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The Worseley Hall That I Knew
The Montrose, Montrose Avenue, Lenny Ball, Joe Fairclough, Mick Lee... erm thats it!
snowman 95 6,663 22nd Feb 2021, 23:35
Cycle Improvement and Traffic Buggeration Schemes
"Wigan Council has been allocated funding through Greater Manchester’s Growth Deal, for ...
Tommy Two Stroke 23 706 22nd Feb 2021, 20:11
Tommy Two Stroke
Council in Wales will no longer
name streets after military servicemen or worthy locals from the past to remove the risk ...
basil brush 1 321 22nd Feb 2021, 14:48
Billinge Biker
I've just watched MOTD and couldn't help but notice how many players have special haircuts...
riocaroni 9 589 21st Feb 2021, 16:38
Where is this … ?
This great little character caught my eye somewhere in Wigan recently. https://i50.serv...
jo anne 12 534 21st Feb 2021, 14:33
Rabbit Rocks
They featured on BBC Northwest Tonight this evening - did anyone else see it.
jo anne 11 1,081 21st Feb 2021, 14:33
jo anne
What’s this?
Do you know where this is in Wigan town centre, and how it came to be there? https://i...
jo anne 5 488 21st Feb 2021, 14:30
Good morning to all of you
Good Morning to you all, Some of you may wonder why I keep posting about what is happe...
peter israel 9 670 21st Feb 2021, 11:53
Tommy Two Stroke
Just received this information from a friend. George Morris was a dear friend of mine. Hi...
admin 10 821 20th Feb 2021, 22:33
made in china
sick of turning anything over in our shops and its,PRC. its bloody annoying.
baker boy 24 904 20th Feb 2021, 16:10
Unpaid Carers
Wigan and Leigh Carers Centre support both adult and young carers who look after a family ...
jo anne 2 329 20th Feb 2021, 09:51
jo anne
cumbrian coal
cumbrian coal versus russian coal,the cumbrians have been put on hold by political correc...
baker boy 64 1,485 19th Feb 2021, 22:32
Tommy Two Stroke
Searching for.
I am trying to find anyone named McLaughlin that lived in Greenwood Avenue in the 1950's
peterg125 1 339 19th Feb 2021, 20:58
Just who does this Ms Sturgeon think she is ? Her latest instruction now is to fly the E.U...
GOLDEN BEAR 6 448 19th Feb 2021, 17:20
Tommy Two Stroke
Morrisons at Ince
Gone. Did a tip run yesterday, the bulldozers are nearly finished.
WN1 Standisher 13 843 19th Feb 2021, 16:55
Trivia Fredric Baur invented the Pringles can. When he passed away in 2008, his ashes...
raymyjamie 18 605 19th Feb 2021, 13:28
Does anyone
know what WW, Wigans no1 forum/site was called before.
basil brush 63 1,370 19th Feb 2021, 12:41
Frank Orrell Photography
All these books are available at Rydings news stall in Wigan market hall. They’re not ye...
jo anne 16 1,390 19th Feb 2021, 12:21
Have you all had your pancakes, just had mine after me tea.
riocaroni 18 659 19th Feb 2021, 12:11
Princess Latifa of Dubai.? What the flying **** has that got to do with our green and plea...
Billinge Biker 12 752 18th Feb 2021, 19:26
Tommy Two Stroke
1 Rowbottom square
Never heard this before has anyone? [url=""] R...
admin 9 854 18th Feb 2021, 18:43
Tommy Two Stroke
AIM Northwest
AIM Northwest is a new charity which supports individuals and families impacted by domesti...
jo anne 2 282 18th Feb 2021, 13:32
jo anne
WELL i see yet another so-called celebrity * has FLOUTED THE RULES REGARDING COVID. This t...
GOLDEN BEAR 24 1,259 18th Feb 2021, 09:42
Tommy Two Stroke
I had my first injection of the AstraZeneca vaccine today, down at Robin Park. I must s...
jathbee 26 1,146 16th Feb 2021, 19:22
JUST heard this afternoon that at LEUGH SPORTS VILLAGE THEY HAVE RUN OUT OF VACINE AT 2.00...
GOLDEN BEAR 16 865 16th Feb 2021, 16:14
peter g
Masked singer
Think I've been brainwashed into watching it. Or should I lock myself in the lav ?
i-spy 25 1,193 15th Feb 2021, 12:38
jo anne
That wasn't as good as last valentines day Didn't get anywhere near the amount of valen...
basil brush 15 758 15th Feb 2021, 12:17
basil brush
Just wondering.
If any of those who have had the covid jab have suffered from any side effects. For myse...
jathbee 52 1,791 15th Feb 2021, 07:04
peter israel
Coming Through On The Radio...
It is February 2021. The world is in chains. And freedom seems a lifetime away. But... ...
jarvo 13 797 14th Feb 2021, 22:20
Talking Pictures in trouble.
It may be a sign of the times but it shouldn’t be. A family-run television channel sp...
gaffer 38 1,444 14th Feb 2021, 13:22
basil brush
M60 pile up.
gaffer 24 717 14th Feb 2021, 12:58
Smart motorways!
It seems work has begun on making the M6 between Orrell and Haydock into a "Smart Motorway...
fedup 4 435 13th Feb 2021, 14:29
Tommy Two Stroke
Up Against A Tree .......
...... in a woods, [url=""]somewhere in Canada!
tonker 9 593 13th Feb 2021, 14:00
Having read this morning about the cost of our NHS staff have to fork out just to park the...
GOLDEN BEAR 24 931 13th Feb 2021, 12:20
daily mail
So I see Meghan wins privacy case against Mail on Sunday maybe there is some truth that S...
peter israel 7 514 13th Feb 2021, 11:39
Corporate speak.
gaffer - 253 13th Feb 2021, 11:33
Mike Ashley...
He's got it right. Ordered from Sports Direct yesterday at 12.20pm. The goods came ...
jarvo 5 592 12th Feb 2021, 21:49
Who - What - Where
Does anyone know where you’d find this little fellow in Wigan? https://i50.servimg.c...
jo anne 23 844 12th Feb 2021, 16:42
jo anne
Driving Test
I would like to see what people think about this, ? there's big build-up of people waiting...
dougie 29 1,077 12th Feb 2021, 10:07
WN1 Standisher
Shakespeare, a brief history.
Shakespeare, a brief history. Shakespeare’s parents were John and Mary Shakespeare (...
raymyjamie 2 321 11th Feb 2021, 21:58