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Fred Rosbottom
I can’t remember Dad’s user name on this site but he did used to post on here in the p...
lesley 22 1,461 1st Feb 2021, 20:05
Paul McNamara
Hi, just to let everyone who knew my brother Paul McNamara (a member on here) that he pass...
Squires20 5 527 31st Jan 2021, 13:30
Hello everyone, I was registered on Wigan World around 12 years ago, but as I'd not used t...
Medical Maverick 13 1,134 28th Jan 2021, 17:23
Hoste Maladjusted Children, Burtholme, Worthington
I am doing some research and would like to speak to anyone sent to this hostel for treatme...
daghda - 195 28th Jan 2021, 15:54
Anne Marie
Does anyone know Anne Marie from Hindley Green? I used to work with her in the NHS must be...
YORKIE - 268 23rd Jan 2021, 23:54
????? ?? ???? ???? VAL (NISA, HIGHER INCE)
The many question marks in the title were initially in Hindi and said 'rest in peace.' ...
Medical Maverick 3 276 22nd Jan 2021, 20:57
Medical Maverick
Alan Halsall
Does anyone know if Alan is still with us. He was a draughtsman at Worsley Mains Ironworks...
brynkiwi - 203 22nd Jan 2021, 06:30
Trying to contact paddy2t10
I am trying to contact a contributor with the username paddy2t10. It seems that he is a re...
bigbondy 7 411 16th Jan 2021, 21:33
tracing XENON
I would like to contact XENON IF you are still on WIGAN WORLD WOULD LIKE TO CHAT TO YOU...
GOLDEN BEAR - 170 8th Jan 2021, 15:02
Contacting paddy2t10
Hi, I've just managed to register with the site after having been unable to on previous oc...
bigbondy - 186 7th Jan 2021, 19:29
Brian Ludbrook
Does anyone remember Brian Ludbrook, he had a spell playing for Wigan rugby and I understa...
tom1303 5 1,265 4th Jan 2021, 21:38
Hi Jim, This is Peter. I have some information and photos for you. Please contact me
monumental 5 1,259 4th Jan 2021, 21:32
A neighbour passes away .....
.... and I only found out today. A few days ago, I believe, Billy Cunliffe, known to man...
tonker 12 705 4th Jan 2021, 19:24
Jim and Joan
Anybody know what happens to Jim and Joan Sutcliffe? They were friends of my husbands pare...
judyteen - 249 2nd Jan 2021, 17:14
Barbara Windsor
Another of the greats gone, the lovely Barbara Windsor. My favourite moment was in Carry ...
linma 6 387 23rd Dec 2020, 20:07
Medical Maverick
Gidlow School
Hi Mollie M, I have been trying to get in touch to reminisce about our times at Gidlow sch...
verdus - 356 16th Dec 2020, 08:49
Elizabeth & thomas Balmer Johnson
Married in Wigan 1848, Dad James Taylor, a painter. & John Johnson. Any info.please on c...
soreen 4 370 26th Nov 2020, 19:12
Might you use Ancestry? Any help you can offer...
I am researching my family tree, just like so many others. I no longer have an Ancestry...
barbarabanter 13 761 24th Nov 2020, 18:26
Des O’Connor
The lovely Des O’Connor has died, another of the greats gone. No doubt he will now be t...
linma 2 351 20th Nov 2020, 16:42
alan porter, wigan sea cadets
Anybody remember me ?
alan porter 9 1,206 11th Nov 2020, 12:21
peter g
Philanthropic Buildings, Golborne
Does anyone know the history of the Philanthropic Buildings, Harvey Lane, Golborne. I thin...
fedup 11 318 8th Nov 2020, 11:15
Elizabeth DOYLE, now possibly Burton
Elizabeth Doyle, dob July 1947 and I share the same late aunt, Alice. Elizabeth was a niec...
Dollybird - 201 18th Oct 2020, 11:47
Face masks
Reading today in the MEN about Supt J Higham of GM Police is going to send PCS Officers i...
PeterP 6 832 12th Oct 2020, 06:29
mollie m
Roby Mill School
Good evening, I am doing some research into my family history and Roby Mill. Does anyone...
LauraKate 1 368 8th Oct 2020, 18:44
If you have or Findmypast
I wonder if you would be kind enough to help me. I am looking for information on Henry Far...
whacker 28 1,045 3rd Oct 2020, 23:55
Wigan Orchestral Society
A request for information from the most recent Past Forward magazine - [url=https://www.wi...
jo anne - 198 23rd Sep 2020, 10:20
jo anne
Ann Kelly
Need help to find where Ann Kelly is buried/cremated.Born 1882, died April 1956 in Wigan.V...
soreen 3 453 22nd Sep 2020, 09:07
john b
slaughter houses
anyone know the name of the slaughter house near spring street scholes also anyone heard o...
lynnm 53 10,937 27th Aug 2020, 19:00
john b
Family of William Burton
Finally, after nearly 11 years of searching, I've identified who and where my Great-Uncle ...
lbarlow73 19 3,367 25th Aug 2020, 20:53
john b
Does anyone know how I can get date of my parents wedding anniversary, John and Ellen Higg...
Dolly Day Dream 3 484 22nd Aug 2020, 12:55
Many thanks to Tomplum. I was having trouble refitting the toilet bowl after replacing the...
PeterP 1 426 20th Aug 2020, 21:05
John Flitcroft manager Bryn hall colliery
Does anyone have a photo of his monument thats in Holy Trinity Cemetery? He died 1892 and ...
Warr33 - 420 8th Aug 2020, 21:16
Tony Morris
From Granada Reports, aged just 57, died on Saturday. Tony came across as a lovely genuin...
linma 1 302 8th Aug 2020, 20:31
Ashton's cafe'd
Does any one remember the three cafes in Ashton.Dickinson's, El toroe and I can not remenb...
brendan 82 2,833 8th Aug 2020, 14:20
The butchers Mark Williams
Anybody remember them and any family names....any stories ?
john b 8 965 3rd Aug 2020, 14:39
Re[lying about Ann Kelly.
Thanks for replying.Ann was born a Kelly in Wigan.She married Martin James Kelly (1901) in...
soreen 1 269 28th Jul 2020, 14:53
Hi the Jazzy Alan here just thought i would try and reach out to see how you and hubby are...
GOLDEN BEAR - 269 28th Jul 2020, 14:42
Canada address informative
Does anyone know how to find out who was living at an address years ago. I have an address...
annefair 1 417 27th Jul 2020, 16:07
Roy Kelly born 1939 1st.August.
Hi, info. please.Roy s Dad Joseph Kelly, Mam Mary Alice Parkinson.18, Stonyhurst Ave.1939....
soreen 1 304 27th Jul 2020, 15:33
Ivy Paul.
Hi, Ivy Paul, Dad John James, Married James Martin Kelly 1941, All Saints, Hindley. Ivy wa...
soreen 1 262 26th Jul 2020, 13:54