtel. It was mentioned that Shaun Wane would...
pepsi - 199 19th Jun 2022, 23:35
England V Hungary
What a lack lustre poor performance.... millions of poundsworth on the pitch.... yer havin...
Billinge Biker 43 801 17th Jun 2022, 00:34
Owd Codger
I cannot believe some of the selections. Five players from Warrington!!! Matty Ashton ...
broady 4 271 14th Jun 2022, 11:36
Owd Codger
FC United of Manchester - The Champions
The Inaugural Fenix Trophy Final FC United of Manchester vs Prague Raptors Well, at ...
Tommy Two Stroke 13 283 13th Jun 2022, 16:55
Wigan rl
Well done Wigan, not a classic but still a win!
riocaroni 35 770 13th Jun 2022, 14:53
Farage on Football
Whupsy & Fossil I know that yoo too, doo not like Nigel Farage, because you think he is...
Tommy Two Stroke 17 334 12th Jun 2022, 21:39
baker boy
another good win
Well done Warriors for a good game last night. French and Field are great together but wil...
kathpressey 7 199 12th Jun 2022, 08:40
Wigan sports group
Think there should be a message board for the Wigan and Leigh area on here…plenty going ...
roylew 9 224 12th Jun 2022, 08:09
Owd Codger
It's the FA Youth Cup final tomorrow.. Old Trafford Manchester United v Nottingham Forest, over 65000 tickets have been sol...
chatty 85 1,142 6th Jun 2022, 15:17
Tiger cat
Manchester City to honour Colin Bell, Francis Lee and Mike Summerbee with a statue Fran...
Tommy Two Stroke 41 581 6th Jun 2022, 11:07
Good news .
At last some good news from O T . Confirmed earlier that Pogba will be leaving the club ...
grimshaw 20 331 3rd Jun 2022, 17:19
L/pool in the CL final... game of two halves but played great in second half.... well done...
frecky 155 1,616 1st Jun 2022, 23:41
Lester Piggott
Legendary jockey Lester Piggott has passed away aged 86 . Probably the greatest jockey ev...
grimshaw 26 424 1st Jun 2022, 15:40
Champions League - Fake Tickets .......]
tonker 1 158 31st May 2022, 19:39
Rugby final
Any ideas of which strip Wigan are in on Saturday? My prediction if both teams play to th...
roylew 17 448 30th May 2022, 07:30
Owd Codger
Football idiots
Is it time to fence them in again?
ahcawntspeyk 6 348 29th May 2022, 08:36
Owd Codger
Anniversary film
Have you seen that amazing film released by Wigan Warriors to celebrate 150 years of the c...
kathpressey 8 477 27th May 2022, 20:44
jo anne
Congratulations to City on winning the Premiership, now let's hope Liverpool can win the C...
frecky 41 794 27th May 2022, 11:49
Seeing as the top flight domestic season is now over maybe all the mardarse so called grow...
ahcawntspeyk 7 280 25th May 2022, 17:17
Wigan Warriors !!!
I see that Zac Hardaker is spouting a load of crap about being all alone in Wigan and his ...
GOLDEN BEAR 39 829 23rd May 2022, 18:55
Joe Maplin
Matt Peet
He has me a little worried taking positives when we let in 4 tries in the first 23 minutes...
roylew 3 226 23rd May 2022, 07:15
Owd Codger
Well Done Man City
White flag being shown here I give in but i hope it wont be on goal difference as the pena...
peter g 16 497 22nd May 2022, 12:37
Maurice Lindsay
''Wigan Warriors are deeply saddened to announce the passing of former Chairman Maurice Li...
wigvet 12 539 19th May 2022, 16:10
peter g
I see that KLOPP has let the cat out of the bag ,,by revealing L/pool have been keeping ta...
GOLDEN BEAR 9 409 18th May 2022, 16:14
I have been jiggery poking about on laptop today and came across the article on the footba...
GOLDEN BEAR 31 423 17th May 2022, 15:00
The annual inquest by the hierarchy into trafford'
's miserable failure to win the Premier League (or get anywhere close) has begun.
Don GB 6 318 16th May 2022, 15:11
So here we are F.A.CUP DAY , how many remember back in the day when it was on BBC only ,an...
GOLDEN BEAR 13 373 16th May 2022, 12:08
Wigan Athletic, promoted into the Championship
It was bound to happen
Tommy Two Stroke 38 1,066 15th May 2022, 11:08
WN1 Standisher
Euro F/Ball Next Season??
Dread of dread's with Man City doing us NO favor last night there will be some sort of Eur...
GOLDEN BEAR 4 135 13th May 2022, 17:11
Wow Man Untd team have at least done some good , and that is by failing to get the fourth ...
GOLDEN BEAR 2 138 12th May 2022, 15:30
Glyn Shaw RIP
Saddened to hear of the death of former Warriors prop from the 80s has died after a long i...
wigvet 7 322 12th May 2022, 14:40
Great game for the neutral
What a game that was reminded me of Wigan v Hull Wembley 1985….I’m afraid Cade Cust is...
roylew 21 584 12th May 2022, 12:46
Joe Maplin
Well i see it's confirmed that a club who stated they would not pay big bucks for a player...
GOLDEN BEAR 16 320 11th May 2022, 13:17
Cup semi predictions
Saints 16 Wigan 12 ????????
roylew 28 629 10th May 2022, 00:14
Owd Codger
Wigan Athletic
Just to say that our local team has won more this year than both Manchester clubs! Just sa...
fossil 1 202 9th May 2022, 15:02
Brighton By The Sea ??
Just what has gone on or is going on with Man Untd ??? Going down without a punch thrown? ...
GOLDEN BEAR 2 107 9th May 2022, 14:51
And Devon Loch's............
......collapsing on the run in! Maybe not, but it showed the Scousers...
chatty 21 1,299 9th May 2022, 11:04
It couldn’t get any worse? The display at Brighton today was an utter disgrace. The new ...
broady 3 227 9th May 2022, 00:01
The annual inquest by the hierarchy into Citys....
.....miserable failure to win the European Cup begins with a pointed [url=https://hosting....
chatty 24 915 7th May 2022, 00:07