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Don't forget the basic rules you all agreed to when signing up to use the boards: * Do ...
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Job Vacancies
Please add other local vacancies. Useful Links: Find a job - [url=https://findajob.d...
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Safely home? What happens when people leave hosp
Have you or someone you know been discharged from any hospital in the last 12 months? W...
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DAVE BOLTON Wigan R.L.F.C. player
Just had an email to tell me that Dave Bolton passed away during the night 21st Jan. He wa...
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It is with great sadness that I heard that Harold passed away last Saturday. His daughter...
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Don't know if this ones been done before...
I was walking under Wallgate bridge earlier today and was telling my lad about the old que...
chatty 18 458 24th Jan 2021, 22:55
Tommy Two Stroke
We are finding out now who is important
This pandemic is here to sort the , straw from the chaff , KEY workers are needed but the ...
tomplum 4 77 24th Jan 2021, 22:32
Popup wash basin washer .
[bNeed Help finding a Popup wash basin washer I have looked on internet smallest I can fin...
cindy 4 145 24th Jan 2021, 22:09
Lisa And The Chinese State
Call for Wigan MP to speak on Chinese firm's involvement in town centre masterplan. [ur...
TerryW 22 935 24th Jan 2021, 21:58
similar to chatty's post
Is it possible to get into Wigan From anywhere without, crossing Water ?
tomplum - 14 24th Jan 2021, 21:36
I keep getting a message telling me to change my password is this a scam?
linma 3 226 24th Jan 2021, 19:33
Perhaps I’m being a little critical...just been watch BBC news showing vaccinations bein...
roylew 31 727 24th Jan 2021, 19:13
Masked singer
Think I've been brainwashed into watching it. Or should I lock myself in the lav ?
i-spy 15 487 24th Jan 2021, 18:03
Trouble at'mill in Ashton .....
...... with another development application! They're calling it 'an extension to the So...
tonker 6 207 24th Jan 2021, 17:55
"A Place in the Sun" ? ....
.................... Well, ""]
tonker 6 276 24th Jan 2021, 17:52
Goobye .... Goodbye ....
.... [url=""]Donald Trump, Goobye!
tonker 5 223 24th Jan 2021, 14:02
jo anne
The Poets Thread...
CLAIR de LUNE There she goes, following me again... Across the cropped corn and ...
jarvo 363 9,183 23rd Jan 2021, 23:28
Wakes Weeks
This takes me back to the 1960s and waiting on Wigan Station to be transported to Blackpoo...
Tommy Two Stroke 9 336 23rd Jan 2021, 22:10
Tommy Two Stroke
getting about round town]
tomplum - 124 23rd Jan 2021, 21:04
Her indoors has been mythering for yonks for new radiators downstairs.. Three ordered on l...
Billinge Biker 7 409 23rd Jan 2021, 20:56
Self Isolation ......
""][/img Bugger!
tonker 2 164 23rd Jan 2021, 20:27
jo anne
Local Urban Exploration
A great video taking a look at the Great Haigh Sough, a mine adit built in the 17th Centur...
jo anne 14 480 23rd Jan 2021, 16:13
jo anne
Driving Test
I would like to see what people think about this, ? there's big build-up of people waiting...
dougie 22 402 23rd Jan 2021, 14:03
Madness .....
..... that's what causes it. Along with much idiocy and un-common sense! There's been ...
tonker 6 361 23rd Jan 2021, 12:58
Where is LG ?
Hope everything is ok with him.
basil brush 2 130 23rd Jan 2021, 12:52
basil brush
The Galleries
The Council is working with a Chinese Company, BCEGI, to redevelop the Galleries. Cost is...
Jim Latham 18 448 23rd Jan 2021, 12:32
Desert Island Discs...
My choice: Living Doll - Cliff Richard Telstar - The Tornados Oh Well (Part Two) ...
jarvo 15 491 23rd Jan 2021, 12:27
basil brush
New Road
Isn't it Beautiful, it is a work of Art, a Masterpiece of modern Civil Engineering, if it ...
Tommy Two Stroke 17 505 23rd Jan 2021, 12:11
basil brush
Who's .....
.... [url="
tonker 5 364 22nd Jan 2021, 18:43
Question for tonker
Why are yickers called yickers
i-spy 9 321 22nd Jan 2021, 16:53
Walking the dog.
A little girl asked her Mum, "Mum, may I take the dog for a walk around the block?" Mu...
gaffer 3 297 22nd Jan 2021, 13:17
peter g
The World's Highest .......
..... Gyro Drop Tower ride, Icon Park, Orlando. The effects on bodies of participants i...
tonker 2 128 22nd Jan 2021, 10:21
WN1 Standisher
Covid house parties
Now £800 a ticket
mortarmillbill 3 171 22nd Jan 2021, 10:20
WN1 Standisher
Do dogs like pubs ?
[url=] this one does
tomplum 4 111 21st Jan 2021, 21:33
WW2 Soldiers
Does anybody know if the War Memorial at All Saints includes Wigan soldiers killed in WW2?...
paddy2t10 16 651 21st Jan 2021, 17:01
peebee 2 201 21st Jan 2021, 14:19
Be Aware, Ladies .....
..... when putting the bins out. [url=""]There's a Perver...
tonker 3 442 21st Jan 2021, 11:51
daft weather
At last its stopped raining but now we have it snowing.We cannot win.
PeterP 5 284 21st Jan 2021, 10:37
chris southworth
Past Forward
The latest issue of the local history magazine is available online for free - [url=https:/...
jo anne 9 1,429 21st Jan 2021, 07:35
jo anne
Rabbit Rocks
They featured on BBC Northwest Tonight this evening - did anyone else see it.
jo anne 10 644 20th Jan 2021, 22:33
Tommy Two Stroke
Frank Orrell Photography
All these books are available at Rydings news stall in Wigan market hall. They’re not ye...
jo anne 13 688 20th Jan 2021, 20:36
jo anne
It's never to soon making a Power-of-Attorney property and financial affairs out but go th...
dougie 12 807 20th Jan 2021, 15:59
Phone scams ( again )
Had another bogus text to my mobile phone yesterday, this one purporting to be from Natwes...
WN1 Standisher 18 458 20th Jan 2021, 15:37