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Come on people let us have some new threads, Ive tried with a couple but no one seems to w...
aitch 7 2,072 12th Sep 2006, 22:52
we are thinking of moving to Scotland, Inverness mainly..(going back to my roots!) But iv...
neverstill 4 2,316 12th Sep 2006, 22:06
disabled scooters
Can anyone tell me if the scooters that are used by the disabled are allowed to be used on...
aitch 4 2,390 12th Sep 2006, 20:33
dark horse
Lyril Soap!!
Hi Brian, I got here via Google. I was looking for some info on the above soap and there...
afton 7 2,430 12th Sep 2006, 20:25
beyond belief!
Me and the hubby was out in wigan sat night..a rare treat to have time off work and time t...
neverstill 4 2,360 12th Sep 2006, 18:21
Tony Oh dear he,s done it this time
He is out looking for potential vandals from 3months old and wants to sort out the par...
john joseph 34 2,855 12th Sep 2006, 17:18
steve irwin
hiya, does anyone know if its true that steve irwin has died (crocodile hunter of tv)just ...
zoe24 12 2,457 12th Sep 2006, 06:01
This site needs more people sending in old photos of Wigan. Lots of us love to remember th...
jacks 1 2,020 11th Sep 2006, 23:11
Black marble
getwom 13 2,533 11th Sep 2006, 21:23
Check this parents and grandparents
Today I was linked to a site called Bebo.I was told to check if my kids were on it as a lo...
empress 15 2,340 11th Sep 2006, 16:35
What is up with families?
My parents don't care for my hubby at all, well maybe because they couldn't pick him out. ...
madamehmurray 10 1,635 11th Sep 2006, 12:22
Push bikes on footpaths
Don't know if i'm turning into a grumpy owd sod but when did it become legal to ride your ...
xrh59 37 2,370 11th Sep 2006, 11:57
Memory Lane
getwom 14 2,162 11th Sep 2006, 11:35
Wigan Musicians
Just wondering if anyone here knows my dad Gerry? He's been in quite a few local bands ove...
twigginer21 15 2,255 10th Sep 2006, 21:14
Is the tv and film industry above the law
Just finished watching a TV programm Dalziel and Pascoe and in 1 scene Dalziel had to get ...
aitch 2 2,061 10th Sep 2006, 19:44
dark horse
anyone want a cat?
Sons kitty has had kittens - 3 of them. Good homes needed in about six weeks if anyone wa...
dark horse 4 1,710 10th Sep 2006, 19:26
dark horse
merry christmas??
its happening fellow sufferers, the merry christmas and noel shops are gearing up for your...
billy 8 1,940 10th Sep 2006, 16:07
[:d] world prices are falling lately for oil gas???how come the company i am with have ju...
billy 3 2,578 10th Sep 2006, 16:05
Teens in Abram
Tonight I popped to a pals house just down the road from me, near where the bus stop is by...
empress 18 2,208 10th Sep 2006, 13:15
There .There
Having just seen a child fall I picked herup and patted her and said " There -There" ,and...
elizabeth 6 2,511 10th Sep 2006, 09:22
puffing hustler
like i said in previous posts,the blithering non capable clark(yes him)he is never of our ...
billy - 2,405 10th Sep 2006, 08:34
Best Indian
I would have to disagree with antontrip regarding the Santi Bag, most famous Indian in Wig...
flockhound - 1,864 10th Sep 2006, 01:14
Drinkin in the Moon......
Hiya everyone just got back from my holiday in Wigan for 4 wks..cant believe how things we...
toto 1 2 2,195 9th Sep 2006, 19:04
Vigilantes wanted....
Thought that would get you looking! I promise I see myself as Joe Average - no massive han...
billyj1 36 2,934 9th Sep 2006, 17:47
dark horse
Lost a cat??
I'm in Abram and have had a young white and black cat living on my cellar grate for a few ...
empress 6 1,659 9th Sep 2006, 15:32
nutty tart
now anthony blair-now
you still here a******e,need a lift with all your swag??dont forgwet to tip the van driver...
billy 7 2,656 9th Sep 2006, 14:50
Wigan Rugby
Can any one remember Wigan Rugby signing a ONE armed player in the 70's. A work mate men...
faz5824 7 2,689 8th Sep 2006, 22:32
baby african grey parrots
hi does anybody know any parrot breeders in the wigan borough or maybe further a field. my...
mamacass 7 2,483 8th Sep 2006, 14:04
toddler groups
hi does anyone know of any toddler/music groups i can go to with my son in the wigan area ...
mamacass 7 2,374 8th Sep 2006, 09:58
Robbie Williams
Hiya folks I have sent an ad into classifieds for sale, under misc ,for 2 robbie williams ...
empress 2 2,019 7th Sep 2006, 20:04
health service
We grumble sometimes about the N H S, but hearing from my son who has just emigrated to OZ...
elizabeth 4 2,715 6th Sep 2006, 22:53
hi, does anybody know of any gymnastic classes my dauhgter age 6 is mezmorised when watchi...
lynn_25 3 2,662 6th Sep 2006, 20:26
spring viewer
Urine extracters remain unknown
Has anyone noticed that offending p!$$ takers on this otherwise great site remain anon. ap...
cab75 24 2,880 6th Sep 2006, 09:17
aussie roy
Joe Lydon
Anyone know of a black and white photo showing Joe Lydon crossing the line at a wintery Ce...
walesexpat - 1,968 5th Sep 2006, 22:04
Ince/ Marsh
Hi all, Does anyone know of a Florence (Florrie) Ince or Marsh, (born 1915) not s...
rachel - 1,855 5th Sep 2006, 19:08
airline carry on luggage
does anyone know what you can carry onto the plane now. i am going on a long haul flighgt...
gozzer 2 2,304 5th Sep 2006, 09:24
Friends Reunited
Has anyone signed up and met up with old friends?If so, how did it all go? Good experience...
disco_diva 18 2,466 4th Sep 2006, 22:04
Home ducators
My wife and have removed our 8 year old daughter from the 'normal' school system this summ...
billyj1 12 2,539 4th Sep 2006, 17:54
Request for Artifacts 1920's & 1960's
Hi my name is John Spriggs. I work at Coops Foyer as a training officer with the young pe...
jspriggs 9 2,280 4th Sep 2006, 14:31
What was your first wage ?
Mine was 16 quid,August 15th 1975.Tipped up to my mum and got a fiver back to spend. Start...
daikler 20 2,018 3rd Sep 2006, 13:31
dark horse