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Long range yedder
I hope this link works [url=
kenny 4 1,081 27th Sep 2011, 17:25
get Hemmings a Wigan shirt
I feel the need to point out (and not for the first time) a letter in todays League weekly...
peawapp 4 1,075 27th Sep 2011, 08:30
ruddy duck
Just less than 7,000
Got home tonight and started thinking about the poor attendance tonight. The lowest for a ...
rio caroni 17 1,318 26th Sep 2011, 20:53
Wigan Athletic-this weekend
Massive game against one of the biggest clubs in Europe. All true Wiganers that still l...
jay_1 24 1,468 26th Sep 2011, 14:14
Martinez same old rubbish as last year
I see Martinez has come out with the same rubbish he was spouting last year. "I'm not both...
wiganyankeeron 31 1,464 26th Sep 2011, 14:14
as martinez say's it's not about winning
as wigan pathetic lose again 2-1, just when is whelan going to get shut of this so called ...
fivestarbry 22 1,246 25th Sep 2011, 19:36
watch wigan rugby free if on sky or virgin
sky sports free today if you're on sky or virgin. and wigan on at 5
jackjoe 2 1,031 25th Sep 2011, 18:34
Football club names..??
The last name or names of a British club please. No duplicates. Let's see how many differe...
fred mason 13 928 25th Sep 2011, 13:42
Leyth don't make the final.
It did not seem the same team,or the same attitude from the Leigh lads shown earlier in th...
fossil 8 1,239 24th Sep 2011, 21:41
baker boy
much as it pains me to say it!
but it will definately be number 20 this season, they seem unstopable
kellysdad 16 1,571 23rd Sep 2011, 09:52
RIP Ginger McCain
Passed away at the age of 80. RIP Ginger,you'll never be forgotten.
jay_1 5 996 23rd Sep 2011, 00:37
Gareth Raynor lets all say aaaargh
poor old Mr Raynor after fleecing people of £120k on Ebay He as been ordered to pay it ba...
geoff zx9 1 1,745 22nd Sep 2011, 20:44
Ryan Bailey
Surprise, surprise, Ryan Bailey has won his appeal against his one match ban and been clea...
ruddy duck - 963 22nd Sep 2011, 18:00
ruddy duck
how much is this guy on
after the rugby which I enjoyed, I decided for a change to watch some soccer, and in the s...
peawapp 9 1,300 21st Sep 2011, 19:39
Wigan RL lose again..
I thought they look shattered today. The ref definitely in my view gave Wigan the best ...
jay_1 21 1,411 21st Sep 2011, 16:04
ruddy duck
Wigan a "Rugby Town"........Really
One of my nieghbours is a fanatatical warriors fan and season ticket holder and for his si...
wanner 6 1,188 20th Sep 2011, 22:46
Wigan V Catalan
Just had this from Sam Cross at Wigan Warriors pushing the hospitality at next weeks gam...
wigvet 8 1,263 20th Sep 2011, 09:01
ruddy duck
Wigan 'remains a rugby town'
great article on yesterdays final...which ends... 'It wasn't long before 30,000 voices ...
wigvet 51 2,385 19th Sep 2011, 17:38
Not been much of a weekend for our local....
Not been much of a weekend for our local sporting clubs, but a least being part of Greater...
chatty 8 1,289 19th Sep 2011, 17:36
latics lose again
but as martinez said in the paper it's not about winning" what a statement eh! what is it...
fivestarbry 16 1,465 19th Sep 2011, 08:54
ruddy duck
SUPER SUNDAY!!!! roll on!!!!!!
What a day for sports loving fans 1. England V Georgia at 7am 2. Rangers V Celtic...
wigvet 9 1,271 18th Sep 2011, 20:55
did anyone notice
did you all notice Leigh centurions master plan at last night;s match at fev, the centurio...
peawapp 5 1,067 18th Sep 2011, 10:36
Oh lanky lanky!
Well done to the Lancashire team who had an amazing victory today against Hampshire at Li...
fossil 39 1,765 16th Sep 2011, 23:54

fireplace6899 No comment on this result?
ruddy duck 38 455 16th Sep 2011, 17:32
ruddy duck
Blind footballers
I watched a programme last night about blind English footballers, and was gobsmacked at th...
fordie 4 1,059 15th Sep 2011, 20:53
well done to sam tomkins
Wigan full-back Sam Tomkins has been named Super League player of the year by the Rugby Le...
walshy76 - 992 15th Sep 2011, 17:27
Wigan Athletic
God bless em.
jay_1 19 3,890 14th Sep 2011, 18:26
Latics V City
Just watched the first half on Football First, no atmosphere whatsoever. Please note this ...
rio caroni 17 1,438 14th Sep 2011, 09:04
Man City 3 Wigan 0
rosbott 10 1,418 14th Sep 2011, 09:03
For Peter Q
Just to let you know old Ted was in the springfield pub on friday, so he seems to be ok.
laticat 6 1,600 13th Sep 2011, 21:04
Wigan lose
Warrington were the better side. Wigan couldn't do anything right today....Hock in the s**...
bassman 46 3,402 13th Sep 2011, 18:09
Bolton 0v5 Man United
Enough said.
fireplace6899 6 1,161 13th Sep 2011, 08:08
ruddy duck
Season over for Gareth Hock
Gareth Hock was today suspended for 5 matches and fined £300. Sounds about right.
aqui aqui 38 2,007 12th Sep 2011, 20:43
Vitali Klitschko
I watched him knock out some beefed up light heavy on Sky Sports last night but how would ...
jay_1 2 1,142 11th Sep 2011, 20:19
My night watching Sport!
Watched the cricket in the pub till the rain came down,went home and a feast of cricket,ru...
fossil 12 1,460 11th Sep 2011, 17:48
Rugby World Cup - 15 man game !
The Rugby World Cup (Rugby Union) is currently being held here in New Zealand. One of...
dennis dickinson 3 1,108 10th Sep 2011, 21:18
dennis dickinson
England beat Bulgaria
To my mind a better result than performance and I thought Rooney and Cahill were outstand...
fossil 24 1,705 10th Sep 2011, 00:43
Albert Halsall R.I.P.
Ex Saints player Albert Halsall passed away this week aged 69.he played at Wembley in the ...
peter g 8 2,074 10th Sep 2011, 00:19
well done to the rugby league players for
getting involved in state of mind,a well worth cause [url=http://www.stateofmindrugby.c...
walshy76 - 1,345 9th Sep 2011, 09:11
Another Prop gone.
Hull F C have today announced the signing of Warriors prop forward Eamon o Carroll on a th...
aqui aqui 7 1,268 7th Sep 2011, 16:09
ruddy duck