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Watching the pies in Turkey
during my holiday in turkey I met some new chums on the beach from Ince and Hindley green,...
peawapp 3 1,223 3rd Aug 2011, 19:22
Wigan Athletic
Been to a family do tonight and the relatives knowing i have a bit of a soft spot for lati...
jay_1 30 1,922 3rd Aug 2011, 04:51
I've just been watching "prem classics" on ESPN Utd v City at O.T. Does anyone know why U...
kenny 4 1,169 2nd Aug 2011, 20:34
whar a bruiserjust what wigan needed to dispel any feelings of complacency before next wee...
farrie50 6 1,263 2nd Aug 2011, 12:46
Hard earned Wigan win tonight.
Difficult place to visit Hull Fc but Warriors deserved to win. Both teams got the rub of ...
fossil 9 1,296 2nd Aug 2011, 12:43
Twitter and sportsmen.
After the decision today by Newcastle to give Joey Barton a free transfer,because of his t...
fossil 5 1,462 2nd Aug 2011, 11:03
world of sport
was watching world of sport on sky yesterday the wrestling was on from the seventies r cou...
meccy69 - 1,093 1st Aug 2011, 19:47
Holland beat Yorkshire!
The dutchmen beat the tykes in a 40 over match today
fossil 2 1,115 1st Aug 2011, 11:46
Wigan v Warrington - guess the score
Its the Warriors for me - 18-16 with Carmont getting the last try
i-spy 39 2,314 30th Jul 2011, 19:11
Latics v Warriors YYYYY ?
Why is there such a hatred between football and rugby fans? Its like chalk n cheese its a ...
aitch1 17 1,364 30th Jul 2011, 18:08
Wigan V Saints in semi final
'The venues and days will be confirmed on Sunday evening with ticketing details released...
wigvet 53 3,130 29th Jul 2011, 23:01
Premiership Football!
Why hasn't it gripped the town? Considering how Football is the most watched sport on the ...
rio caroni 55 1,951 29th Jul 2011, 23:00

Phew, we're safe for 3 years then There will be some happy Yorkshire folk about.
rodders 32 522 28th Jul 2011, 18:19
Good win last nght.
sonlyme 11 1,854 28th Jul 2011, 15:09
peter g
Local football clubs question?
I attended a christening at Ashton Athletic Football club the other week, and very impress...
wigvet 1 1,238 28th Jul 2011, 13:35
Warriors new signing..
Aussie prop Ben Cross, 32, released by Leeds and signed til end of the season. Is he any ...
i-spy 34 1,893 27th Jul 2011, 22:46
Wigan Athletic-new season
Only a few weeks to go and i can feel the excitement building. ST sales are up again an...
jay_1 7 1,784 27th Jul 2011, 17:04
were are you shamed of what you said when you had a drink jay is right what he says about ...
trevwafc 34 1,840 27th Jul 2011, 10:46
players wanted for the new season ( under 16's)
Hi, first i would like to say hello to everyone on the message board. I am on the hunt fo...
hawkleyfc 5 1,596 26th Jul 2011, 19:21
Young Barry Knowles?
In tonights post, anyone see the picture of st Georges boys' brigade 1968, tallest lad on ...
tuddy - 1,050 26th Jul 2011, 19:20
Wrexham and the Crusaders
Nice to see both sets of fans in uproar about what's happened to the crusaders. I don't...
jay_1 2 1,148 26th Jul 2011, 17:26

Bryan Robson showing how greedy these present day footballers are,should be banned f...
upthetims 7 459 26th Jul 2011, 01:30
Tony Smith
Wigan boring ,your having a laugh
fossil 15 1,727 25th Jul 2011, 22:28
Has anyone any info. regarding the Wigan v Salford match due to be played on Friday 12th A...
smiling assassin 4 1,177 25th Jul 2011, 20:36
smiling assassin
WIGAN where rugby means the world
just seen the nice new signs on the east lancs promoting the towns involvment in the 2013 ...
mal75 23 1,634 25th Jul 2011, 16:53
I bet your fingers were twitching today mate,Hoping and praying that Wigan were goping to ...
kenny 9 1,591 25th Jul 2011, 15:21
who's for the Super League chop
licence day on Tuesday -Warriors should be ok for another 3 years Not so sure about Wakef...
i-spy 6 1,501 25th Jul 2011, 13:57

It was a good game...par for the course in RL innit....
bassman - 469 24th Jul 2011, 22:39
who was Wigan's best one season wonder
was it Brett Kenny (19 tries in 25 games) or John Ferguson (24 tries in 25 games). Or some...
i-spy 52 3,373 24th Jul 2011, 21:50
If Downing worth 20 million what price charlie(expect sacastic remarks from the anti tics ...
trevwafc 29 1,792 23rd Jul 2011, 08:08
latics non league team
can any one name the regulars in the latics northern premier league team when dennis reeve...
roundy 27 2,335 22nd Jul 2011, 22:32
Most famous Wigan sportsman?
Must be the one and only William John Boston. Even though Billy B has not played for the b...
rio caroni 92 2,265 22nd Jul 2011, 21:46
who isnt looking forward with anticipation and a little apprehension to saturdays titanic ...
farrie50 6 1,281 22nd Jul 2011, 20:09
steff's link..I think
For all you RL fans Just been sent this by email. apologies i... Oh oh anybody ........
kenny 1 1,417 20th Jul 2011, 14:54
Open Golf
Great to see the worlds finest battling the elements. With the tennis and cricket,what ...
jay_1 18 1,371 20th Jul 2011, 09:16
ruddy duck
Ex Warriors forward returning toS L?
My contact in Oz tells me that West Tigers and former Warriors player Mark Flanigan is in ...
aqui aqui 16 1,508 20th Jul 2011, 06:58

Long may it continue!
ruddy duck 2 521 19th Jul 2011, 23:08
Leigh Centurians
Just pulled it back to 16-16. Come on lads.
jay_1 57 1,759 19th Jul 2011, 09:26
Right then,who didn't turn up!
13096 v Tigers 13095 v wildcats. Couldn't be Wigvet ,he is probably in Sams,and not Ke...
fossil 30 1,808 17th Jul 2011, 20:15
Leigh Centurians and Darren Clarke
Two great sporting stories for the weekend. Good luck to both of them.
jay_1 - 1,107 17th Jul 2011, 18:58