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once a fool
once a fool always a fool, i now know how true this saying is. why is it that some of us n...
andie9469 12 1,468 13th Apr 2007, 08:34
aussie roy
china town manchester
went there last night for a meal went into a japenese its was lovely the tables have a big...
jessie fisher 20 1,548 13th Apr 2007, 02:19
CB radio
Did or has anyone had or got a cb if so what was or is your handle mine was bullit had one...
kopitesere 18 1,826 12th Apr 2007, 19:00
Western Front
'tis all quiet, where is everyone ?
the_suit 8 1,464 11th Apr 2007, 21:48
Anyone know where this saying comes from? I have my own idea, but will withold incase i t...
the_suit 83 9,388 11th Apr 2007, 17:05
ROYALS....The shoes we had to have.
How long did you have to wait to get yours?
aspey 8 2,179 11th Apr 2007, 14:38
Paid for their story for or against?
So why have the 15 'captives' just released from Iran been allowed to 'sell' their stories...
ozzielass 36 1,249 11th Apr 2007, 09:53
What You Can Do ?
We all have an Idea, A System, Or way of life, that we think, or want to promo...
john joseph 1 914 11th Apr 2007, 08:55
Billy (AKA Tack)
Please refer any none-thread comments to me here, rather than ruin other threads Ta
the_suit 41 1,736 11th Apr 2007, 08:14
FAO Francismary
yes Karen is sat at the side of me this minute, she is up here on holiday from Devon
susan whittaker tyrer - 1,236 10th Apr 2007, 21:13
susan whittaker tyrer
Just wondering if anyone else had had any problems with Ryanair flights.On Saturday my wi...
rio caroni 7 1,606 10th Apr 2007, 20:54
Does anyone out there know where i can get parts for a PUG-SPEEDFIGHTER 100cc any help wou...
klunk yed 10 1,612 10th Apr 2007, 20:51
'Time out' from the wife?
Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? Is it good to have 'space' from the other...
doclatino 28 1,185 10th Apr 2007, 16:10
Signed Wigan Athletic T-shirt
Sorry to sound like a reet tramp but could you please take a look at the link below if you...
srlatics 1 1,311 10th Apr 2007, 14:26
Happy Easter wigan world
have a good day x x
jessie fisher 10 1,480 10th Apr 2007, 12:15
Wigan History Shop.
I have just been onto the Wigan History Shop Web Site and they are still showing the old o...
christi 3 1,472 10th Apr 2007, 12:12
Disabled parking
There was an article in last week's local press about a disabled driver who was complainin...
jeremyb 22 1,621 10th Apr 2007, 11:02
power washers
does anyone know where to find spare parts for karcher pressure washers ive tried on the n...
caztaly 4 1,477 10th Apr 2007, 09:36
computer problems
I am, like quite a few more on this web site, a bit of an amateur when it comes to resolvi...
aitch 24 1,747 9th Apr 2007, 20:16
Now Tony Blair get your finger out NOW
Fifteen British Navy personnel have been captured at gunpoint by Iranian forces, the Minis...
john joseph 152 3,002 9th Apr 2007, 17:28
wigan mix radio
Auctions in Wigan
Someone's prob already got a thread on this but I'm new on here and can't find it. Just wo...
queenb 7 1,474 9th Apr 2007, 17:26
wigan mix radio
Recently visited a site called online pyschics who do live readings,some ar...
bianco 3 1,956 9th Apr 2007, 17:25
wigan mix radio
[:)] Tony got his finger out ...
Wow, surprise, surprise - the boys (and lady) are out and home. Knock me over with a feat...
ozzielass 20 1,592 9th Apr 2007, 10:30
Any1 Having trouble with Virgin Media??
I recently have had a series of problems with both my internet and television supplied by ...
wiganer516 9 1,046 9th Apr 2007, 10:14
any1 off to windy harbour near blackpool this week?> last time we was there we met up w...
wiganer516 1 1,282 9th Apr 2007, 09:34
spring snow!
anyone fancy some snow...I can arrange it to be exported at a fee check out local webc...
britboy 12 1,580 8th Apr 2007, 22:25
St John Ambulance Cadet Open Day (10-17 year olds)
St John Ambulance Cadet Open Day St John Ambulance HQ Turner Street Off Greenough Str...
darren - 1,429 8th Apr 2007, 18:07
Hello Mr Mannerin, this is your proper welcome back, 'tother 'alf had flu, and I been run ...
empress 3 1,430 8th Apr 2007, 10:59
Military woman with children
I do not see how a woman with a child go to active service , how can she put that before ...
elizabeth 14 1,785 8th Apr 2007, 09:54
Bank Charges
I know there is a thread somewhere on this site about excessive bank charges, couldn't fin...
ozzielass 2 1,348 8th Apr 2007, 03:29
Smoking Prohibition
When prohibition was in operation in the US in the early part of the last century, places ...
dave© 7 1,760 7th Apr 2007, 01:00
can you believe this....the average expense allowance for your very own town hall pinkies ...
billy 4 779 6th Apr 2007, 09:37
Just been looking at the tv guide for the Easter holidays. Not one religous programme. No...
disco_diva 22 1,771 6th Apr 2007, 06:01
Anyone got any constructive advice on how to keep them out of your garden?
the_suit 47 2,785 6th Apr 2007, 04:50
The Grand Arcade
I have been to the Grand Arcade on a saturday. We got there early and by dinner time the p...
grimmy boy 12 1,763 5th Apr 2007, 22:36
Patientline charge increase
Just read that the fone calls are going up from 10p a minute to 26p a minute . How greedy...
empress 6 1,521 5th Apr 2007, 22:18
jessie fisher
Some hate it, some put up with it, some love it (me, I fall into the latter ) So, when ...
the_suit 13 1,488 5th Apr 2007, 22:15
jessie fisher
Mesnes park,street etc?
Can anyone tell me about the title "Mesnes" which is so prominent in Wigan? MegP
megpotts 9 1,156 5th Apr 2007, 21:29
The things people keep............................
These are just a few things my mam kept, for what i don't know, she must have thought the...
xrh59 6 2,587 5th Apr 2007, 18:40
Humour at the Crematorium?
My dad died aged 90 ten years ago, and at the end of the service, a tape of him playing th...
doclatino 7 1,268 5th Apr 2007, 13:11