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Don't forget the basic rules you all agreed to when signing up to use the boards: * Do ...
brian - 15,349 Sticky!
Job Vacancies
Please add other local vacancies. Useful Links: Find a job - [url=https://findajob.d...
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Safely home? What happens when people leave hosp
Have you or someone you know been discharged from any hospital in the last 12 months? W...
pippa 8 1,957 Sticky!
I see yet again our shores are being invaded by the scum of europe . They flooded ashore a...
GOLDEN BEAR 113 1,561 29th Jul 2021, 23:37
EU getting tough on unvaccinated.
Excerpt from an article in today’s Telegraph. Europeans have watched the slapstick sp...
gaffer 21 589 29th Jul 2021, 22:47
Tents in the field up haigh
Does anyone know what all the tents are for in the field up high ?
Handsomeminer 2 72 29th Jul 2021, 22:46
I have seen elsewhere a reference to a report on last nights evening news that the propose...
chris southworth 21 632 29th Jul 2021, 17:17
Is wearing a Hiab a form of Rascisam.
albion 9 378 28th Jul 2021, 21:17
Has any one got any respect for the police any moreBecause they are not getting a pay rise...
PeterP 14 414 27th Jul 2021, 22:14
Librarian in bother.
gaffer 27 947 26th Jul 2021, 23:50
sacked for having an opinion,i hope labour voters remember this at the next election,,http...
tommy39 19 795 26th Jul 2021, 23:34
Maureen O'Bern
Just been given some information that the MARKET HOTEL will be demolished under this re d...
admin 22 974 26th Jul 2021, 19:29
Ride out.?
Do any of the bikers on this forum fancy a get together and an afternoon ride out in the c...
peebee 97 2,062 26th Jul 2021, 13:03
laughing gravy
joined tik tok
i joined tik tok and have like over 599 or 600 followers. i cant check it because i have n...
madamehmurray 1 173 26th Jul 2021, 12:15
Tommy Two Stroke
Britain's Foreign Aid
For once i have to back our PM Boris Johnson on his stance on cutting aid to these foreign...
GOLDEN BEAR 71 1,186 26th Jul 2021, 12:06
There is
uproar about this
basil brush 16 569 26th Jul 2021, 01:01
free mcds
Bryan got a part time job at mcds. well the local one hasnt opened. He has done burgers an...
madamehmurray - 119 26th Jul 2021, 01:00
Haigh Woodland Wanderer
Friends of Haigh Woodland Park: The Haigh Woodland Wanderer is coming! Check out our ...
jo anne 3 153 25th Jul 2021, 22:57
Arfur petesake
What is happening with the Tv at the momentRetuned Tv 3 times in the last few days and som...
PeterP 2 180 25th Jul 2021, 19:54
Tudor House - Under Threat
It seems that the row of houses and the Tudor House Pub are under threat of demolition, we...
Tommy Two Stroke 9 339 25th Jul 2021, 18:51
BBC shows
Why is the BBC so obsessed with daily shows where presenters are sat on sofas…or present...
roylew 13 461 25th Jul 2021, 00:29
Parking near Earlestown Station
I'm off for an overnight stay in Chester next week. which due to Covid is 18 months overdu...
admin 32 582 24th Jul 2021, 21:27
Is WW becoming an outlet for them? [url="
Stardelta 21 478 24th Jul 2021, 17:10
supermarket staff
Morrisons followed by Tesco to trial stores with no staffWho restacks the shelves/freezers...
PeterP 10 461 24th Jul 2021, 16:29
I thought when this new Wigan World came it was supposed to be easy to submit pics How is ...
peter g 13 353 24th Jul 2021, 15:44
Should Eckersley’s mills follow suit?
gaffer 7 189 24th Jul 2021, 15:21
Gardens to Visit
Sunday 25th July, 11am - 4pm Wigan & Leigh Hospice Kildare Street, Wigan. WN2 3HZ h...
jo anne 2 71 24th Jul 2021, 11:01
jo anne
I would like to inform the residents of the borough that should they ever want to order a ...
GOLDEN BEAR 22 643 24th Jul 2021, 10:17
Congestion Charge
But it is being re-named Clean Air Zone. Bolton is putting up 76 + ANPR cameras which fro...
Platty 4 244 23rd Jul 2021, 15:57
Just a quickie Broady if its alright i would like to ask where in the world are you i have...
GOLDEN BEAR 7 325 22nd Jul 2021, 21:06
Rugby League World Cup: Postponed
"Australia and New Zealand pull out of tournament" Some of the matches were to have bee...
Tommy Two Stroke 6 233 22nd Jul 2021, 18:44
Face masks
So public transport managed by city mayors and airlines are going to insist on masks being...
the-eagle 44 980 22nd Jul 2021, 13:02
Tommy Two Stroke
Volantary work
Being done at Holy Trinity Church at Downall Green, I've put on before about Kevin Duffy's...
dougie 106 3,052 22nd Jul 2021, 12:09
Wigan overtakes Oldham to top of Covid table.
gaffer 17 423 22nd Jul 2021, 10:22
basil brush
blonde girl joke,
two blonde girls and one says to the other, " which is further, the moon or Florida ?" the...
tomplum 2 269 22nd Jul 2021, 10:03
New Apple iPad Air 264
Approx one and half hours ago I opened a new Apple iPad Air as my old one had given up the...
Anne 5 202 21st Jul 2021, 21:42
Rugby League Rule?
When a team gets a free kick, and kick for touch Is there a rule that says they can only k...
admin 14 514 21st Jul 2021, 14:49
peter g
The Galleries Redevelopment
'ALL' of The Galleries as built in the 1980s will be demolished, which of course will incl...
Tommy Two Stroke 100 3,370 20th Jul 2021, 10:57
jo anne
GB News
This is a new news channel, which will soon be launched in this country, the man behind th...
Tommy Two Stroke 20 1,488 19th Jul 2021, 19:43
Tommy Two Stroke
Protest the Demolition of Wigan Market / Galleries
This Friday - 16th July - meeting 11am near the old Morrison’s & market hall entrances...
jo anne 12 605 18th Jul 2021, 09:39
jo anne
Back in my Victor Meldrew mode... Just read in the Mail that the police have been trying ...
admin 4 400 17th Jul 2021, 22:34
Tommy Two Stroke
I see yet again the EU are demanding a final leaving payment ,orchestrated by no less than...
GOLDEN BEAR 7 313 17th Jul 2021, 22:01
Mondays with Milly Podcast (the Bush Inn)
Hello All. Phill from Melbourne, Australia here. I’m and avid fan of history and prod...
phillcristofaro 20 1,099 17th Jul 2021, 20:11
jo anne