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.....anyone got one? I bought myself one recently, it arrived on Friday. It is a Reebok i ...
Anne 6 435 3rd May 2021, 19:05
Ashton in Makerfield presents a £34,000 bike
peebee 12 736 2nd May 2021, 21:45
Fav Telly
At the moment, my favourite telly is 'Line of Duty'. What's yours?
ena malcup 35 1,309 2nd May 2021, 10:05
Once in a life time experience, Love in the Garden
Last night a couple made love in my greenhouse, they did't know I have a camera in there a...
tomplum 34 1,366 1st May 2021, 17:50
Shining like a diamond.
Topped and Tailed the Land rover today inside and out on this lovely sunny day. I do this ...
Billinge Biker 29 1,080 1st May 2021, 14:32
Don GB
Wigan returning to normal
a sunny day in Spring and Wiganers out in the sunshine at, [url=
tomplum 12 1,122 30th Apr 2021, 21:17
Copy Cats .......
..... but they can't spell ! [url="'41.3%2...
tonker - 371 30th Apr 2021, 20:51
robot vaccum cleaners
has anyone got or had 1 of these robot vaccums or know anyone who,s had 1 . is there any g...
whups 48 1,416 30th Apr 2021, 09:21
Hgv double wheels
Over the week end there was a tragic accident were a medic was killed by a large stone fli...
PeterP 4 610 29th Apr 2021, 16:00
Boars Head closed today
Drove past the Boars Head today, the car park barrier was down, nobody sat at any of the t...
WN1 Standisher 29 1,745 29th Apr 2021, 15:53
Oh Dear
there's going to be a lot of people upset [url=]l...
basil brush 21 1,114 28th Apr 2021, 14:58
Are they open? .....
...... or are they shut? Pubs and restaurants? This is what the rules say ..... "P...
tonker 28 879 28th Apr 2021, 10:11
St George's Day
Happy St Georges Day to everyone, I thought somebody would have posted and explained why t...
riocaroni 18 658 27th Apr 2021, 18:18
Activity ?????
I was just wondering does anyone on this site agree with me that there seems to be less an...
GOLDEN BEAR 63 1,206 26th Apr 2021, 23:18
King of Clubs
What year did the King of Clubs close.
cindy 22 1,421 26th Apr 2021, 10:39
basil brush
Sub Postmasters
So pleased to hear that the Sub Postmasters have had their convictions quashed. Someone n...
Bradshaws Girl 8 459 24th Apr 2021, 23:42
Has anyone...
Used a pump action spray to clean their patio,I'm finding it absolutely hopeless,I'm havin...
momac 25 628 24th Apr 2021, 11:21
Blood tests
Been trying all day to get through to linacre to book a blood test, Every time I rang just...
riocaroni 8 611 24th Apr 2021, 09:02
School holidays.
I live opposite an infants school which means the street can be very busy at dropping off ...
riocaroni 27 982 23rd Apr 2021, 22:33
I've never met Momac
but in my mind the bass player in this video [url=
tomplum 2 354 23rd Apr 2021, 22:30
Parbold Hill Landfill
Many Wiganers will know the lovely viewpoint and beauty spot which is Parbold Hill. At a...
fedup 14 978 23rd Apr 2021, 20:00
Bird brain
Earlier this morning whilst drinking my wake up coffee and watching a number of pheasants ...
Anne 2 400 23rd Apr 2021, 12:58
Thank you for your kind comment about me, I could not thank you on the thread you mention...
tomplum 7 515 22nd Apr 2021, 21:53
War Graves Commission.
All over the news this morning.. The supposedly failure to recognise African Asian Indian ...
Billinge Biker 7 506 22nd Apr 2021, 20:12
Billinge Biker
How to Wreck Your Bike ......
...... and, possibly, yourself .... [url=""]...
tonker 11 623 22nd Apr 2021, 18:06
In my opinion the most interesting poster of the moment, a little whacky at times and peda...
tomplum 5 691 22nd Apr 2021, 11:24
Another one gone.....
off SM Message sent into us St James club Orrell is now closed. Anyone who has any pr...
basil brush 4 689 21st Apr 2021, 17:50
Billinge Biker
What Some People .....
..... [url=""]Can Do!
tonker 1 364 21st Apr 2021, 17:47
Billinge Biker
Death of ex-councillor
Read that George Fairhurst(senior) who was a councillor for Standish has passed away . May...
PeterP 3 767 21st Apr 2021, 09:40
I was just wondering
I've spent a pleasant afternoon in the garden and noticed all my plants are flourishing in...
tomplum 63 1,480 20th Apr 2021, 23:25
Visual Acuity
I guess it does decline with age, though I know not if such is inevitable. Threading a ...
ena malcup 8 534 20th Apr 2021, 19:24
A Year on Zoom
“18 pieces of new writing … in a series of monologues and duologues. This powerful ...
jo anne 19 629 19th Apr 2021, 19:48
jo anne
The age of technology ; Our Doctors want you to use Ask my gp app on your phone/laptop. Se...
PeterP 24 1,127 19th Apr 2021, 16:27
Wigan Council
On my journey thro Wigan today i was driving along wallgate up to queen street , then left...
GOLDEN BEAR 11 893 19th Apr 2021, 15:22
Once again the bbc have gone completely overboard , OK the guy has died and i realise he i...
GOLDEN BEAR 67 2,017 19th Apr 2021, 13:52
ena malcup
Dehumidifier .......
...... FREE to anybody who wants it. It's hardly been used. In fact, I've never used it!...
tonker 3 470 19th Apr 2021, 13:08
laughing gravy
Ahem! ....................
........... Shhh!
tonker 38 1,090 18th Apr 2021, 16:51
Owd on a bit.... The choice of Muslims is to fast during this month... Why is P. N. E. Foo...
Billinge Biker 23 974 18th Apr 2021, 12:52
BBC Teletext
Has it finally finished It hasn't updated for two days.
peter g 4 409 17th Apr 2021, 16:38
In the course of business, .....
...... this morning, I went to a house at the other side of Warrington, where an old (is...
tonker 4 526 17th Apr 2021, 16:04
Tommy Two Stroke