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Help needed....Please !
A local band from Wigan called Bleed The Skyline have entered a competition on Radio XFM 9...
daikler - 1,671 18th Nov 2006, 10:39
St Johns R C Chruch
Not living nr Wigan to travel to see , have heard the inside of this lovely church has bee...
elizabeth 4 2,191 17th Nov 2006, 15:27
lost mobile
has anyone found a mobile phone either at at the soccer dome or in pemberton last night (m...
jackjoe 7 1,950 16th Nov 2006, 16:24
I don't usually eat pies but the Mrs got me one from Morrisons today Chicken& Mushroom,Wel...
xrh59 11 2,068 16th Nov 2006, 13:30
In the Daily Star today 10/11/06, there is a piece about the government closing the bureau...
truckerdave 5 2,362 16th Nov 2006, 09:46
mollie m
Pies and similar...
Hi all, I'd like a bit of Northern assistance if possible... I am currently engaged in a r...
secretsoutherner 41 2,910 15th Nov 2006, 22:33
a top job in the foreign office (these guys paid to look after our best interests)was held...
billy - 1,939 15th Nov 2006, 10:51
Can anyone tell me how to burn my downloaded films from my p.c to d.v.d's, I have the necc...
truckerdave 4 2,060 14th Nov 2006, 22:28
Have read somewhere but now cannot find it , some-one was enquiring about the name of Wien...
elizabeth 8 2,486 14th Nov 2006, 19:22
tea bags
my husband and i were having a discussion on tea bags believe it or not and i said the squ...
mamacass 22 2,261 14th Nov 2006, 15:43
mollie m
"Now't on"
What's wrong with the telly there is never anything on lately,No proper films,no good come...
xrh59 12 1,754 14th Nov 2006, 11:47
dark horse
Help With Computer
Can anyone help me. Instead of having my usual homepage my computer is now throwing up ...
spring viewer 4 2,040 13th Nov 2006, 23:22
spring viewer
had me a piece of cod with english(can i say english??)brown chips and mushy peas. were i...
billy 20 2,335 13th Nov 2006, 22:19
gerry the ice cream man
all this talk of rag bone men and horses has reminded me of another horse and cart.does an...
plum47 4 2,463 13th Nov 2006, 18:51
ken rutter
Is winter here at last
About one hour ago I heard a funny sound went to the window looked out and lo and behold g...
aitch 7 2,038 13th Nov 2006, 09:08
aussie roy
hit and run at kitt green
on teletext this morning it named 3 men who was areested for this but now not on. can anyo...
jackjoe 2 2,524 12th Nov 2006, 19:21
Strictly for the oldies
getwom 29 2,102 12th Nov 2006, 15:18
like i pointed out in an earlier post, if ya get the aussies on the back foot, and beat th...
billy 8 2,054 12th Nov 2006, 15:13
english rugby british lions cricket field and track sports???whats gone wrong??? why n...
billy 1 1,992 12th Nov 2006, 14:53
lets hope the english side dont have the same refereeing standards shown in the lions game...
billy 8 1,859 12th Nov 2006, 08:36
aussie roy
Old Hall Brass Concert - Bolton 19/11/2006
Old Hall Brass are performing at St Osmund's RC Church Parish Hall, Long Lane, Breighmet, ...
paulspud 3 1,792 11th Nov 2006, 23:22
Could anybody tell me the names of the hotels that where run by Ken Gee also Billy Boston ...
keno 19 2,096 11th Nov 2006, 20:24
Wanted any programmes, From Wigan Speedway at Woodhouse Lane i.e Panthers or Poolstock i....
wiganyankeeron - 2,012 11th Nov 2006, 19:34
Bruce Forsyth
Is any one else sick of B Forsythe as I am , prancing about on Strictly Come Dancing, w...
elizabeth 9 2,443 11th Nov 2006, 09:17
Has this been Blessed year yet for you?
It surely has for me. I tell my hubby I have never been happier. I got engaged, married in...
madamehmurray 3 1,199 10th Nov 2006, 22:12
Chimney sweep
Can anyone recommend a good Chimney sweep in the wigan area please ?
truckerdave 10 1,970 10th Nov 2006, 19:02
Parkway Racecourse, Poolstock
I came across some pictures of the above and was wondering whether anyone could tell me an...
lil girl 8 2,898 10th Nov 2006, 13:12
money money money
no increase (respectfull increase)for the help towards the ever increasing ...
billy 2 2,010 10th Nov 2006, 12:36
Pit ponies
Hello all, What does anybody know about the pit ponies? Up and down the country there ...
nicola 6 1,777 9th Nov 2006, 23:18
British gas
I have had British gas for years even switched to electricity with them a few years ago. N...
aitch 16 1,943 9th Nov 2006, 17:41
Good Mate
I will take this oppertunity to send my deepest sympathy to the family of JOHN COOKSON, fr...
truckerdave 2 1,952 9th Nov 2006, 14:14
Can any one help I am thinking of downgrading from a large house and XX large Garden and ...
elizabeth 28 6,968 8th Nov 2006, 20:40
tea bags-bait bags.
an old timer i used to do some sea fishing with, used to bait his hooks with tin foil and ...
billy - 2,052 8th Nov 2006, 19:48
Nov 5th & English New Year Fireworks to be BANNED
but chinese new year fireworks to be left alone, the excuse with the english ones is the s...
levi1962 16 1,839 8th Nov 2006, 16:46
30 Vine St Whelley
regarding above any one interested please look on People site thank you
elizabeth - 2,078 8th Nov 2006, 16:16
Trade Mission to Fiji
Whilst reading about the Farepak fiasco I noticed that Ian McCartney is currently unavaila...
broady 22 2,337 8th Nov 2006, 15:14
Not sure if anybody has heard of this already or signed up? but i think its a wonderful id...
twigginer21 8 2,342 8th Nov 2006, 09:44
Walter Hurst Clogs
I have some clogs made by Walter Hurst and although his shop on Wigan Road Hindley is clos...
dandiwink 2 1,961 7th Nov 2006, 23:11
Bonfire Night at Spring View
Many thanks to everyone who supported our first bonfire night. We hope everyone enjoyed t...
spring viewer 2 1,757 7th Nov 2006, 17:29
spring viewer
Nightmares we have
Saw my sister at church yesterday and she told me about the nightmare she had about me. Sh...
madamehmurray 1 1,835 7th Nov 2006, 16:41