History of Wigan   (Help with ancient and recent history.)

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Horse Racing in Wigan
Never knew that Wigan had a race course. Found this while trawling the net. Springfield p...
blackrodweaver 4 1,846 29th Oct 2018, 13:20
tony j
Ashfield House Standish late 50's info
Was Ashfield House in Standish (which is now I believe a resteraunt) in the late 50's onwa...
BLACKRODWEAVER 20 4,929 28th Sep 2018, 16:40
Bradshaws Girl
Wigan Grammar School 1958-63
Anyone out there remember those days? Rugby at Prospect in the mud! Cricket on the Mesnes ...
fedup 26 4,371 27th Sep 2018, 17:18
Old Mersey Times
I'm not sure if [url=] this has been on before,...
dave© 2 1,423 12th Aug 2018, 11:58
Arley Hall.. Wigan Golf Club
As a member we get a very good and informative news letter every month, below is an extrac...
blackrodweaver 6 2,101 8th Jul 2018, 20:31
Wigan pub
Hi, Does anyone remember the name of the pub in Stanishgate in the 1970's. The pub is sti...
greenveg 10 3,916 31st May 2018, 13:35
Swampy Ground
Someone has commented on a Photo-a-day relating to the new bus station being constructed i...
SoniaB 4 2,150 6th Apr 2018, 22:57
Well, 110 years on, really. Just been looking at [url="
macwil48 - 2,068 31st Aug 2017, 08:24
Miry Lane pubs
Anybody know how many there used to be.
i-spy 16 3,176 9th Jun 2017, 19:50
Wigans Oldest Tree...
Cleaning out some draws in the garden shed I found and old Daily Mail from 2014 in it was ...
blackrodweaver 6 2,863 9th May 2017, 19:24
California St Worsley Mesnes
Does anyone have any pictures or stories of this street. I don't know when it was demolish...
acr47 9 2,938 9th Apr 2017, 15:06
The outside lavatory.......
..anybody miss theirs
i-spy 48 5,321 14th Mar 2017, 08:27
walking days
Do you remember when the Whit walks was a big occassion. i'd walk with St matthew's at Hig...
kathpressey 39 5,924 31st Jan 2017, 08:50
Book about The man they could not hang
A question my friend was wanting to know. I am sure some one can give her answers on here...
trixie 3 2,800 2nd Dec 2016, 17:10
Wigan Little Theatre
Would you like to help with project to get the history of Wigan Little Theatre online? ...
jo anne 2 2,832 11th Sep 2016, 11:42
Round House in Whelley
Does anyone know anything about an ancient Round House in Whelley? (Also posted on [url=ht...
jo anne 10 3,417 7th Sep 2016, 11:24
It has come to my attention the state of the "coach road" footpath at the side of ST.PAUL ...
GOLDEN BEAR 15 2,942 22nd Aug 2016, 18:48
re-charge batteries
Can anyone recall the name of a shop at the top end of Tunstall Lane the Ormskirk rd end i...
GOLDEN BEAR 7 2,311 8th Aug 2016, 18:37
abraham guest
I looked up Abraham guest on google but all I got was the school what is the history of ...
tommy c 7 3,416 18th May 2016, 21:24
Local History Writing Competition
Wigan Borough Environment & Heritage Network’s Local History Writing Competition - [url=...
jo anne 3 2,422 4th Apr 2016, 22:33
jo anne
Pits in Wigan
Sad when you think the pits in Wigan and the country have all long gone and now we are all...
GrahamK 43 7,919 26th Feb 2016, 18:17
flaggy delf
1929 Wigan Map Reproduction
Can anyone advise where I can find a replacement 1929 map of Wigan? The one my Mum had ha...
david dunlop 9 3,387 24th Jan 2016, 16:38
Volunteer Opportunity – First World War Project
For more information - [url=
jo anne 6 2,877 24th Jan 2016, 16:26
Caroline st Worsley Mesnes
Does anyone remember or know anything about this Caroline St which is now demolished.My gr...
acr47 20 4,198 24th Jan 2016, 15:33
Innocent memories of a childhood long gone..
a threepenny bit to watch Wigan in the lads pen... nowt to watch Latics (Springfield Park...
i-spy 182 15,888 15th Jan 2016, 15:09
How many Films have been shot in or around Wigan
Up Rivington Yesterday and they are filming A HOLLYWOOD blockbuster starring Liam Neeso...
blackrodweaver 32 6,436 15th Jan 2016, 13:47
Dewsbury & London
Does anyone know anything about Dewsbury & London. I saw the name on a casting set in ...
orlando 7 3,550 6th Jan 2016, 22:13
New Wigan Heritage Website
[url=""] Wigan Buildings of Interest ...
Perkin Warbeck 5 2,738 3rd Jan 2016, 18:02
Ince Hall & "The Dead Hand"
Perkin Warbeck 6 1,969 14th Dec 2015, 20:14
Wigan Archives & Local Studies Public Consultation
Your Archives Needs You! Public consultation for exciting proposals to refurbish and e...
jo anne 5 2,151 17th Sep 2015, 17:13
jo anne
The Trenchers Times
A free community project where you can learn about & explore the role Wigan Borough played...
jo anne - 1,601 6th Aug 2015, 09:37
jo anne
Welcome to the History of Wigan board
Detailed, specific questions and answers board by popular request. Feel free to share your...
brian 10 3,570 1st Jul 2015, 23:36
Wigan & Slavery
From the mid-18th through the mid-19th centuries Wigan and surrounding townships grew rapi...
explorations 7 3,955 17th Mar 2015, 20:01
Crow Orchard Colliery
When did this colliery close for good? I think the shafts and main operation were at the ...
david dunlop 4 2,732 3rd Feb 2015, 18:02
flaggy delf
Roman remains.?
was there a Roman Camp or other Roman remains in the area of Landgate Lane and which is no...
norman prior 3 1,983 13th Jan 2015, 16:43
norman prior
english civil war
ranicar st hindley green anyone know if it was named after the officer who fought on the r...
d ennis - 1,584 27th Dec 2014, 22:46
d ennis
How did it get the name?
dostaf 23 5,812 19th Dec 2014, 13:06
Question about The National Archives
I've found an interesting ref in The National Archives but I have no idea what it means or...
ira taylor 8 1,934 1st Dec 2014, 16:00
ira taylor
Singing priest
I can't do links,but has anyone seen the priest on utube singing to a couple he'd just ma...
momac 5 1,763 18th Oct 2014, 09:29
wiganers at war
does anyone remember when Wigan Pier was a heritage centre and they had a section on Wigan...
kathpressey 10 3,512 7th Sep 2014, 20:31