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young mothers having a whinge
On the Jeremy Vine show today young mothers having a moan about bringing a new child up in...
tomplum 18 696 17th Jan 2021, 13:34
Picking the forums brains.. My uncle in his early seventies has dementia and hasn't been t...
Billinge Biker 12 605 17th Jan 2021, 11:44
Covid-19 case rates
increase in Wigan as new variant becomes more common [url=
basil brush 47 1,006 17th Jan 2021, 07:02
peter israel
Check it Ouyt ....
.... [url=""]Nouy, Laaaaike !
tonker - 83 16th Jan 2021, 19:59
Nolan Abbott
The artist from Standish who I knew very well has passed away due to Covid R.I.P Nolan
nanajacqui 7 454 16th Jan 2021, 17:09
The Pembrokeshire Murders
Has no one watched that drama, I’m surprised there have been no comments? I pay my TV l...
linma 17 579 16th Jan 2021, 16:30
I've been invited by Admin to join has anyone else had the invitation ?
nanajacqui 15 442 16th Jan 2021, 11:31
Who is the coal miner?
gaffer 4 305 16th Jan 2021, 11:04
Air fryers
Anyone got one - are they any good ?
i-spy 12 454 15th Jan 2021, 19:23
Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
Today’s Photo-a-Day is another outstanding photograph by Oy - [url=https://www.wiganworl...
jo anne 14 402 14th Jan 2021, 18:59
jo anne
Personal Car Reg. Number .....
..... For Sale. .... ................... NO FINANCE OPTION BUY NOW: [url="htt...
tonker 15 492 14th Jan 2021, 18:00
jo anne
It has been brought to my attention that ALL the doctors in the WIGAN AREA will not be gi...
GOLDEN BEAR 20 855 14th Jan 2021, 16:39
Who Remembers .......
.... back in the 70's ..... ..... wait for it ..... ........ the Austin Allegro, ...
tonker 28 611 14th Jan 2021, 10:12
WN1 Standisher
Wigan Local History & Heritage Society
Zoom presentation on Mon 14th Sep at 7pm: The ‘Walking Horse’ and Early Railways in...
jo anne 10 577 13th Jan 2021, 22:45
Diving in Ireland? ....
..... and need tuition? [url=""]Join the Club!
tonker - 115 13th Jan 2021, 21:08
They're Making a New Series ....
.... of Father Ted. They've started auditioning for a new [url="
tonker 1 146 13th Jan 2021, 17:45
LANKY BEAT RETURNS - website is back
Lanky beat website is back online...
billyshym - 122 13th Jan 2021, 16:41
Is 2 metres far enough ?
If someone is smoking in front of you, It can be smelt a lot further than 2 metres, that s...
tomplum 8 393 13th Jan 2021, 15:55
Walk to Haigh Hall
Couldn’t believe the number of cars today (Sunday) on the official car park at the hall....
roylew 8 478 13th Jan 2021, 08:50
Shall I or Shan't I ? ....
.... [url="
tonker 2 232 12th Jan 2021, 22:13
mollie m
I Wonder ....
.... if they sell [url="
tonker 5 293 12th Jan 2021, 15:28
Tommy Two Stroke
Poor Boris is being dragged over the coals today for being 7 miles away on a bike ride, Je...
tomplum 12 474 12th Jan 2021, 13:30
Tommy Two Stroke
Liverpool Schools
TerryW 2 156 12th Jan 2021, 13:25
Plessey telecommunications, Lamberhead
Hi, Did anyone work for Plessey at Lamberhead between 1966 and 1973? Does anyone remem...
Nim Patel - 214 12th Jan 2021, 09:05
Nim Patel
Keep on smiling
How is everyone coping in this latest lockdown ? Not seen anyone running down the street ...
i-spy 39 730 12th Jan 2021, 08:14
If you take the occasional peep it's best wishes from me and I'm sure a lot of others in W...
i-spy 13 533 11th Jan 2021, 21:36
jo anne
Santander stolen cards
Just received an e-mail from Santander telling me what the procedure is if my card is lost...
mortarmillbill 11 324 11th Jan 2021, 21:32
Did anyone see the program, is it inside the factory Didn't know that so much detail w...
basil brush 4 202 11th Jan 2021, 21:28
peter israel
Been watching Wigan RLFC old matches during covid, and noticed Australian commentators oft...
hilly 62 988 11th Jan 2021, 21:08
basil brush
Rule Brittania
Why.... Oh why...?.. Every time I turn on my TV... Whether its news or updates on the dail...
Billinge Biker 96 1,583 11th Jan 2021, 20:41
basil brush
Wigan Pier
Not seen much work being done lately....has it been put on the back burner
roylew 9 162 11th Jan 2021, 20:23
Corvid vaccinations.
We got our application forms to book our jabs, there are over 1,000 places to have it done...
Domin0 5 276 11th Jan 2021, 19:20
prove it mister or !
The police are soon going to be stopping cars outside their own area, they will need proof...
tomplum 26 952 11th Jan 2021, 18:58
After Donald
How will we know what is fake news and what isn't ?
i-spy 15 368 11th Jan 2021, 16:12
I think the government ....
.... are taking advice off the windowcleaner! ".... if we're going to get on top o...
tonker 5 320 11th Jan 2021, 10:59
Bradley Walsh
I do like the guy but I think he's on telly a bit too much these days Every time i check w...
peter g 20 597 11th Jan 2021, 08:47
basil brush
Footpaths are lethal this morning
Take care out there, the overnight rain has frozen and the footpaths and most roads are li...
mortarmillbill 86 1,208 11th Jan 2021, 08:39
basil brush
Just a thought
Has anyone thought about we Wigan World folk having a Zoom meeting !!!! We would have to ...
berylh 5 236 10th Jan 2021, 23:11
Is it an age related thing that when elderly folk.. Especially my neighbours... Plaster th...
Billinge Biker 9 364 10th Jan 2021, 20:11