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Manchester Siddy fans
the myth about these fans has finally been destroyed. They could not sell their tickets...
fireplace6899 28 1,528 21st Aug 2011, 00:30
Rugby tonight.
Let's just hope that there are no injuries tonight ,and that Wigan go to Wembley with a fu...
fossil 30 1,745 20th Aug 2011, 19:44
Latics-realistic targets
I think we should go for two of the Latics old guard. Jason Roberts at Blackburn and ma...
jay_1 10 1,064 19th Aug 2011, 23:02
Sky get their way again!
Warriors game at Warrington moved? Looks ‘highly likely’ that the planned fixture a...
wigvet 14 1,307 19th Aug 2011, 18:59
rio caroni
that's the way to do it
Penrith Panthers boss Phil Gould has forced Australian star Michael Jennings to suffer pub...
peawapp 5 1,017 18th Aug 2011, 08:04
Man city and new signings
Having watched the very entertaining match tonight on Sky deservedly won by city,I was ama...
fossil 12 1,345 17th Aug 2011, 06:51
Wigan v Saints Semi
I hope Wigan dont lose concentration late in this match as per usual as Saints are the com...
peter g 35 1,939 16th Aug 2011, 14:20
Calling all latics fanatics,,10429~2395487,00.html Wigan Athletic...
jay_1 8 1,482 16th Aug 2011, 08:40
Latics,WiganRL and Lancashire
August 27th. The Jayster will be having a little treble on Latics to beat QPR,WiganRL o...
jay_1 94 2,035 16th Aug 2011, 08:38
wigan athletic
football shirt signed by 8 of their first team if you want it all you have to do is go ont...
wiganseventyfour 11 1,382 16th Aug 2011, 02:07
league game changed
The tics have brought the game with QPR forward to 12-30 ko so fans of both codes can watc...
trevwafc 34 1,692 16th Aug 2011, 01:54
Dying swans
Just watched the first three matches on MOTD, and some of the antics of some players when ...
bassman 2 1,186 16th Aug 2011, 01:23
Rocky on ITV4
Great film,it inspired me when i was young. Still ended up a draw though.
jay_1 8 1,208 16th Aug 2011, 01:17
No surprises at QPR
The Wanderers crush newcomers 0-4 and quite rightly are top of the Prem
douglas 7 984 16th Aug 2011, 01:10
Wigan R.L. new coach
Strong rumours going around that it will be announced in the next week or so that Shaun Wa...
smiling assassin 29 2,452 16th Aug 2011, 00:52
2 comments from yesterday
No 1....Joey Barton.......I hate cheats No 2....Robbie Savage.....Yes,I used to through p...
kenny 10 1,078 15th Aug 2011, 20:33
veg grower
F A O fossil
Come on mate,you are probably the only geniune,unblinkered Latics man on here,what's your ...
kenny 21 1,219 15th Aug 2011, 17:45
baker boy
Wolves At Blackburn...
We're on our way later... Should be another interesting season... £17 for our ticke...
jarvo 11 1,275 14th Aug 2011, 23:56
Darts, Dominoes and Pool.
What is the situation around Wigan and District regarding Sports Sections. At least fifty ...
rio caroni 37 6,705 14th Aug 2011, 04:09
Fee has been agreed with Villa for £9'5 million pounds.Martinez to have all of the money ...
smiling assassin 14 1,448 14th Aug 2011, 03:52
World Cup Qualifiers Draw
Group A: Croatia, Serbia, Belgium, SCOTLAND, Macedonia, WALES Group B: Italy, Denmark, Cz...
section 8 4 1,045 14th Aug 2011, 03:49
Latics players give one million pounds to charity.
'Wigan Athletic players have proved beyond all possible doubt that their hearts, as well a...
jay_1 33 1,706 14th Aug 2011, 03:46
Catalan Dragons
Worth a bet for the super duper league grand final?20/1 shots. They've impressed me.
jay_1 4 1,131 14th Aug 2011, 03:44
Season Tickets
My new Latics season tickets arrived yesterday. The excitement continues to build in th...
jay_1 49 1,743 14th Aug 2011, 03:27
Rugby League
Why hasn't it gripped the nation? It's on sky sports and occasionally on the BBC but wh...
jay_1 148 3,279 14th Aug 2011, 03:16
interested in signing Peter Odemwingie as a replacement for Rodellega who possibly could m...
smiling assassin 12 1,536 14th Aug 2011, 03:07
travelling to wembley
we are trying to book seats for the cup final going to wembley and the prices are daft ....
rbilly 17 2,897 14th Aug 2011, 02:56
Bringing shame on our TOWN team...
darren 39 2,434 14th Aug 2011, 02:49
A nice afternoon out at the DW.
Plenty of distractions with the rugby match and the charity shield on tv,but I enjoyed th...
fossil 15 1,617 14th Aug 2011, 02:42
bad management
whats the point in playing william santus up front from the start when he has scored 2 goa...
roundy - 904 13th Aug 2011, 17:14
season starts tomorrow
bring it on, all the talking in the close season it must be the best game
trevwafc 13 1,076 13th Aug 2011, 09:55
No queues for Wembley tickets
The wife went to the ground at 10.30 this morning walked straight to the window and got se...
peter g 27 1,556 13th Aug 2011, 00:22
Wembley coach from Standish
Just letting you know that my dad has organised a coach from Standish to Wembley. If any o...
cllr gareth fairhurst - 1,031 12th Aug 2011, 11:24
cllr gareth fairhurst
What the heck is the English Rugby Union thinking about ? I refer to the BLACK jersey the...
dennis dickinson 21 1,713 11th Aug 2011, 18:42
Well done to the England cricket team today.
First time they have won the toss in the series I think,but once again they have played li...
fossil 3 991 10th Aug 2011, 23:13
cup final
looks like it will be a RFL dream final the two biggest teams in super league will go head...
farrie50 1 950 9th Aug 2011, 17:51
Latics fans
Looking on the Latics website they have posted that anyone wanting to purchase season tick...
rio caroni 2 1,155 9th Aug 2011, 02:07
All blacks vs South Africa
Tremendous performance from the All blacks.Fast flowing,beautiful rugby. They truly are...
jay_1 25 1,598 9th Aug 2011, 01:29
[url=]scoops link
scoop 1 938 8th Aug 2011, 20:21
Charity bike ride AND a cup semi final
The intrepid 'Wigan Vets' (along with a nmber of 'Wigan Worlders')today embark on the fina...
wigvet 10 1,579 8th Aug 2011, 00:30