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phillip bullough
do you no phillip bullough from wigan and what do you think off him.if you no him please r...
phillipb619 13 2,798 13th Oct 2006, 14:25
legal aide
hey john, you had better not read ths if you aint feeling to good. our old friend hook ha...
billy 2 2,155 13th Oct 2006, 13:55
cant get into the forum??? am i black balled?? throw me a life line,cos i"m sinking with...
billy 8 2,448 13th Oct 2006, 10:33
aussie roy
christmas .......
Whats the worst thing you were ever given?......and by who? what did you do with the press...
empress 15 1,979 12th Oct 2006, 21:24
busy bee
copperhead....may day may day.
copperhead, our mate in aussie is looking for some info on hindley being a nativ...
billy 1 2,152 12th Oct 2006, 19:15
Missing license
My driver's license was missing for like a month and I had to get it replaced. Then a few ...
madamehmurray 2 2,132 12th Oct 2006, 09:29
Wedding Dresses
Just been looking at a magazine with Wedding Dresses in and some hardly cover the body, I...
elizabeth 3 2,150 12th Oct 2006, 09:15
car seats
ive just bought a car for myself (kids were getting dirty cycling to school).....but i can...
neverstill 4 2,161 11th Oct 2006, 20:36
what will you all be doing Halloween? Will any of you be sitting watcging telly in the ...
neverstill 13 2,098 11th Oct 2006, 18:26
No more race related topics please
They will either get locked or removed. Thank you.
brian 33 2,897 11th Oct 2006, 17:17
Is anyone on here buying a house? Just curious, house prices are so high now and the av...
brian 29 5,644 11th Oct 2006, 17:11
Can I manage to pay my way this month
Can you manage? how difficult is it getting in Wigan, and other places.? My main gripe...
john joseph 17 2,662 11th Oct 2006, 17:00
I have a Dell Dimension 5150 with XP and a Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit sound card....
billio019 2 1,731 10th Oct 2006, 23:59
FREE DOWNLOADS-Torrents-Music,Films,Programs come have a look pm skyhigh when you have registerd and quote...
zoe24 3 2,216 10th Oct 2006, 13:09
Harvest Festival
Does anyone remember being involved or still are with the Harvest Festival? My Mum used...
disco_diva 10 1,904 10th Oct 2006, 06:43
jo hayes
Cote d' Ivoire - Mad ?
A friend of mine decided a while ago to try and help a war torn nation. He talked at lengt...
krakers 8 1,442 9th Oct 2006, 01:21
bryn labour club
bentlegs,my memory os still sound, the club consists now of 3 terraced houses the address ...
ferdy 2 2,398 9th Oct 2006, 00:46
Im starting to write a Journal of my travels
From my home town of WIGAN to"My 1st Continent will be South America" I will list some ...
john joseph 2 1,909 9th Oct 2006, 00:42
Windows Vista...
Has anyone tried it yet ??? i`m just installing it on the pc downstairs as an XP upgrade, ...
keily 9 1,944 9th Oct 2006, 00:41
OS Maps
Can anyone tell me where i can find OS maps fow Wigan? Ta
michelle333 2 2,298 8th Oct 2006, 23:09
hey,,we have found a lost alisation pup. In the ince area. If anyone knows who it is pleas...
zoe24 5 1,951 8th Oct 2006, 16:17
Just looking through old photos on Album of St Johns, although I went to St Johns Church I...
elizabeth 2 2,984 8th Oct 2006, 10:01
Signing On...
Recently got made redundant. So last week went to King St. to 'Sign On' "Oh No! you don'...
wiganyankeeron 13 2,430 8th Oct 2006, 07:13
Young age memories
What is the youngest age you were, that you have memory of. I was four, when my Dad came h...
christi 14 2,424 8th Oct 2006, 01:08
pea soupers
Does anyone remember the real early morning pea soup fogs of the early sixties?? I can re...
dark horse 17 2,328 7th Oct 2006, 20:52
dark horse
a british soldier flown home to hospital here in the UK, was asked to remove his uniform o...
billy 69 3,537 7th Oct 2006, 20:22
dark horse
driving through bolton on friday, i passed a muslim estate agency offering mortgages.i don...
billy 2 2,435 7th Oct 2006, 19:43
Job Title
xrh59 8 2,233 6th Oct 2006, 18:38
what is yourfav topping? mine is tuna,anchovies, cheese and tommies
kb10975 17 2,335 6th Oct 2006, 16:11
Herr Ratzinger
The Roman Catholic faith under the moderation of Herr Ratzinger, has proposed to abolish t...
daveĀ© 6 2,358 6th Oct 2006, 13:40
First records you bought
Last night in St Bills club listened to an artist singing a wide range of songs and we got...
aitch 16 2,492 5th Oct 2006, 21:33
size matters???
hey mollie,had me a cuppa this morn in morrisons. 65 pence ? tesco charge 59 p and the tea...
billy 16 1,063 5th Oct 2006, 15:34
mollie m
Tractor to Haigh Hall
Does the tractor still run from the Plantation Gates on Wigan Lane to Haigh Hall? They wer...
flockhound 5 2,448 5th Oct 2006, 10:37
chinese restaurant
Does anyone remember the name of a chinese restaurant that was upstairs from the Royal ...
rio caroni 2 2,264 5th Oct 2006, 00:08
rio caroni
The Curse of the Wigan Warden!
Have you ever received a parking ticket? Well I have, I recently got a parking ticket f...
srtmhill 19 5,237 4th Oct 2006, 18:56
sticking men!
Went to work this morning and the guy said he didn't need no more women working. I should ...
madamehmurray 8 2,153 4th Oct 2006, 16:06
good weekend
hi all,just come back from a great weekend in wigan.been celebrating my sisters 50th birth...
plum47 5 2,069 4th Oct 2006, 13:51
screaming mad
has anyone got norton protection on comp, i paid nearly 50 pound for a disc cos i kept get...
maddy 11 2,208 4th Oct 2006, 08:54
moderater please remove this post thanx
levi1962 14 2,422 3rd Oct 2006, 01:08
Two Tone pants
Anyone out there remember going to Slaters in the arcade to but a pair of two tone pants, ...
flockhound 40 3,183 3rd Oct 2006, 00:53