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Has anyone read a report in today's paper regarding a suggestion about fitting a tracking ...
GOLDEN BEAR 11 699 30th Mar 2021, 16:08
looking for info on john hough and jane lee bithell from mostyn flintshire born about 1848...
houghy1 4 461 30th Mar 2021, 14:54
One of my lads works in Leigh and one of his workmates found a dead body on her walk to wo...
tonker 18 1,485 29th Mar 2021, 17:42
Tommy Two Stroke
Most annoying phrase
Most nights on the news, whenever there is a tragedy involving Social Services they roll o...
admin 10 649 28th Mar 2021, 20:09
Tommy Two Stroke
Robin Retail Park
Mike Ashley and Fraser Group have bought the Robin Park shopping area according to the BB...
mortarmillbill 8 773 28th Mar 2021, 14:45
Easter Caption Competition
(Not to be confused with an Easter cap shun which is when someone doesn’t don a bonnet)....
jo anne 4 267 28th Mar 2021, 14:31
jo anne
Sod Hall
Deep down I always knew that there was Sod Hall to be found in Tyldesley [url=https://...
Tommy Two Stroke 2 336 27th Mar 2021, 21:38
laughing gravy
CCTV cameras
Standishgate and Wigan Lane are going to get 24 new cameras, What about every where else A...
PeterP 7 494 27th Mar 2021, 17:08
Hole in't wall
Just been up town and went to the bank to get some cash. Bloody woman in front put three d...
riocaroni 28 1,304 27th Mar 2021, 12:21
This Gentleman of Colour ......
....... sees an example of 'Racism' on TV and simply cannot control [url="
tonker - 397 27th Mar 2021, 11:48
GM Buses - The Return Of
Greater Manchester is to take back control of its bus services, it being 35ys since the bu...
Tommy Two Stroke 8 636 25th Mar 2021, 20:55
Tommy Two Stroke
Seeing the light.
I had an eye examination yesterday, which involved having drops in my eyes to dilate my pu...
jathbee 16 635 25th Mar 2021, 20:36
The Enthusiasts Podcast - ‘Wigan’
I stumbled across this podcast earlier and it’s quite good fun - there’s some off-topi...
jo anne 1 357 25th Mar 2021, 15:18
jo anne
Hello sailor
I'm thinking of going to live on a narrowboat when circumstances permit. Anyone got exper...
i-spy 29 1,319 23rd Mar 2021, 22:57
Tommy Two Stroke
Wot Are Yoo Going Too Doo Now
"HOLIDAYS abroad will be made illegal from Monday, with anyone caught trying to flee the c...
Tommy Two Stroke 13 733 23rd Mar 2021, 18:46
tonker 104 3,120 23rd Mar 2021, 17:53
Billinge Biker
basil brush 1 301 23rd Mar 2021, 12:49
jo anne
Suspicious Package Found .....
..... ""] The old ones are the best!
tonker 3 500 23rd Mar 2021, 12:27
Leeds, Cheshire?
Amazon has taken to informing me that my order is currently in "Leeds, Cheshire"! I hav...
ena malcup 2 439 22nd Mar 2021, 21:28
ena malcup
"A Third Wave"
Boris is quoted as stating that " A third wave will wash up on our shores" So why does he ...
fedup 10 634 22nd Mar 2021, 21:00
More Snow in Spain .....
..... Last Night! "
tonker 10 656 22nd Mar 2021, 20:39
The seeds of love,
If you don't sow them, You will never find out, Today I planted, lettuce seeds , tomato s...
tomplum 15 539 22nd Mar 2021, 18:23
Am I going to be a Dad again ?
considering this hedgehog will have been in hibernation through winter, I'ts mighty tubby,...
tomplum 27 1,150 22nd Mar 2021, 15:39
has the thread gone about tuther site? I didn't see anything wrong with it
basil brush 26 1,179 22nd Mar 2021, 14:36
basil brush
"It is what it is...."
I am increasingly hearing this phrase. Heard just on BBC news. What is the point of it...
ena malcup 5 453 22nd Mar 2021, 10:47
Tommy Two Stroke
COVID rates up again
I see the COVID rate went up again in Wigan...probably with schools being ...
roylew 24 1,055 21st Mar 2021, 23:21
ena malcup
childhood memory - grated cakes
As a child growing up in the 1960s and 1970s my nan used to make a meal that was so delici...
Verlaine 4 478 21st Mar 2021, 22:56
I think this might’ve been discussed on WW before, but what is this logo and where can i...
jo anne 13 599 21st Mar 2021, 22:34
Who’s This?
And what does his mantra of ‘Sin Miedo’ mean?
jo anne 6 403 21st Mar 2021, 20:52
jo anne
Car Insurance Quote
I have just got the renewal notice for my car insurance which I thought was expensive,so I...
fossil 14 874 21st Mar 2021, 20:43
The census
Was anyone tempted to add a few red herrings to the form to give future generations the ru...
i-spy 2 353 21st Mar 2021, 20:38
Poorly Sick
On Monday I had me Covid Jab at Robin Park, the Oxford AstraZeneca one, and 12 hours later...
Tommy Two Stroke 51 2,486 21st Mar 2021, 19:58
Powerful ballad.
Now there's one thing I do like is a powerful ballad... If you get chance try a peek at a ...
Billinge Biker 17 661 21st Mar 2021, 19:31
Photo a Day
Dave Oy posts some brilliant photos under Photos of Wigan but took some nasty comments las...
PeterP 46 1,637 21st Mar 2021, 15:27
Census 2021
The once in a decade census will be held this year. It will be on the 21st March 2021.
mortarmillbill 37 1,269 21st Mar 2021, 12:11
Since the Windows 10 update
I have no sound, I followed the instructions and the problem was, my headphone wasn't plug...
Domin0 9 436 20th Mar 2021, 16:37
wmbc the silliest council in the uk
just pu a neighbour to take her into wigan,poolstock lane shut,the queue to get onto warri...
baker boy 65 2,395 19th Mar 2021, 20:29
baker boy
Some more interesting words
Pareidolia A psychological phenomenon in which the mind perceives a specific image or pat...
raymyjamie 8 385 19th Mar 2021, 13:58
basil brush
Well the E.U. have again shown their true colours with the blocking of vacine ,just becaus...
GOLDEN BEAR 8 612 18th Mar 2021, 23:05
laughing gravy
Park Lane Safety Lamps
I came across mention of these in accounts of an accident at Bold Colliery. I cannot fi...
ena malcup 2 384 18th Mar 2021, 16:03
ena malcup