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Don't forget the basic rules you all agreed to when signing up to use the boards: * Do ...
brian - 14,383 Sticky!
Job Vacancies
Please feel free to add any other local vacancies you know of. Useful Links: Find a ...
jo anne 33 1,872 Sticky!
Safely home? What happens when people leave hosp
Have you or someone you know been discharged from any hospital in the last 12 months? W...
pippa 3 871 Sticky!
MICHAEL BITHELL information required
Just received this email has anyone any information about this man? Hi Ron I am an...
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M58 Orrell to Goose Green Link Road
This is the next wonderful road project, which is due to be built, it will probably be kn...
Tommy Two Stroke - 3 9th Jul 2020, 09:10
Tommy Two Stroke
A49 new link road
Looks like nobody likes the northern route. so here is another video heading south [url...
FAT MICK 4 35 9th Jul 2020, 09:07
Death by dangerous driving.
A 13 year old lad was walking along Old Road in Ashton yesterday afternoon when he was str...
gaffer 8 252 9th Jul 2020, 07:51
A49 Cycle Path
Its great, very smooth and easy on the bum. [url= ]Link
FAT MICK 7 157 9th Jul 2020, 07:34
Tommy Two Stroke
msg for eric (BRYN / ASHTONERS)
eric, to contact other bryn/ashtoners, leave a message on here. Ferdy, eric, bentlegs, nut...
brian 28 2,775 8th Jul 2020, 22:36
What is happening in our green and pleasant land. We now have state supported olympic ath...
Billinge Biker 15 623 8th Jul 2020, 21:48
The good, the bad and the ugly...
During this time of crisis and uncertainty due to the present pandemic, we have heard of m...
JR 4 191 8th Jul 2020, 20:53
Does anyone think the Queens son will go to jail Roy.
r.fisher 6 373 8th Jul 2020, 20:51
JUST HAD ANOTHER REQUEST:- Good afternoon Ron, I trust that you are well. This is a ...
admin 3 265 8th Jul 2020, 20:50
black boxes
Billinge Biker what are the black boxes for about 20yds either side of the yellow average ...
PeterP 3 179 8th Jul 2020, 18:33
Tommy Two Stroke
A49 new link road
All brand new and not to much traffic using it yet. this video shows a vehicle heading nor...
FAT MICK - 211 8th Jul 2020, 16:41
Plane flies over Wigan ....
.... dragging a banner! ""]
tonker 19 798 8th Jul 2020, 16:12
Bernie Ecclestone
Reditus 3 221 8th Jul 2020, 12:41
Is anyone really interested in their opinions or lives? They have turned their back on the...
broady 20 686 8th Jul 2020, 11:50
baker boy
Wigan newspaper archives
Anyone know where I can view old Wigan newspaper articles that have been archived (free to...
ashtonman01 5 237 7th Jul 2020, 16:57
Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest
firefox 25 863 7th Jul 2020, 11:34
laughing gravy
Does anyone know where you can buy Ammonia? Looked everywhere. I only need a small amount,...
admin 21 507 7th Jul 2020, 11:22
ennio morriconi r.i.p.
my favourite [url="]compostion by him]
laughing gravy 5 215 6th Jul 2020, 19:01
laughing gravy
Saturday night
Who went out last night and what was it like round the pubs
peter g 1 376 5th Jul 2020, 21:41
New WW
I used to be able to put a question in & get get information, Now I can,t Am I doing some...
cindy 3 215 5th Jul 2020, 20:59
The forgotten air disaster
It’s 50 years ago this weekend since the Dan Air flight from Manchester to Barcelona cra...
linma 9 416 5th Jul 2020, 18:25
Billinge Biker
Super Saturday
As the big day looms, how many of you out there will be banging on the door for that first...
WN1 Standisher 41 1,181 5th Jul 2020, 14:45
Phone scams
Just a heads up, we've had 2 automated phone calls this Morning purporting to renewing our...
WN1 Standisher 24 783 5th Jul 2020, 11:43
Sunday Morning
Gently roll down from the Top Lock to Wigan Pier The Kirklees pub at the beginning is n...
FAT MICK 12 560 5th Jul 2020, 09:29
No deal?
Deadline has passed. Edging closer to no deal. Prominent remainer, Anna Soubry, has dec...
Reditus 9 351 4th Jul 2020, 19:33
Khan's London
Reditus 4 185 4th Jul 2020, 19:32
has there ever been a thicker president?
trump says hes no idea why covid is called covid-19...and i finally know why whacker keep...
laughing gravy 40 974 3rd Jul 2020, 21:10
Unpaid Carers
Zoom Call, Thursday 11th June, 7pm - 8pm Wigan Council ([url=
jo anne 6 223 3rd Jul 2020, 16:05
jo anne
Friday April 24th at 7pm UK time, don't forget
[url=""]Love Never Dies
peter israel 15 924 3rd Jul 2020, 15:44
jo anne
Another Good One
This is High Moor, Parbold, Appley Bridge and Gathurst, the posher areas of Wigan. [ur...
FAT MICK - 173 3rd Jul 2020, 14:53
Dont Swim
in the Canals. they might not like you giving them a lecture about the dangers of swimmi...
FAT MICK - 90 3rd Jul 2020, 14:48
New pupil in Class
Hello classmates. After reading from the sidelines for a couple of years I've decided to ...
Brasstoff 18 550 3rd Jul 2020, 11:49
Tommy Two Stroke
tens of 1000s will die in the US
because of president fart mark my words...
laughing gravy 20 850 3rd Jul 2020, 07:44
laughing gravy
Where Was I
When I took this photo
FAT MICK 4 334 2nd Jul 2020, 23:17
No deal?
Twice as good.
Reditus - 95 2nd Jul 2020, 14:36
Championship club Wigan Athletic placed into administration, blaming ‘significant impac...
FAT MICK 9 652 2nd Jul 2020, 11:17
Catnapped Pussies
Whoo has been pinching the pussy cats
Tommy Two Stroke 13 421 1st Jul 2020, 15:23
Public Toilets
During the last few months most public toilets have been closed. Is it not time the counci...
PeterP 28 720 1st Jul 2020, 15:12