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Nailing A Snig To A Fencepost
Anyone done it? [url=
dostaf 45 1,366 3rd Nov 2012, 21:26
Spot the Giraffe, keep looking at the photo and suddenly you will see a Giraffe. http:...
ayrefield 10 832 2nd Nov 2012, 21:15
john joseph
What is/was one? I don't mean like some people. Occupation Baptism: 9 Oct 1832 ...
dostaf 48 1,473 1st Nov 2012, 14:38
Were there any in Wigan? There must have been. But off hand I can't thiink of any plac...
dostaf 60 2,407 31st Oct 2012, 14:12
Tradition Of Coxcombing Your Helm Is An Old One!
I never knew that before. In't google great. I should have put: 'The tradition of c...
dostaf 92 3,175 29th Oct 2012, 14:14
Daytime telly
if I watch it non stop for a week will it drive me crackers.
i-spy 11 776 29th Oct 2012, 13:59
Recent research is mentioned on Derren Brown's blog - [url=
jo anne 14 1,271 26th Oct 2012, 16:12
With An Owl!
Just read an odd crime account: Police appeal after boy assaulted with silly string ...
dostaf 5 677 24th Oct 2012, 22:12
My Daughter is going to kill me!
I promised not to buy any books at this time of the year, as she says it leaves her less c...
Weatherwax 9 736 22nd Oct 2012, 23:30
Elephant In The Fridge
"You can't ignore a turd in the swimming pool." I like that. I am chuffed with mysel...
dostaf 42 1,165 18th Oct 2012, 15:04
The Role of Public Art in Regenerating a Town :o)
Wigan's Vertical Face [url=]?! T...
jo anne 12 787 18th Oct 2012, 09:13
jo anne
Best to be prepared
erontquay 7 782 17th Oct 2012, 15:05
Did You Ever Have -
One of those daft kids in your class who, when the teacher was giving EVERYONE a rollickin...
dostaf 122 2,499 16th Oct 2012, 18:01
Tomplum. You don't HAVE to pay council tax if you don't have a television. [url=htt...
dostaf 16 900 16th Oct 2012, 15:39
long grass
We know the council are cutting back on grass cutting has debated before on WW,But to leav...
PeterP 16 850 15th Oct 2012, 18:27
veg grower
A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term—a reference ...
dostaf 76 1,188 15th Oct 2012, 10:56
OI; Stringfellows!
Just remembered that whilst looking at pics of big lurries. Wiganism for 'Shift!' S...
dostaf 20 938 10th Oct 2012, 16:44
Take care out there you guys
ayrefield 5 525 9th Oct 2012, 18:25
Remember free air to blow up your tyres?
it used to be part of the service at petrol stations. today it cost me 50p (ten bob!!!) an...
i-spy 12 665 8th Oct 2012, 15:12
about time too.................
glad to hear its coming back.
i-spy 49 2,312 5th Oct 2012, 16:37
photos of the day
I like looking at the P-O-D section but cannot understand why some people comment about th...
PeterP 2 606 4th Oct 2012, 15:03
im moving house and have put an ad on classified .would go easy i know car boot but neithe...
ecmdj 3 633 4th Oct 2012, 12:03
Apropos Of Nothing
Catchy title ^^^^ Jiggle Puzzles. From when the world was a simpler place. [url=...
dostaf 26 801 3rd Oct 2012, 18:50
A present for Mac] I know you are into liquoric...
erontquay 22 692 3rd Oct 2012, 18:06
a bedtime riddle if you can't sleep
Answer all seven of the following questions with the same word ...
i-spy 33 1,495 3rd Oct 2012, 15:06
School Haircuts
At this time of year it is usual to find articles in the press about kids being excluded d...
dostaf 220 5,290 4th Jul 2013, 14:14
one of my socks has gone missing...
where do they go to. Is there a sock world out there.
i-spy 68 1,742 3rd Oct 2012, 10:00
jo anne
wellies should be banned...
they are a risk to life and limb.Impossible to get on without pulling a muscle or falling...
i-spy 32 1,968 3rd Oct 2012, 09:58
jo anne
dostaf 100 3,184 29th Sep 2012, 17:43
Are you smart enough to work for Google?
Answer these Q's. Cheats need not apply. Why are manhole covers round? How man...
Mac 32 797 29th Sep 2012, 13:01
A right Royal shocker
an anagram of Kate Middleton has just been pointed out to me. You'll have to work it out f...
i-spy 2 731 25th Sep 2012, 10:58
jo anne
Rod Wax
Mac's recent resurrection of an old joke elsewhere about a chap with wind and chicken innn...
dostaf 9 559 24th Sep 2012, 19:09
Invisible wire in the park
Beware if going into the park. [url=]invisible wire
ayrefield 2 661 24th Sep 2012, 17:39
I don't see any mention of the intended Merger of BAE with French and German Companies on ...
norman prior 2 632 24th Sep 2012, 11:12
norman prior
Where Would You Say/Type Wiagn's High Street Is?
BOWT GOOGLIN [url=]I said/typed not to. [ur...
dostaf 40 909 23rd Sep 2012, 22:04
Telly Puts Years On You
[url=]This afternoon [url=http://img...
dostaf 16 873 23rd Sep 2012, 21:53
Personal Theme Tunes
I often wonder what theme tune folk would have if they were in a film type scenario. Fl...
dostaf 116 1,700 22nd Sep 2012, 18:45
Changing Euro's
Can you still change Euro notes at the Post Office - anyone know offhand?
veg grower 5 615 21st Sep 2012, 18:19
Fallen Women
I thought I'd ask before googling; but can you also have fallen men?
dostaf 35 981 20th Sep 2012, 19:03
veg grower
Very costly area code
New Area Code - PLEASE READ Be sure you read this and pass it on. 809 Area Code...
cindy 3 1,462 20th Sep 2012, 09:25
veg grower