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Names of the Wigan rugby players from 1995-1996
Can someone name the Wigan rugby players from 1995-1996 as I have a signed Puma Norweb shi...
diane67 13 3,802 1st Nov 2011, 22:59
rio caroni
El-Hadji Diouf signs for Doncaster Rovers
Thankfully he will not be putting a Wigan shirt on after all! Do you think he will be a...
wigvet 6 1,045 1st Nov 2011, 09:33
'Chris Kirkland hopes to earn a new deal at Wigan Athletic. Kirkland's fitness setback ...
jay_1 17 1,166 1st Nov 2011, 00:23
ruddy duck
Why did RL fail..
In places like Bolton,Preston,Burnley,Blackburn etc etc etc.. I know these teams had ve...
jay_1 34 1,403 30th Oct 2011, 19:51
ruddy duck
England v wales at Leigh
the international on saturday at the Leigh sports village is heading for a record for the ...
peawapp 16 1,188 30th Oct 2011, 19:49
ruddy duck
Last again!
I know they are not the biggest draw in the premier league but why do the BBC insist on pu...
rio caroni 4 1,037 30th Oct 2011, 18:45
rugby union rules
david49 3 862 29th Oct 2011, 19:08
City reserves look good as well!
An awesome three minutes from city,going 3-1 up against a Wolves team looking fairly decen...
fossil 36 1,254 29th Oct 2011, 14:49
latics to go down?
who reckons the tics will go down this season?(i hope not). i know its early days, am just...
briorrell 134 2,054 28th Oct 2011, 15:54
Siddys trophy room compared to United
United Siddy World Champions 2 0 European Cups ...
fireplace6899 20 1,023 27th Oct 2011, 17:57
Central Park floodlights
Heard the name Georgie Fame today and every time I think of ‘that’s the bloke who ...
wigvet 72 2,182 27th Oct 2011, 14:03
Judge call over rugby safety rules
Apologies for the long posting but this court decision last week puts a legal onus on any ...
wigvet 3 1,063 27th Oct 2011, 13:25
baker boy

Why should you bother when the tics played bowton you were cheering for bowton boring sado
trevwafc 20 467 26th Oct 2011, 14:18
sport debate
can we have a nice friendly debate with out all the animosity.......please. so how du ...
briorrell 16 1,084 26th Oct 2011, 09:26
ruddy duck
gareth Thomas
announces his immediate retirement from rugby all the rumours of his signing for Wigan wer...
orrellite 9 1,092 25th Oct 2011, 20:54
Manchester Derby
News just in….There’s a female ref for the United v City match. The kick off has been...
fred mason 60 1,567 25th Oct 2011, 16:30
ruddy duck
Well done Waney!
Start as you mean to carry on,no soft touch here ! Instead of the militiary training ,how...
fossil 1 995 25th Oct 2011, 09:00
ruddy duck
Siddy are a massive club.
In fact it is only 43 years since they won the league. now that is a big club.
fireplace6899 73 1,330 24th Oct 2011, 17:40
Wolves draw
Jarvo, if you went today hope you were not one of the few who left when there was still se...
rio caroni 1 1,015 23rd Oct 2011, 22:25
game for a laugh on bbc2 10pm
are you watching it fireplace?
kellysdad 1 839 23rd Oct 2011, 22:00
Ronnie Mather.
I am surprised that the death of the ex Wigan hooker has not been mentioned on here! He p...
fossil 8 1,556 23rd Oct 2011, 20:22
fred mason
alarm call
Hope you have all set your alarms ready for tomorrows Rugby World Cup Final ? really hope ...
farrie50 18 1,050 23rd Oct 2011, 18:21
latest news
latest news from the theatre of dreams its turning into a nightmare UTD 0 CITY 3 may be a ...
farrie50 8 928 23rd Oct 2011, 17:10
Have they all toppede themselves
kellysdad - 824 23rd Oct 2011, 16:36
who remembers this mon
tomorrow is the wifes birthday and this morning received a card from our old pal ex wigan ...
peawapp 8 1,114 23rd Oct 2011, 12:34
Aren't any are there? LOL.
ahcawntspeyk 58 1,737 23rd Oct 2011, 10:05
Suarez of Liverpool
Nothing but a cheat. Diving at every challenge.
fireplace6899 58 1,673 22nd Oct 2011, 21:17
Manchester United are most detested club
im sure coco will have something to say about this [url=
walshy76 11 1,106 22nd Oct 2011, 19:44
Want to buy a Latics ball for a grand?
Just been sent the hospitality packages below for Latics game against Fulham next Saturd...
wigvet 10 863 22nd Oct 2011, 19:37
Latcs manager safe?
Martinez is safe in the short term according to the bookies at 25/1 for the next manager t...
pisolivadi 14 1,121 21st Oct 2011, 17:21
ruddy duck
martinez out
ive said it so many times.This man has no idea .Caldwell shouldnt be in the team let alone...
dazzylatic 38 1,489 20th Oct 2011, 19:15
baker boy
Marseille vs Arsenal
Here's one for all you football experts on here. Why are these two sides wearing their awa...
eddie7457 12 1,006 20th Oct 2011, 17:19
We're a blight on the premier league.
these are the words of a very knowledgeable latics fan who as just watched the game. are t...
mal75 75 1,898 20th Oct 2011, 08:45
welsh coach considered cheating!
this bloke should be sacked! bloody disgusting
kellysdad 32 1,196 19th Oct 2011, 23:02
baker boy
Joel Tomkins off to Saracens
According to the newspaper today and the lad is going to triple his wages.Good for him. ...
jay_1 11 1,203 19th Oct 2011, 19:16
doesn't sound like a good idea to me...
Latics have let Callum McManaman go out on loan to Blackpool - surely he could do a job at...
i-spy 6 1,087 19th Oct 2011, 12:31
I guess it doesn't matter anymore
as there will be no relegation in 2012 from the Championship ,the time would seem to be ri...
peawapp 2 1,032 18th Oct 2011, 23:03
why rugby union is the perfect sport for TV
when it's on you can make breakfast, wash up, go shopping, take dog for a walk and still m...
i-spy 30 1,597 18th Oct 2011, 22:19
will anybody sign up for new TV deal
Subscribers will get up to 32 games from the Co-operative Championship, Championship One a...
i-spy 4 1,084 18th Oct 2011, 21:58
Wigan 1- 3 Bolton
3 valuable points for Bolton Looks like it's going to be another tough season for both cl...
douglas 55 1,407 18th Oct 2011, 09:13
ruddy duck