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Militant Muslims...
Koran Quotes David Posthuma @ Mar 4, 2005 02:43 PM Koran Quotes There i...
wiganyankeeron 17 2,224 19th Sep 2006, 10:33
We need more photo's of early Wigan on the site. Please send in whatever you have . . some...
jacks 1 1,729 18th Sep 2006, 21:51
Graham Turner?
I wonder if anybody has any information about Graham Turner - I think that was his name? ...
eddie_g4ppb - 1,314 18th Sep 2006, 21:01
what do they want???
the vatican has appologised without reservation for the upsetting of world wide
billy 2 808 18th Sep 2006, 14:53
Having A Good Time With Ken Goodwin!
I love this! [url=
chewbaxter 2 1,779 18th Sep 2006, 14:46
not enough yet???
the pope is still appologising, yet according to the mus suit of gb, its not enough???he s...
billy 7 808 18th Sep 2006, 14:27
aitch askd about buisness names, I;m asking about nicknames and how people got em, I'll st...
flockhound 15 2,082 18th Sep 2006, 13:38
A BIG Thank You!!
A big thanks to John Joseph, whose contribution of many 1920s & 1960s items for our Arena ...
jspriggs 1 1,802 18th Sep 2006, 13:06
john joseph
Quiz Night & Public Meeting.......... M A D
Greetings 1 and all id like to invite people along to our 2nd Quiz night this wednesday at...
wiganer516 - 1,599 18th Sep 2006, 08:12
scot lane school
hi i've posted this before but is there anyone who went to scot lane primary i left in 1...
mamacass 2 1,671 18th Sep 2006, 08:01
re explorer 7
has anyone downloaded the new explorer 7 yet ? any problem's with it...
gunnerbill 6 1,793 17th Sep 2006, 20:42
Pope's speech sparks Muslim anger
Its no wonder the world is like it is even the Head of the Catholic church is stiring it...
john joseph 20 2,215 17th Sep 2006, 19:21
Glass Jars
Where abouts in wigan will i be able to purchase some empty glass jam jars as i make my ow...
monog 6 2,468 17th Sep 2006, 09:04
The Doomsday Code
Channel 4 tonight 7PM till 9PM ----------------------------------- Should make a goo...
john joseph 1 1,641 16th Sep 2006, 22:01
john joseph
The Doomsday Code
OOOPS Clicked Twice sorry. jj
john joseph - 1,864 16th Sep 2006, 17:59
john joseph
Northern Soul Radio
Anyone liking Northern Soul should tune into this radio station (I only discovered it last...
spring viewer 1 1,886 16th Sep 2006, 16:40
rainy day
p****d down all morning in wigan.killed a bit of time in tesco"s and had a plate of chips(...
billy 8 2,147 16th Sep 2006, 16:36
Rose Hill School
Did any of you go to Rose Hill School at Bryn? I absolutely loved that place it was like ...
empress - 1,743 16th Sep 2006, 15:03
three loud cheers for the wigan done good lads, and a big hug for the coach. ...
billy - 2,074 16th Sep 2006, 13:47
Whats the weather like in Wigan
Its pouring with rain here in Sydney and a pretty cool 14C am off work with the flu, watch...
flockhound 30 2,342 16th Sep 2006, 10:39
Football v Rugby
Can anyone tell me the history to the huge rivalry between the two codes. It appears that ...
jjblue32 3 1,835 15th Sep 2006, 23:13
walking days
What has happened to the walking days that used to happen in wigan, when all the local chu...
geoffcott 13 2,107 15th Sep 2006, 21:20
Just rang home and the Mrs stated that it was a fry up for tea, how I envy you Wiganers an...
flockhound 12 1,999 15th Sep 2006, 11:12
Saint Catherines Church Scholes
Hi everybody, I wonder does any body know what the markings are on the wall surrounding th...
coccium 13 2,003 15th Sep 2006, 09:50
To make you my expense
Will give you all a my expense too! Toay I was sat in our back room looking...
empress 3 1,857 14th Sep 2006, 23:03
The Birch and hard lines
Does anyone know if they actually used to Birch people or was it just an urban myth, I rem...
flockhound 8 2,190 14th Sep 2006, 09:38
Parking at Sainsburys Marus Bride
If you shop at Sainsburys Marus Bridge be warned if you park in a disabled bay and dont s...
coccium 2 1,821 14th Sep 2006, 00:23
spring viewer
friendsreunited thread and how people change
Its funny, we ALL change but maybe don't notice as we go along, only later. I don't mean j...
dark horse 4 1,735 13th Sep 2006, 17:57
vigilantes part two
case one in todays mail (1)man murdered in cold blood by teen scum bags whilst defending ...
billy 22 2,202 13th Sep 2006, 17:51
clear day
on a clear day rise and look around you and the glow of your being outshines every star...
billy 5 2,020 13th Sep 2006, 10:32
Racism, anti-immigration ..etc
getwom 17 2,148 13th Sep 2006, 10:12
create new topic
Come on people let us have some new threads, Ive tried with a couple but no one seems to w...
aitch 7 1,883 12th Sep 2006, 22:52
we are thinking of moving to Scotland, Inverness mainly..(going back to my roots!) But iv...
neverstill 4 2,096 12th Sep 2006, 22:06
disabled scooters
Can anyone tell me if the scooters that are used by the disabled are allowed to be used on...
aitch 4 2,169 12th Sep 2006, 20:33
dark horse
Lyril Soap!!
Hi Brian, I got here via Google. I was looking for some info on the above soap and there...
afton 7 2,231 12th Sep 2006, 20:25
beyond belief!
Me and the hubby was out in wigan sat night..a rare treat to have time off work and time t...
neverstill 4 2,150 12th Sep 2006, 18:21
Tony Oh dear he,s done it this time
He is out looking for potential vandals from 3months old and wants to sort out the par...
john joseph 34 2,653 12th Sep 2006, 17:18
steve irwin
hiya, does anyone know if its true that steve irwin has died (crocodile hunter of tv)just ...
zoe24 12 2,261 12th Sep 2006, 06:01
This site needs more people sending in old photos of Wigan. Lots of us love to remember th...
jacks 1 1,792 11th Sep 2006, 23:11
Black marble
getwom 13 2,303 11th Sep 2006, 21:23