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Don't forget the basic rules you all agreed to when signing up to use the boards: * Do ...
brian - 17,701 Sticky!
Job Vacancies
Please add other local vacancies. Useful Links: Find a job - [url=https://findajob.d...
jo anne 52 6,613 Sticky!
Safely home? What happens when people leave hosp
Have you or someone you know been discharged from any hospital in the last 12 months? W...
pippa 19 3,856 Sticky!
Gerry Hilton. 'BENT LEGS'
Just received this sad news about one of our members.. Hi Ron Just Letting you know as...
admin 11 469 Sticky!
admin - 12 Sticky!
Car crash!!
Anyone else watching Fararge on Panorama? Nick Robinson is systematically taking him, R...
Stardelta 2 117 22nd Jun 2024, 09:11
Leader of reform party ?
I was intrigued by the leader of the Reform Party comment on the issue of the boats coming...
GOLDEN BEAR 11 293 22nd Jun 2024, 08:18
Owd Codger
Brexit: It is what yoo voted for
"Brexit Britain surges back! UK economy to grow by huge 7% after Covid, new report predict...
Tommy Two Stroke 664 12,076 22nd Jun 2024, 00:00
Tommy Two Stroke
General Election 2024
It is looking highly likely that the election will be called on for a vote in October, and...
Tommy Two Stroke 229 3,088 21st Jun 2024, 23:49
First Mate
Deer Hunting
Deer hunters dressup in camo gear, smear deer scent on themselves, thread quietly through ...
tomplum 18 147 21st Jun 2024, 23:20
mollie m
Have you noticed that, when the sun is shining, most people you see have much happier face...
mollie m 20 485 21st Jun 2024, 18:02
mollie m
Donald Sutherland
RIP. He was considered one of the greatest actors to never have received an Academy Award...
First Mate 9 179 21st Jun 2024, 12:06
Tommy Two Stroke
It's not letting-up!
In fact, [url=https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/newslondon/channel-migrant-crossings-hit-new-...
tonker 18 323 20th Jun 2024, 09:21
Tommy Two Stroke
Germany asks British not to sing war songs
So what did they do [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3tkLKhJzGk] don't mention the...
tomplum 12 391 19th Jun 2024, 14:07
Tommy Two Stroke
Join the Dots
Wed 19th Jun, 11.30am - 5pm Grand Arcade (Old Debenhams) Learn about the support avail...
jo anne 5 223 19th Jun 2024, 09:54
jo anne
Alien Encounter
Received this info Can Did anyone go to the Presentation? To Whom It May Concern, I ho...
admin 4 167 18th Jun 2024, 22:19
mollie m
Sodium-ion battery electrode made from wood.
[url=https://newatlas.com/energy/wood-based-sodium-ion-battery/] Electrode
gaffer - 69 18th Jun 2024, 20:11
Having a Larf
Mckenzie-folan Wigan's Chief exec awarded OBE in honours list for services to local govern...
Billinge Biker 8 318 18th Jun 2024, 13:06
Billinge Biker
Sir Alan Bates
"Alan Bates was awarded a knighthood in the King's Birthday Honours on Friday after his la...
Tommy Two Stroke 10 286 18th Jun 2024, 09:36
Tommy Two Stroke
Back in the day in 1978, Honda first manufactured a motorcycle, which I thought was the mo...
Tommy Two Stroke 36 488 17th Jun 2024, 23:17
Over the last few years we have seen/read about whether its home or abroad locals protesti...
PeterP 10 360 17th Jun 2024, 21:46
I see they have left their usual mess ..filth.. excrement for Cumbria council to clear up....
Billinge Biker 21 647 17th Jun 2024, 17:13
Falklands Remembrance
A service is taking place at Wigan Parish church 12noon today. It will involve members of ...
Billinge Biker 5 206 17th Jun 2024, 17:00
Does anyone have any phobias - that they're willing to admit to? I used to be petrified...
mollie m 10 237 17th Jun 2024, 14:19
Tommy Two Stroke
New Candidate for MAKERFIELD ???
Can anyone shed some light as to who will be the candidate for the Makerfield Constituency...
GOLDEN BEAR 31 600 17th Jun 2024, 06:46
Owd Codger
Happy Fathers day Dads
I'm just enjoying a bottle of pale ale from my Sons and there's a whole crate to get throu...
tomplum 3 108 16th Jun 2024, 22:41
mollie m
Has anyone got a medal for winning this competition? I think it was for schools in Wigan i...
admin 9 416 16th Jun 2024, 22:19
4 and 1/4 hours
Of football tonight, programmes cancelled why when there are other channels. Lots of rep...
First Mate 17 335 15th Jun 2024, 19:11
mollie m
A new twist to the old Wigan joke
What do you call six pies on a skewer ? Well now you can actually buy a Kebab pie, My s...
tomplum 1 151 15th Jun 2024, 14:40
Billinge Biker
Civic centre.
New look. [url=https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/fir...
gaffer 8 218 15th Jun 2024, 09:35
Owd Codger
Cat stories
I'm an animal lover and would never hurt one but, cats seem to know i don't like them so I...
tomplum 12 313 14th Jun 2024, 21:30
mollie m
Guess what I'm getting at the end of the month
[url="https://youtu.be/0Ag9j5Ges1o?si=tjSjY-b-YEEwMO04]isn't she a beauty?
eggbeater 29 582 13th Jun 2024, 23:45
these new fones
They are cleverer than a thermas flask,IK'm just messing about with mine and, All of a sud...
tomplum - 146 13th Jun 2024, 22:59
Local History & Heritage
Wigan LH&HS Presentation Made in Manchester by Brian Groom Mon 10th June, 7pm at Real...
jo anne 6 188 13th Jun 2024, 09:03
jo anne
All cats must be microchipped by the 10th June 2024. Failure to do this may result in a...
mortarmillbill 32 756 13th Jun 2024, 08:21
Tommy Two Stroke
Wigan World.
I am getting this again "Wigan World asks for your consent to use your personal data", doe...
Domin0 4 184 12th Jun 2024, 23:49
I,m Back
Watch this space...those previously ignored...nothing has changed.,Tee-Hee.
Billinge Biker 36 937 12th Jun 2024, 14:00
Billinge Biker
Boy Racers
I think [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTWwVaVUkFY] this one needs more lessons
tomplum 2 214 10th Jun 2024, 08:17
Billinge Biker
Rugby league legend passes away
For those who do not look at the sports thread Rob Burrow the ex rugby league player has ...
PeterP 5 290 9th Jun 2024, 20:01
Not by a long chaulk
It means, Somethings not finished by far but, what has chaulk got to do with it ?
tomplum 1 157 9th Jun 2024, 16:22
First Mate
Dear Hulk
I know when you get mad, you tend to rip your shirt so, On my tour today i found a shirt t...
tomplum 7 237 9th Jun 2024, 16:08
First Mate
Smart Meters
Lately I have been inundated with texts / emails from my energy supplier offering me a sma...
cheshirecat 19 457 9th Jun 2024, 13:53
Tommy Two Stroke
Early morning taxi duty
My lads going to Wembley int morn so, guess who has to get up with the crows to get him to...
tomplum 17 454 9th Jun 2024, 13:42
Tommy Two Stroke