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Rip off Asda
I went to Asda last night and even thou these say they are dropping prices some of their ...
PeterP 30 994 18th Feb 2024, 14:55
Tommy Two Stroke
Which were your favourite toys when you were a child? One of mine was the Magic Robot...
mollie m 58 1,155 18th Feb 2024, 12:41
Kathy T
Ya goda luvit
Nationwide's prime time TV ad: "This person can't even spell banker." Respondent: ...
ena malcup 1 296 17th Feb 2024, 22:29
Tommy Two Stroke
What goes Boinnnnng in Parbold
Thats where i was bike riding today and saw my very first of 2024, Spring lambs, only day...
tomplum 9 383 17th Feb 2024, 17:54
ena malcup
BBC 2 tonight at 5pm
The Castleford v Wigan match is on live and kicks off at 5.30pm.
mortarmillbill 2 262 17th Feb 2024, 14:05
Olive Oil ......
....... Do you use it? I remember it being £2.49 a bottle in Aldi's and Lidl's, not lon...
tonker 13 603 17th Feb 2024, 11:03
Tommy Two Stroke
Taking a break
My time is now taken up as an admin and moderator on a Naval site...No. Rubbish ..No Idiot...
Billinge Biker 30 861 17th Feb 2024, 00:46
ena malcup
Haigh Hall... sort yourself out
I was enjoying a pleasant walk to Haigh today (Thursday). Ventured into the top walled gar...
JR 2 584 16th Feb 2024, 23:49
Hello Can anyone help with memories, or even facts!, about The Park Show. Hoping to inc...
psharp17 5 382 16th Feb 2024, 23:08
How do immigrants get housed ?
Well its a long procedure but, [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n93g_VXPr6o] where ...
tomplum - 363 16th Feb 2024, 18:29
Has anybody had any problems linking a thread off Wigan World into an email? If so, is th...
mollie m 2 254 16th Feb 2024, 17:09
mollie m
Byrchall high
if anyone one here is an alumni ?? they are having a school tour before old buildings are ...
peter israel 5 325 15th Feb 2024, 20:33
ena malcup
It's Too Cold
A professional darts player Gerwyn Price has pulled out of a match in Wigan complaining ab...
mortarmillbill 11 525 15th Feb 2024, 19:27
ena malcup
the scum that did the acid attack was granted asylum after previously being convicted as a...
basil brush 17 811 15th Feb 2024, 08:59
Owd Codger
Muslim Valentine's Card .......
...... Roses are Red and Violets are Blue, My Wife is Eleven and I'm Fifty-Two!
tonker 2 357 14th Feb 2024, 20:32
ena malcup
P-shaped bath
AKA Shower Bath. https://images.victorianplumbing.co.uk/products/cruze-p-shaped-sliding...
ena malcup 13 452 14th Feb 2024, 20:02
ena malcup
Good news for the Town centre
tomplum 8 548 14th Feb 2024, 19:05
another skool day
So I've got the sewing machine up and running and learned that if, the thread is too tight...
tomplum 9 385 13th Feb 2024, 23:09
mollie m
helen haselden
looking to find grave of helen haselden from poolstock wigan 1999
houghy1 1 303 13th Feb 2024, 20:22
First Mate
Tomorrow is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Poncake Tuesday, I'm not a fan of them and they seem to have lost favour over the last few...
tomplum 5 303 13th Feb 2024, 15:52
Tommy Two Stroke
The camper is progressing now
And tomorrow I'm going seeking the upholstery material for the seats/bed, Ays Hoo aye ...
tomplum 18 688 13th Feb 2024, 13:26
Tommy Two Stroke
Just plain sad
My 51 I ear old brother Hass tonsil cancer. On their way to Albany NY USA. He had surgery...
madamehmurray 9 698 13th Feb 2024, 11:01
Lost my brother
Man last year 2023 lost so many loved ones. One cousin od his uncle my 1 st cousin then o...
madamehmurray 2 240 13th Feb 2024, 01:43
mrs m
Miners Strike 1984
The Battle for Britain tonight 9pm, Channel 4 Tom Barrow directs this gripping three-p...
First Mate 59 1,326 12th Feb 2024, 23:47
Donald trump
It's been reported that Donald trump as encouraged Putin to attack NATO countries who d...
surfer_tom 10 474 12th Feb 2024, 20:37
ena malcup
Thank you to
Tommy 2 strokes and Momac Although I don't know what those people were posting, It clearl...
tomplum 17 501 12th Feb 2024, 17:46
basil brush
As much
has everyone hated Thatcher, me included, do you think she would have stopped all these il...
basil brush 7 331 12th Feb 2024, 10:01
basil brush
Go for it Michelle
She'd wipe the floor with Biden, and hopefully trump [url=https://www.gbnews.com/news/u...
First Mate 10 473 11th Feb 2024, 18:59
ena malcup
Leyth hospital
I had to take my Missus today to Leyth hozzy for an appointment, I'm thinking that being a...
tomplum 3 433 11th Feb 2024, 16:29
Tommy Two Stroke
Crazy Drivers
I know this subject has been discussed several times, but this afternoon I was subjected t...
mollie m 35 705 11th Feb 2024, 15:47
ena malcup
Wigan on BBC2 Monday 9pm
Vinny Cadman from the whitehouses on Norley is featured in a BBC2 Wonderland special. [ur...
thesurgeon 55 3,270 11th Feb 2024, 12:49
peter g
Kung Hei Fat Choi
or, in Mandarin: gong xi fa cai (pronounced gong she fa tsai).
ena malcup 4 241 10th Feb 2024, 19:45
ena malcup
What's good for the goose
Sir Keir Starmer tried to influence the debate by referring to people in the galleries t...
First Mate 9 462 10th Feb 2024, 00:18
Tommy Two Stroke
TV news says anticipated 50% increase in price of chox due to reduced cocoa crop following...
ena malcup 3 304 9th Feb 2024, 18:32
mollie m
Seeing as no one has mentioned him since his cancer diagnosis, I'd just like to wish him a...
First Mate 16 529 9th Feb 2024, 14:19
First Mate
Ben johson
Planning plans by council for apartmentsBen Johnson passed despite parking problems
surfer_tom 6 395 8th Feb 2024, 13:43
Going back in time
Reading about an airline that is weighing passengers. What next some one walking with a re...
PeterP 2 269 7th Feb 2024, 22:36
Tommy Two Stroke
When was the last time you did something
For the first time, Mine was today, In my whole life I have never used a sewing Machine ...
tomplum 22 511 7th Feb 2024, 20:29
Black Hawk down
The wind has freed the hawk from its tethers and its now soaring over the northwest, If yo...
tomplum 6 322 6th Feb 2024, 19:25
Tommy Two Stroke