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People   (Re-unions, trace old friends and relatives.)

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Banks/Bridge family
Trying to make conact with the Susan Bridge that posted Item #: 12361 about her dad - my c...
linacrelad - 2,395 Sticky!
Gambles/Hughes Family History
Seeking any info on my grandmother Nancy Gambles who I never met as she died before my bir...
fedup 16 550 13th Jun 2024, 20:02
The butchers Mark Williams
Anybody remember them and any family names....any stories ?
john b 16 2,666 8th Jun 2024, 11:49
Forensics- catching the killer
I like to watch this program it’s fascinating but last nights was about HelenMcCourt the...
linma 4 237 4th Jun 2024, 13:10
Hi all , looking for some help. A lady on here MARIE (username EMPRESS) was looking to fi...
StuCatt 1 139 28th May 2024, 18:04
mollie m
Hi all , looking for some help. A lady on here MARIE (username EMPRESS) was looking to fi...
StuCatt - 80 28th May 2024, 16:40
Family name DERBYSHIRE
Just looking on behalf of my curious mum for her cousin , who very likely doesn't realise ...
empress 10 3,578 27th May 2024, 18:30
Jack Kinane’s Funeral
Did anybody on here go to my uncle Jack Kinanes funeral? Would like to hear from anybody ...
JakeDawber23 - 97 24th May 2024, 15:52
Did anyone live in durham st whelley between 1970 - 2000 or know anyone that did?
shasha 132 13,548 18th May 2024, 21:55
Carl Radlinski and Phil Barrett
Looking to make contact with Carl (Uncle of Kris Radlinski, Wigan Warriors) and Phil. Both...
Mikeryan - 144 17th May 2024, 14:55
could anyone with ancestry please look up the marriage of Hannah Mclean to Hugh McCoy in ...
ian c 5 189 16th May 2024, 16:37
Thomas Major
Can anyone tell me the best site to get info on Thomas Major B 1919 died in the war 1939....
annefair 5 221 13th May 2024, 15:07
Tom Nolan
I’m looking to trace an old school friend, Tom Nolan. He attended John Rigby Grammar Sch...
Mikeryan - 147 8th May 2024, 21:05
Any body remember school board man if you didn’t go to school he came a knocking on your...
Flo 3 350 5th May 2024, 13:07
'Morgan's pop'
Hi, does anyone remember the above? i believe my grandad and great Uncles may have had so...
morgangirl 33 3,853 5th May 2024, 11:47
Margaret Baines
Trying to trace Margaret Baines from Scholes 1973 She was married at that time with two ch...
lanky11 - 162 1st May 2024, 15:07
Cambridge st or around that area 1969- 1972
Looking for family named Holgate in the years 1969- 1972 that lived two blocks away from ...
lanky11 - 142 28th Apr 2024, 22:53
Question for Freda Chorlton
Firstly, Thankyou so much for your work indexing the Hindley Cemetery graves. However, ...
Murrayfind1 9 624 27th Apr 2024, 12:37
george houghton
Does any body remember George Houghton (my uncle). He lived at Goose Green and Orrell. He ...
roberthoughton - 164 4th Apr 2024, 09:41
Well known wigan singer Molly Fouracre
Molly fouracre the well known wigan singer was my nanna sadly she died yesterday thursday ...
sarahfouracre 51 8,986 3rd Apr 2024, 18:45
Kay Farrimond
Ann Houghton
Does anybody know what happened to Ann Houghton. She must have died by now. She was marrie...
roberthoughton - 377 25th Feb 2024, 14:29
Thomas seddon who is now Howarth married Doreen matthews who is now Howarth both married ...
Chloebolton22 5 273 17th Feb 2024, 11:57
X3 great grandfather
Looking more information on Matthew matthews. Born 7th September 1871 in Wigan Ince He...
Chloebolton22 4 274 16th Feb 2024, 10:46
Helen West / Edith Holland
Trying to contact Helen West (a.k.a. "Helen of Troy") as I'm related to her godmother Edit...
Edith's cousin 1 259 3rd Feb 2024, 19:50
First Mate
Is there anyone on this site who knows the owner of this web site ? I would like some info...
nightchap - 401 25th Jan 2024, 21:46
Hill/Hoy Fanning Family
Hello from Arizona! I am looking for information or resources to information on family mem...
AZLAURA 23 949 23rd Jan 2024, 10:40
Does anyone know how I can get date of my parents wedding anniversary, John and Ellen Higg...
Dolly Day Dream 15 2,243 18th Jan 2024, 11:53
Porrin / Clog Fighting ?
I was told my grandad Mick Kinane was into Porrin.. Does anyone have any stories about Por...
JakeDawber23 2 380 2nd Jan 2024, 12:15
WN1 Standisher
Golborne colliery
Any ex Golborne men about ,pey partridge as posted before ,tuddy did you live in whelley n...
Handsomeminer 768 26,630 23rd Dec 2023, 09:09
George keogh ex manager Timberlakes wigan
George Keogh was sales manager at H.H Timberlakes in wigan in the 1970's lived in Chorley,...
kameras 67 6,951 12th Dec 2023, 19:29
Whatever happened to...
I attended Wigan Grammar School between 1963 and 1969. Over the last couple of decades I'v...
Bryan Talbot 10 1,729 7th Dec 2023, 20:28
Shevington School and Shevington.
Did anyone go to Shevington Secondary Modern school (now known as Shevington High) in the ...
alan cheetham 81 13,087 8th Nov 2023, 13:02
James 747
Wigan wrestling history
I am looking for any information on wrestling in the town, or wrestlers from the town of W...
WiganWrestlingHistory 28 4,235 30th Oct 2023, 16:59
First Mate
Researching family history.
I'm new to this site and can't quite get a handle on how it all works, so thought I would...
bobo199 3 472 11th Oct 2023, 16:02
Some Ryan Family Information Needed
I hope all of you enjoy mysteries and can perhaps help me with any information regarding a...
david dunlop 32 4,080 18th Sep 2023, 01:21
david dunlop
Evans family Hindley Green
My great grandma Annie lived at 2,Green Bank in the 1870s onwards. I am hoping for school ...
646abs.Tony 2 370 17th Sep 2023, 16:35
Bob Cain builder
I’m talking many years ago, But does anyone know what happened to Bob Cain? Used to be ...
kameras 22 5,375 15th Sep 2023, 09:31
john b
Katherine Melling
Sadly my wife's mother past away last month age 73, she lived in Yewdale road on Landgate ...
Mac1964 2 562 25th Aug 2023, 16:07
GOLDEN BEAR - 897 20th Aug 2023, 13:46
John Robert Davies
GOLDEN BEAR 6 479 20th Aug 2023, 13:44
Home made 3 wheel bike
Does anyone remember my great uncle John Woodall, he always rode a home made 3 wheel trike...
JakeDawber23 - 252 17th Aug 2023, 22:34