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Eggs-cuse me
But does anybody know why large eggs are so small these days. Medium are plentiful but lo...
i-spy 18 924 13th Jun 2022, 14:00
Alexa seems to think she is being spoken to: 1 Repeatedly last night when I watched a...
ena malcup 6 888 25th May 2022, 23:35
Just wondring
I was just wondering about this. [url=
First Mate 6 721 29th Mar 2022, 08:43
basil brush
For years I have passed comments on the PAD and album pages but it only now I think to mys...
PeterP 15 1,502 27th Mar 2022, 11:33
Spelling by TTS,
TTS, i know you are no mug & i like to read your post but one thing gets up my nose, why d...
bentlegs 11 380 25th Mar 2022, 22:17
ena malcup
For anyone who hasn’t yet tried it, Wordle is a great word game a bit like the Mastermin...
jo anne 15 956 25th Mar 2022, 19:58
Tommy Two Stroke
I have had computers for many years but the truth is I only know the basics. I have always...
PeterP 10 595 24th Mar 2022, 20:36
ena malcup
Houses at school
We were talking about when we went to senior school and were put into groups (houses) and ...
PeterP 28 1,960 6th Mar 2022, 14:12
Christmas/New Year
Well Christmas as been and gone and I hope every one made the most of it. We had a very qu...
PeterP 1 386 27th Dec 2021, 18:45
The Turnip Prize 2021
Guess the titles of this year’s four finalists …
jo anne 2 399 1st Dec 2021, 20:11
jo anne
Homes under the hammer
During this Lock-down Watching more TV, I Have noticed that there seems to be a slightly l...
cindy 12 973 1st Dec 2021, 15:02
I’ve never felt so ill….
….yesterday I went for my COVID booster and was asked if I had, had my flu jab, I had an...
Anne 14 989 10th Nov 2021, 10:42
The Turnip Prize 2020
The Turnip Prize is a spoof art award of the lesser known Turner Prize. Entries should tak...
jo anne 12 867 7th Nov 2021, 21:48
jo anne
25th October
On this day in 1415, the English army, led by Henry V, scored a decisive victory over the ...
TerryW 41 1,592 29th Oct 2021, 10:35
basil brush
the Wigan Artist
They told me to go to rehab [url=] I said NO NO NO ...
tomplum 155 2,950 17th Oct 2021, 14:37
basil brush
tree huggin'
do you ever hug trees ? here's a unhugged tree]
Arfur petesake 91 1,518 6th Oct 2021, 18:07
How come tea stains (tannins, I think)deposit on the inside surfaces of my cups (ie mugs),...
ena malcup 9 535 1st Oct 2021, 18:48
Can you help me with this
Is posting provoking comments allowed on Trolls wakes or not ?
Arfur petesake 8 734 11th Sep 2021, 11:49
basil brush
Trolls wake rules
I just bought a copy of Trolls wakes rules on posting comments, Its ok to post jokes abou...
Arfur petesake 16 1,496 25th Aug 2021, 09:37
basil brush
Warburtons bread
We have eaten Warburtons bread for years and I thought it was me who was always wiping aro...
PeterP 11 1,273 22nd Aug 2021, 18:25
First Mate
Is it Trolls wakes.
they seem busy tonight,
Arfur petesake 5 529 22nd Aug 2021, 10:18
basil brush
Troll Wakes explaination,
Trolls are on a different level of mental understanding, don't be surprised at this, It is...
Arfur petesake 5 619 22nd Aug 2021, 10:13
Strange man
lectriclegs 3 562 21st Aug 2021, 19:00
Over the last few days I have noticed on various news stories the amount of emergency vehi...
PeterP 9 1,896 9th Aug 2021, 12:12
basil brush
Was cooking breakfast this morning about 9-00 and the temperature in the kitchen was 27.5C...
PeterP 6 559 21st Jul 2021, 20:01
Wigan council online account for reporting faults
At this time of year the shrubs and bushes are getting plenty of growth on them . I report...
PeterP 8 673 1st Jul 2021, 08:04
call centres
Barclays Bank switching all their calls back to the UK because of the covid outbreak in In...
PeterP 2 487 31st May 2021, 17:08
Tom has posted elsewhere that I am a liar by saying I left WR of my own accord. He states...
lectriclegs 27 1,395 15th Apr 2021, 12:17
basil brush
Pennington Flash Marina ......
....... writes a Wigan Peers member, as a title to a thread. But, what do these people k...
tonker 53 1,585 11th Apr 2021, 10:38
basil brush
Hey admin, how about making a gardening board
I'll start it off, [url=] The new gardening ...
tomplum 175 3,393 6th Apr 2021, 10:52
jo anne
Dog Poo the council doing some thing at last
No change yet here in Walford Road after another 18 months but in The Wigan Observer this ...
dougie 19 1,611 20th Mar 2021, 21:46
jo anne
Who said romance is dead. This morning a plane flew over towing a large banner. On the ban...
PeterP 2 556 20th Mar 2021, 15:26
plucking pheasants
Plucked six. I should keep my mouth shut about making game pie, now everyone wants one ...
erontquay 44 3,509 19th Mar 2021, 16:23
ena malcup
Mince pies
Discuss the pros and cons
i-spy 18 807 17th Mar 2021, 06:33
Hot cross buns
Be careful people - there are a lot of fakes out there. If anyone is making their own I'l...
i-spy 4 440 15th Mar 2021, 23:31
jo anne
How do you..
Know How old a frozen kipper is when you eat it.
i-spy 11 843 15th Mar 2021, 16:14
ena malcup
I have been extremely disappointed with their offers this season. A handful, I consider...
priscus 11 11,613 13th Mar 2021, 15:50
Would you like to be a Green Flag Judge?
The Green Flag Award for parks and green spaces is operated by Keep Britain Tidy, located ...
JR 1 429 10th Mar 2021, 17:43
Dash cams/Number plates
In this day and age more and more dash cams are being used in vehicles. How hard would it ...
PeterP - 441 8th Mar 2021, 14:29
"Wear it's at"
[?Where has this thread disappeared to.????
peebee 51 1,352 1st Mar 2021, 09:27
basil brush