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RL player drain?
Interesting – a parting swipe or has he got a point? 'Hull Kingston Rovers forward ...
wigvet 10 1,600 17th Oct 2011, 19:21
cleverly boxing match
did anyone watch the fight between cleverly and bellew sat night, cleverly won on points b...
bryanp121 - 929 16th Oct 2011, 23:42
WIsh FM-Latics radio highlights Latics vs West Ham Stok...
jay_1 16 1,250 16th Oct 2011, 12:40
Wayne Rooney
After looking to be Englands most positive player in the first half,he showed himself to b...
fossil 43 1,591 16th Oct 2011, 03:37
"We are a better team without N'zogbia" This guy is an utter and complete BUFFOON In the...
wiganyankeeron 55 1,807 15th Oct 2011, 10:28
baker boy
The Premier Leagues 4.7 billion viewers..
Per Season according to research!! Wigan Athletic's seven seasons there have finally ma...
jay_1 29 1,558 15th Oct 2011, 00:57
Warriors season ticket renewal.
Got my reminder this mornin. renewal price gone up by 6%. Any comments( I'm still ponderi...
tony kearns 25 1,459 14th Oct 2011, 20:36
baker boy
Wigan Warriors new gaffer ?
Seeing as how the club said they wouldn´t announce the new coach until after the end of t...
stevemul 50 2,587 14th Oct 2011, 08:43
ruddy duck
No Ticket For Liverpool...
Wolves at Anfield today, but very low ticket allocation means I can't go... I never mis...
jarvo 47 1,600 12th Oct 2011, 16:13
big rumour
i have just been told that Saracens have tabled a £2 000 for the services of BOT...
farrie50 51 1,958 12th Oct 2011, 07:35
ruddy duck
Barrow's worse than us
The R.F.L have docked Barrow 29 points for serious breaches of the salary cap and have sus...
peawapp 15 1,450 11th Oct 2011, 15:15
ruddy duck
Who's the best ?
Who can be considered the best rugby league team this season?
chatty 11 1,129 10th Oct 2011, 22:59
Rugby refs decisions ?
Just seen a try for Saints by Makinson... ref gave decision , goal line drop out for Leed...
stevemul 8 1,027 10th Oct 2011, 09:24
ruddy duck
Manly to Bulldogs
Des Hasler is of to join the Canterbury - Bankstown Bulldogs less than a week after winni...
aussie94 2 1,027 9th Oct 2011, 15:47
ruddy duck
RU World Cup – quarter finals – TheWigan influence
So Shaun Edwards, as Welsh defence coach, has seen his team progress into the semi-finals ...
wigvet 20 1,280 9th Oct 2011, 11:29
Grand Final – who will you be shouting for?
Saints for me! Local side with two top young home grown half backs Can’t show any...
wigvet 22 1,183 8th Oct 2011, 22:21
rio caroni
fixture changes
Tics v chelsea sat 17th DEC 5-30 ESPN LIVE/ Tics v liverpool WED 21ST DEC 8 OCLOCK KO LI...
trevwafc 6 1,006 8th Oct 2011, 09:24
ruddy duck
Wayne Rooney's dad arrested for betting fix!
Just what you need the day before you represent your country – your dad arrested in a pr...
wigvet 20 1,718 7th Oct 2011, 23:06
RL ‘Man of steel’
The top three contenders have been announced - Winner revealed next week Sam Tomkins...
wigvet 91 2,487 6th Oct 2011, 21:39
Aussie Grand Final
Just watched the final on Sky and the fitness level of these lads is untrue. The first hal...
rio caroni 10 1,227 6th Oct 2011, 10:36
Grand Final On TV around the world...
darren - 1,005 5th Oct 2011, 21:09
what a doughnut
walshy76 10 1,338 5th Oct 2011, 18:27
Wigan Athletic and Bolton Wanderers
Not a great deal being said on here about the poor results which has resulted in both team...
ruddy duck 32 1,395 5th Oct 2011, 17:41
Wigan well beaten
Can't have any complaints Saints the better side tonight
douglas 28 1,530 3rd Oct 2011, 17:43
ruddy duck
Wigan beat Georgia in RU World Cup!!!
so England won in their world cup game today against Georgia by scoring six tries through....
wigvet 4 1,424 3rd Oct 2011, 08:33
ruddy duck
i am just about getting my breath backwhat a magnificent display from both teams in a puls...
farrie50 12 1,338 2nd Oct 2011, 09:07
ruddy duck
The best of both worlds...
who gets your vote as (1)Wigan RL's best coach - and (2)Wigan Athletic's best manager. It...
i-spy 12 1,347 1st Oct 2011, 23:27
baker boy
play offs - who's heading for Old Trafford
I reckon Leeds will see off Warrington and the mighty Warriors will end the season for Sai...
i-spy 7 1,109 1st Oct 2011, 23:19
baker boy
‘Leigh ....folding!’
Those two words just appeared in a news item as I drove into work and it made me cringe ...
wigvet 14 1,920 1st Oct 2011, 16:42
this saturday
this saturday Leigh sports village will host the 2011 valvoline under 20s grand final betw...
peawapp 15 1,167 1st Oct 2011, 15:21
Sports quotes
Ted Walsh - Horse Racing Commentator "This is really a lovely horse, I once rode her mot...
the_gwim_weaper 15 1,091 1st Oct 2011, 08:34
thiek c
In the WEP today there was a report on Shevington Sharks under 10s rugby match and there w...
mswigan - 1,001 30th Sep 2011, 20:18
How long has this lad been playing in the premier league? He signed for West Ham in 2006, ...
eddie7457 11 1,315 30th Sep 2011, 17:47
according to wishfm dave whelan as
admitted he his looking for a buyer for the club i think it was only a matter of time
walshy76 4 1,152 29th Sep 2011, 13:44
A few from thisnorthenrsoul on the weekends events
'... Wigan Athletic's game against Tottenham Hotspur this weekend drew an attendance of ju...
jay_1 15 1,134 28th Sep 2011, 13:55
Just over 6000 tonight
Just got back and thank god that there were Latics people boosting the attendance. Why ...
jay_1 35 1,448 28th Sep 2011, 08:35
ruddy duck
Another super-league ref suspended!
First Ganson now Silverwood!!!! 'Richard Silverwood will not referee another Super Leag...
wigvet 10 2,045 28th Sep 2011, 08:34
ruddy duck
Steve Ganson tonight..
Cheating or inept. I wanted WiganRL to win but rarely have i seen a team on the end of ...
jay_1 36 1,476 27th Sep 2011, 23:38
Time for Walshy and Jay to go?
Why do these two children take over every sports thread? Who are you trying to impress ...
wigvet 54 2,991 27th Sep 2011, 18:08
new stadium
was told at weekend that wrlfc are considering building their own stadium around marus bri...
tommy c 37 1,945 27th Sep 2011, 18:02
ruddy duck