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recipes second helpings
[url=]address to the haggis ...
erontquay 80 4,802 8th Jun 2016, 16:08
fred mason
Wigan's amateur RL clubs of the past
Does anybody know anything about 1. Potteries old schoolboys 2 Standish south end 3 Inc...
i-spy 4 2,750 3rd Jun 2016, 17:17
its great to find this site again after so long I can see a few names I still now hi pe...
deano 3 2,401 29th May 2016, 23:18
Wigan St Pat's - Simply the best ?
Sam Tomkins and Shaun Briscoe are the latest internationals off the production line. Does...
i-spy 30 7,369 31st Mar 2016, 14:11
jo anne
lads from bryn gates
In 1939 several of us were enrolled in the Militia after signing up for six months trainin...
norman prior 39 3,487 6th Mar 2016, 16:07
typing too small
My typing has gone a lot smaller on my laptop also some things look a lot smaller (like WW...
peter g 4 2,108 5th Mar 2016, 00:14
WMTG present Jerry Herman's HELLO,DOLLY.
Wigan Musical Theatre Group are happy to present Jerry Herman's 'Hello, Dolly'.This i...
hilarym30 1 1,473 19th Feb 2016, 16:22
jo anne
Wigan Archaeological Society
Recommend this local Society. Meet every first Wednesday at the Brocket Arms Mesnes Rd Wi...
Oneleggedlady 1 1,674 3rd Feb 2016, 16:43
jo anne
Especially for Lizzie.....The Waterways Strangler.
Everyone have fun adding to this story especially for Lizzie....(NO, Lizzie is NOT the Wat...
fred mason 31 3,064 2nd Feb 2016, 19:08
fred mason
Maypole Pit Disaster My film
Apologies for any incorrect film but could not find any of the Maypole so used some of a n...
jagman64 92 9,810 26th Jan 2016, 18:38
Looking for frederick Lyon circa ?1850 ish on the 1851,61,71 81 census maybe!Liverpool are...
christine marsden - 1,372 3rd Jan 2016, 13:06
christine marsden
Why is it that this message board appears to...
be the least popular??? And why did day tripping Wiganers get to Blackpool on a saloon or...
i-spy 412 11,251 1st Jan 2016, 20:10
parsonage and bickershaw collieries
would like to hear from anybody who worked at these pits from 1987 to1992
graneyjoseph 222 15,547 24th Dec 2015, 12:26
3rd test
3rd test against Kiwis on Saturday. A great game and great result. Great to see sean O'lo...
norman prior 2 1,354 16th Nov 2015, 18:23
norman prior
National legion of Honour
Jazzy, just to tell you I received the Award of the National Legion of Honour from the Fre...
norman prior 20 2,014 13th Oct 2015, 17:14
Christians V Muslim.
A Muslim family who changed to Christianity driven out of their home by Muslim hate mail. ...
norman prior 3 1,857 3rd Oct 2015, 20:23
I have had cold after cold,still have, got a sore nose, doctor says it,s the weather,anybo...
brendagrindley 33 3,384 15th Sep 2015, 20:15
local butchers
I watched a programme on bbc1 last night about eating better and they mentioned sausages,m...
graneyjoseph 34 3,744 4th Sep 2015, 16:20
old age
Wouldn't it be better if we only grew old part time.
norman prior 9 1,626 26th Aug 2015, 04:20
All quiet on ww.
norman prior 13 1,712 24th Aug 2015, 12:15
sir bob
is there no young people on ww.
brendagrindley 44 3,120 4th Jul 2015, 16:15
norman prior
How many of the old posters remember going to the pictures as kids? I and a few friends in...
bentlegs 4 1,435 3rd Jul 2015, 10:03
norman prior
Charity Night
John Murphy's "Open Mike" night at Garswood United Football Club on Saturday the 4th of Ju...
hieronymous - 796 23rd Jun 2015, 11:23
Wigan & Leigh Hospice Please take the time to look at this link abov...
boys5 5 1,116 2nd Jun 2015, 17:45
jo anne
norman prior 1 990 24th May 2015, 15:34
The ladies who worked in the mills
My Aunty was one of many ladies who worked in the cotton mills of Wigan in the 50s we wen...
kameras 67 7,287 18th Apr 2015, 21:01
Old archived electoral roll's
Does anyone know where I can get or view Old/ Archived Electoral roll's for Aspull around ...
blackrodweaver 4 1,067 13th Apr 2015, 15:26
How many Wiganers live in Wigan
not so many if Tonker's right cos most folk were born in Billinge.
i-spy 60 3,430 26th Mar 2015, 18:51
Wigan school rugby teams
I remember Wigan had some great schoolboy teams in the late 50's and through the 60's. Bu...
i-spy 71 14,433 5th Mar 2015, 03:17
I went to watch ST ANDREWS CHURCH panto last night _ OLD MOTHER HUBBARD GREAT SHOW well d...
dennis wilding 1 767 21st Feb 2015, 16:42
tony j
And another, once upon a time...
in the lovely town of Wigan, in the fifties, when us kids played in the street with a foot...
fred mason 13 1,639 25th Jan 2015, 11:15
fred mason
Depressing visit.
After attending Joe Calderbanks funeral yesterday, I took a bus from Ashton into Ince to v...
RobinG 22 2,192 2nd Jan 2015, 18:58
The Former Golden Lion Pub
Hindley Green, heard that the post office is re-locating to the present shop, anyone know ...
daveĀ© 8 1,567 27th Nov 2014, 05:16
....... not many I would imagine!
tonker 9 901 9th Nov 2014, 20:19
Once upon a time...
in the lovely town of Wigan, in the fifties, there was....
fred mason 47 3,167 6th Nov 2014, 08:11
fred mason
Change is this the last straw
generally I only read these days unless an important matter such as this rears it's head. ...
orrellite 4 1,184 5th Nov 2014, 20:06
There has got to be a few......
lizziedownunder 38 2,660 21st Oct 2014, 17:35
alan lad
Especially for Lizzie and Dennis....
Wiremu, a New Zealander, was working in Australia but about to fly home to watch the Rugby...
fred mason 4 1,080 12th Oct 2014, 21:32
Email reminders
Is it at all possible to get email reminders when you get replies to topics you have eithe...
kameras 5 1,102 24th Sep 2014, 03:04
mollie m
hi lizzie ,do you ever watch home and away ?those koalla bears in the adverts crack me up ...
ecmdj 4 938 19th Aug 2014, 10:46