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Pit ponies
Hello all, What does anybody know about the pit ponies? Up and down the country there ...
nicola 6 1,819 9th Nov 2006, 23:18
British gas
I have had British gas for years even switched to electricity with them a few years ago. N...
aitch 16 1,973 9th Nov 2006, 17:41
Good Mate
I will take this oppertunity to send my deepest sympathy to the family of JOHN COOKSON, fr...
truckerdave 2 1,997 9th Nov 2006, 14:14
Can any one help I am thinking of downgrading from a large house and XX large Garden and ...
elizabeth 28 7,023 8th Nov 2006, 20:40
tea bags-bait bags.
an old timer i used to do some sea fishing with, used to bait his hooks with tin foil and ...
billy - 2,096 8th Nov 2006, 19:48
Nov 5th & English New Year Fireworks to be BANNED
but chinese new year fireworks to be left alone, the excuse with the english ones is the s...
levi1962 16 1,881 8th Nov 2006, 16:46
30 Vine St Whelley
regarding above any one interested please look on People site thank you
elizabeth - 2,121 8th Nov 2006, 16:16
Trade Mission to Fiji
Whilst reading about the Farepak fiasco I noticed that Ian McCartney is currently unavaila...
broady 22 2,386 8th Nov 2006, 15:14
Not sure if anybody has heard of this already or signed up? but i think its a wonderful id...
twigginer21 8 2,389 8th Nov 2006, 09:44
Walter Hurst Clogs
I have some clogs made by Walter Hurst and although his shop on Wigan Road Hindley is clos...
dandiwink 2 2,007 7th Nov 2006, 23:11
Bonfire Night at Spring View
Many thanks to everyone who supported our first bonfire night. We hope everyone enjoyed t...
spring viewer 2 1,800 7th Nov 2006, 17:29
spring viewer
Nightmares we have
Saw my sister at church yesterday and she told me about the nightmare she had about me. Sh...
madamehmurray 1 1,883 7th Nov 2006, 16:41
songs from the 80s
for all those who can remember the 80s what was your fav record your views lets get the mo...
klunk yed - 1,611 6th Nov 2006, 19:29
klunk yed
Just (I hope) had my final trick or treaters First ones came at 4.45 Had a Morrisons bag f...
aitch 5 1,810 6th Nov 2006, 17:44
Washing Machine Rentals?
Does anyone know where i can rent a washing machine? I've got a baby due in 9 weeks and my...
twigginer21 30 3,614 6th Nov 2006, 16:49
dark horse
where is he ??????
has he lived up to his name and gone home???? where are ye GW
billy - 778 6th Nov 2006, 14:43
God conceals from men the happiness of death, that they may endure the hell of life. how ...
billy 5 2,114 6th Nov 2006, 08:26
Was Wigan Fair a Charter Fair? If so when did it get its Charter?
whelley 2 1,875 5th Nov 2006, 21:37
time out
going to the club now folks.catch ya,s tomorrow.
billy 1 1,995 5th Nov 2006, 18:22
who decides were our cash goes to?? who decides, failed asylum seekers warrant our money?...
billy 6 1,988 5th Nov 2006, 18:17
What adverts either on telly or anywhere else really get your backs up, for me its the one...
aitch 2 1,913 5th Nov 2006, 12:50
i am getting extremely worried mates. where the h**l is my sparring partner GETWOM???? he...
billy 5 2,158 5th Nov 2006, 11:52
is it just me?
or if anyone plans anything, its doomed to fall apart?? I normally run round the last s...
neverstill 3 1,251 5th Nov 2006, 11:47
Hype in adverts
In my club tonight, on the HD telly they were advertising HD tellies, Flashing lights vivi...
aitch 6 1,995 5th Nov 2006, 07:11
A clippies ticket machine
I just bought an old bus ticket machine the one with the dial, like a old telephone wer...
john joseph 12 2,315 4th Nov 2006, 13:04
Im changing my Fuji A202 camera
Its had its day but done a brill job Im buying a Fuji9600 has anyone got one and what...
john joseph 7 2,383 4th Nov 2006, 11:58
john joseph
Wigan Evening Post
Any 1 who has an interest in the Protest to Stop the extension of South Lancs Industrial E...
wiganer516 - 2,218 3rd Nov 2006, 17:20
may-day may-day
wheres getwom????ive just spilled my cuppa on the keyboatd whilst franticaly searching the...
billy 14 2,367 3rd Nov 2006, 15:41
Bonfire Night
is there a bonfire and fireworks display at Haigh Hall this year?
wiganer516 2 2,138 2nd Nov 2006, 21:16
Union Bridge
I hear a lot about Union Bridge,I've seen the photo on here but cant put my figure on wher...
twigginer21 11 2,349 2nd Nov 2006, 20:09
grrrrrr grrrrr grrrr grrrrrr had a visitor on the forefront last night the low life...
billy 19 2,525 2nd Nov 2006, 08:52
Wigan Ghost Stories
Does anyone have any to share?
disco_diva 6 2,286 1st Nov 2006, 14:45
i hear ya for the curios, others stay out on the limb of "vacuosity....
billy 6 2,306 1st Nov 2006, 10:40
Bingo !!
I must be getting sad cos I joined a bingo site on line today I deposited £30 , the...
john joseph 6 2,047 1st Nov 2006, 10:33
lighten up folks
joke for you, hope no one will be offended but here goes. 3 naked men are in a sauna, Amer...
aitch 7 2,116 1st Nov 2006, 02:52
i think i am about to have all my mail delivered to the wigan sorting office. any parcel ...
billy 6 3,268 31st Oct 2006, 20:44
dark horse
Classifieds (FAO Brian... question?)
Brian, is there any way of ammending a classified ad ? or does it have to be removed & re-...
keily 1 1,368 31st Oct 2006, 19:26
Ive just had my first holiday abroad, really enjoyed it, but was with all my family and I ...
aitch 4 2,277 31st Oct 2006, 12:25
lady luck
off to the bookies now. think i will have me a £5 double. atlantic light catt 2 pm. mi...
billy - 2,195 31st Oct 2006, 10:17
further to
just digressing for a mo bought myself an infra red light cold spot sensor. very usefull ...
billy 3 2,255 31st Oct 2006, 10:07