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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Saturday, 4th March, 2023)

The Chippie

The Chippie
The Garden Wall, corner of Kendal St and Frog Lane, Wigan.
Amazing where plants will grow.

Photo: Dennis Seddon  (Sony DSC-WX500)
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Comment by: PeterP on 4th March 2023 at 08:44

Might serve good fish and chips but does not have kerb appeal. The building looks scruffy and run down from the outside but could look completely different inside

Comment by: Veronica on 4th March 2023 at 08:57

It’s a pity they have taken the trouble and expense of a new roof and then painted over old bricks which would have been far better to have been re- pointed. Paint just shows up all the defects. The building next door looks far better without the paint. The vegetation must have been there about three or four years. It’s beginning to look an eye sore, whether the chips are good or not..

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 4th March 2023 at 09:14

My daughter used to live in Frog Lane, just past this chippy, in the days when it was still open. They used to wrap fish and chips in the required plain white paper, but then used to wrap the whole lot in printed newspaper to keep it warm. Sadly, it closed not long after, but it gave me no end of pleasure to carry a warm newspaper-wrapped "chippy tea" to Ashley's house, and took me straight back to childhood, when chippies always wrapped food in newspaper. I certainly never knew it to do anybody any harm!

Comment by: Garry on 4th March 2023 at 09:16

These plants growing in the brickwork gaps are caused by the wind carrying seeds in the air. If they are not attended to, the roots can loosen and crack the mortar and bricks. This can cause damp conditions.

Comment by: Arthur on 4th March 2023 at 09:24

Dennis is the chippy opposite Parry's motor panels?
Weeds grow everywhere even in dry conditions without soil.

Comment by: Anne on 4th March 2023 at 10:03

Is the upstairs occupied/lived in, flowers in the windows and the downstairs for storage, or are the windows just reflecting something else.

Comment by: Anne on 4th March 2023 at 10:22

Wonder what class the mobility scooter is? Road and pedestrian or pedestrian only.

Comment by: Anne on 4th March 2023 at 10:24

Wonder what class the mobility scooter is? Road and pedestrian or pedestrian only.

Comment by: Mog the cat on 4th March 2023 at 11:10

Nice photo of the chippy but in the background there is a man on a mobility scooter in the road. Shouldn’t he be on the pavement?

Comment by: Garry on 4th March 2023 at 13:00

Some mobility riders get on my nerves, the Councils across Britain have spent millions of pounds modifying footpaths for mobility riders to cross from one pavement to the other. And is made safer for them and vehicle drivers. You can see in this photo the slopes in the pavements for that reason. Plus riding in the road slows traffic down. I'm annoyed.

Comment by: Wigan Mick on 4th March 2023 at 13:06

This is on the corner of Kendal Street and Gidlow Lane.

Comment by: Dave Lewis on 4th March 2023 at 13:13

This was a real good chippy when Arthur Tolley had it back in the day, it's been closed for a very long time gone have the days for a chippy tea probably costing £11 to £12 for fish & chips families can't afford that these days.

Comment by: Michael Gormally on 4th March 2023 at 13:24

If I'm right, that chipshop used to be a shop belonging to the Seabrook family. I'm talking now about the 1960s. It may have been the house where the famous Des Seabrook was born and brought up. I just wish I could remember what they sold. Bakery?

Comment by: Anne on 4th March 2023 at 14:00

Having asked, apparently twice, what class the scooter is I think it is road and pedestrian. He is wearing hi-vis jacket and the scooter seems to be sporting a headlamp.

Comment by: Pat McC on 4th March 2023 at 14:06

Dave - I bought two portions of fish and chips last week - £16! It used to be a cheap meal, but no longer. Nice not to have to cook a meal for a change though!

Comment by: Colin Harlow on 4th March 2023 at 16:47

Anne: Only glass 3 Mobility Scooters are legally allowed on the road.
Not too sure of the class in this photo, but some silly law allows them on the road if they can go faster than 4 MPH. My opinion is all mobility scooters should ride on the pavement, its much safer.

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 4th March 2023 at 16:48

Pat McC, and all Wigan Worlders, "The Chippery" on Market Street does a small fish, chips and peas meal for around £4. 95, (might be less....just can't remember). This is to SIT IN the cafe, NOT "take-away" and the staff are so lovely and welcoming. The amount you get is ample, I promise. I realise this is advertising in a way, and if I am not allowed to post this I understand if admin rejects it. But credit where credit is due!

Comment by: Alan on 4th March 2023 at 17:04

Unemployed people can wear hi viz, jackets it doesn't mean they have a job.

Comment by: Stan on 4th March 2023 at 17:17

No mobility scooter should be on the road full stop.
Anne you still require lights and horn warning, even on the pavement to warn pedestrians.

Comment by: Dave Lewis on 4th March 2023 at 17:18

You're correct pat it's nice not to cook for a change hope you enjoyed them, as youngsters mother would send me chippy for Friday tea a great treat for us all, but as you say it's not cheap anymore families can't afford to do that now, sadly.

Comment by: Pat McC on 4th March 2023 at 18:44

Thanks Irene, good to know, but unfortunately it would cost me quite a bit to drive 200 miles to enjoy them! Ha ha! Will certainly bear it in mind when we're next visiting my son in Wigan.

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 4th March 2023 at 19:20

I will tell them to keep them on a low light for you, Pat McC! xxxx

Comment by: Pat McC on 4th March 2023 at 21:38

Haha - good thinking.

Comment by: Cyril on 5th March 2023 at 21:47

That chip shop was quite famous for quite a while in the early 1990s, it was when a social worker was taken captive by her knife wielding client who lived on Kendal Street, and it made national news. The TV news crews arrived and were filming from Parry's car park and the chip shop was clearly seen in the backdrop of the reporters, I'd imagine the shop did very well during those few weeks, especially from those folks who went along just for a gawp.

Buddleia or Butterfly Bush is a survivor with hundreds of seeds that blow around in the wind, they'll germinate in any nook and cranny. Before the houses were built across the way, and especially so where Regentruck was the land was overgrown with Buddleia, and the area looked quite nice too when they were in flower.

Comment by: Veronica on 5th March 2023 at 22:47

I think that’s the shrub that grows along the wall on Wallgate station Cyril. It’s the purple one. I had a white one in my garden and the flowers go brown very quickly. I soon pulled it up and gave it to my next door neighbour.

Comment by: Cyril on 7th March 2023 at 20:05

The purple buddleia seem to be growing everywhere now Veronica, and as you say even on railways, it's gone back to being wild now and competing with goat willow and stinkweed for growing on scrub land, and folks still buy the purple ones at garden centres despite this being the common colour and could be got for free, it must be their natural colour as lupins do the same and revert back to blue when self seeding. We too have a white one and as you say if wet the flowers don't last and go brown in no time, they need lots of hot sunny days to look good and to attract plenty butterflies for a while, they also need plenty of clipping back too.

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