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Since the Windows 10 update
I have no sound, I followed the instructions and the problem was, my headphone wasn't plug...
Domin0 9 255 20th Mar 2021, 16:37
wmbc the silliest council in the uk
just pu a neighbour to take her into wigan,poolstock lane shut,the queue to get onto warri...
baker boy 65 1,946 19th Mar 2021, 20:29
baker boy
Some more interesting words
Pareidolia A psychological phenomenon in which the mind perceives a specific image or pat...
raymyjamie 8 223 19th Mar 2021, 13:58
basil brush
Well the E.U. have again shown their true colours with the blocking of vacine ,just becaus...
GOLDEN BEAR 8 413 18th Mar 2021, 23:05
laughing gravy
Park Lane Safety Lamps
I came across mention of these in accounts of an accident at Bold Colliery. I cannot fi...
ena malcup 2 216 18th Mar 2021, 16:03
ena malcup
Hypothetical question
As the UK becomes the envy of Europe with the speed and structured roll out of the vaccine...
WN1 Standisher 24 815 18th Mar 2021, 12:17
WN1 Standisher
For all the lovely Wigan people who used to attend my mum's dancing school 'The Fenn Scho...
admin 1 351 18th Mar 2021, 12:07
WN1 Standisher
how not to stop the spread of covid
Schools are back so are some colleges.In the last few days I have seen a woman drop off tw...
PeterP 7 408 18th Mar 2021, 11:51
What day is it
Does anybody know these days. Saturday always had a feel of its own Now they're all the ...
i-spy 9 292 18th Mar 2021, 10:24
Cheltenham horse racing .
Tuesday lst winner wednesday 1st another winner see how the week goes .
anniedingle 1 149 17th Mar 2021, 19:22
Well. Who'd o'thouwt .......
........ that Platt Bridge started out as being in Hindley? And there's me, thinking i...
tonker 16 613 17th Mar 2021, 14:44
black lives matter
[url="]no words
laughing gravy 10 614 17th Mar 2021, 10:55
Mental Health
Changes to mental health services provider in Wigan - [url=
jo anne 2 119 17th Mar 2021, 09:37
peter israel
For any video buffs?
Something I have been meaning to do for many years I have finally done. I have super8 ci...
Anne 3 440 17th Mar 2021, 08:52
Bulldozers busy
Does anyone know what is happening near the canal in the Platt Bridge area. Bulldozers ...
mortarmillbill 6 481 16th Mar 2021, 15:42
Tommy Two Stroke
The Haigh pigs
Have they gone to the pork pie farm ?
i-spy 6 304 16th Mar 2021, 10:45
Gardeners .......
........ "
tonker 1 197 16th Mar 2021, 09:01
River Douglas
Douglas Rivers Association CIC is a new local group passionate about restoring the River D...
jo anne 16 440 16th Mar 2021, 08:12
jo anne
The small print
I just wish they would make it even smaller
i-spy 10 468 15th Mar 2021, 23:05
What is the best way to clean grime (accumulated muck of ages) from painted woodwork? S...
ena malcup 8 355 15th Mar 2021, 19:19
ena malcup
We are all saddened at the recent death of a young lass down Kent, there have been though ...
GOLDEN BEAR 23 988 15th Mar 2021, 18:33
Have they been banned or have our comics given away their joke books. If I could think of...
i-spy 11 421 15th Mar 2021, 16:21
ena malcup
Council and hotel locked in row await
judge's verdict on the future of Haigh Hall [url=https://www.manchestereveningnews....
basil brush - 193 15th Mar 2021, 13:29
basil brush
GB News
This is a new news channel, which will soon be launched in this country, the man behind th...
Tommy Two Stroke 7 461 15th Mar 2021, 06:30
peter israel
International Women’s Day
Monday, 8th March, 2021 This year the theme is “Choose To Challenge”. “A chall...
jo anne 5 181 14th Mar 2021, 08:34
jo anne
Released in early November, Mike Leigh's film about the Peterloo massacre in Manchester on...
jarvo 42 2,327 14th Mar 2021, 00:49
ena malcup
Harry’s divorce party 2022.
gaffer 5 482 13th Mar 2021, 18:19
An Ode to Wigan Council ......
...... Stealers Wheel - 1972 ........ "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the rig...
tonker 2 334 13th Mar 2021, 15:30
All the cctv footage of robberies and the like, why does nobody recognise the culprits bec...
riocaroni 1 161 13th Mar 2021, 13:58
Mine shaft
I am appealing to anyone on this site with any knowledge of old mine's and shafts in the w...
GOLDEN BEAR 28 1,050 13th Mar 2021, 09:05
chris southworth
George Floyd family $27 million compensation.
[url=] compensation
gaffer 5 337 13th Mar 2021, 00:42
Some Interesting Words
Some Interesting Words Paradigm Noun An example serving as a model or pattern. A fr...
raymyjamie 3 227 12th Mar 2021, 19:52
Wild West-Houghton - and Tonker's a Feud-in
Ray and Tonker at the OK Coral Kids are shithousing [url=
Tommy Two Stroke 35 1,325 11th Mar 2021, 23:21
Is anyone really interested in their opinions or lives? They have turned their back on the...
broady 151 5,148 11th Mar 2021, 22:44
The unmerry wife of Widsor part two.
excessively. No wonder Meghan was driven to remark in a television interview with ITV’s ...
gaffer 17 789 11th Mar 2021, 19:32
Covid 19 vs The Vaccine Rollout .....
They are claiming that the Covid 19 cases in the UK are dropping due to the absolutely bri...
tonker 19 751 11th Mar 2021, 17:42
peter israel
The unmerry wife of Windsor.
From the Sunday Times. How Meghan became the unmerry wife of Windsor The honeymoon was...
gaffer 4 380 10th Mar 2021, 17:42
Found 1st world war medal
Recently unearthed 1st world war medal with the following inscription on it " 2048 pte w R...
latics man 4 628 10th Mar 2021, 10:26
latics man
Ghost Sign .....
..... advertising [url=""]Bile Beans! Well, I'...
tonker 26 1,008 10th Mar 2021, 04:31
On this day
In 1741 Edward “Old Grog” Vernon, a British admiral, began an assault on the Spanish f...
gaffer - 111 9th Mar 2021, 19:47