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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Sunday, 21st August, 2016)

1940s Day (3 of 7)

1940s Day (3 of 7)
Irene and Peter Roberts, winners of the Best Outfits at the Friends of Haigh 1940s event.

Photo: John Morris  (Nikon D700)
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Comment by: Kas on 21st August 2016 at 00:58

My Goodness! Now that really is Polish!! What a lovely picture.

Comment by: Vb on 21st August 2016 at 08:40

Very elegant dress and beautifully made especially when considering it was sewn 70years ago! It's a dress to treasure! Dr Roberts looks very smart as well!

Comment by: Mick on 21st August 2016 at 08:42

Irene you look absolutely stunning.

Comment by: Alan H on 21st August 2016 at 09:18

Nice one, Irene, not bad for an Incer and former HAGS girl. Very smart pair you are.

Comment by: irene roberts on 21st August 2016 at 09:32

Thankyou, Kas, Vb and Mick for the kind comments. As Vb says, the dress is seventy years old....Vb kindly showed an interest in how I acquired it, so I put the story on Friday's p-a-d if anyone is interested.

Comment by: irene roberts on 21st August 2016 at 09:55

Thankyou, Alan H. At HAGS, Miss Whillas's clothes always looked as though they were from the war....we girls used to snigger but I would love them now.....serves me right!

Comment by: John on 21st August 2016 at 10:05

Lovely nostalgic photo and taken in such a splendid location, just a pity about the fox.

Comment by: Henry7 on 21st August 2016 at 10:18

Lovely looking couple. Not surprised you won the Best Outfits. Beautiful dress and really smart suit and what a difference a hat makes.

Comment by: irene roberts on 21st August 2016 at 11:08

I am wearing the fox, John, because I am portraying the 1940s, when it was accepted to wear them; I would never condone it today. The furs I own are from before I was born, and if, by leaving them hanging in the wardrobe, I could bring them back to life, I would do so. Unfortunately I can't and would rather they were cherished, as I cherish them, than destroyed.

Comment by: irene roberts on 21st August 2016 at 11:12

Thankyou, Henry 7. Peter's suit is also original and is a ton weight!

Comment by: Bill and Carol on 21st August 2016 at 11:15

Cracking photo, you both look stunning. Worth buying that new dress Irene x

Comment by: irene roberts on 21st August 2016 at 15:44

Thanks, Bill and Carol.....what a surprise to see your comment! I thought you had to be a member of Wigan World to comment. Peter managed to get an RAF Cap to go with his uniform today, so look out for Flight Lieutenant Kite at Grassington!

Comment by: Maureen on 21st August 2016 at 15:54

Irene..you both look great...and don't forget,never hang your fox fur out of the window..see you soon.x

Comment by: irene roberts on 21st August 2016 at 16:11

Thanks, Maureen; I will still bring the dress to Neil's. Look forward to seeing you and Elizabeth. x.

Comment by: Helen of Troy on 21st August 2016 at 17:12

Irene that is a beautiful dress, the skirt hangs so well, I expect it is cut on the bias. You look a very smart 1940s couple !

Comment by: Alan H on 21st August 2016 at 17:45

Irene, I left HAGS the year that you were born so all the female teachers were wearing 1940's clothes. You would have had a field day! I am now 80 years old.

Comment by: Garry on 21st August 2016 at 17:49

The photo would have been much better with just the two of you in the frame. No offence given.

Comment by: irene roberts on 21st August 2016 at 17:55

Thankyou, Helen. It fastens in the old-fashioned way that dresses in the thirties and forties did....you put it on over your head and there is a slit on the left side, from above to below the waist which fastens with press-studs; you can just see it on the photo.

Comment by: Neil Cain on 21st August 2016 at 19:21

I told you before Irene, I'm not wearing it! Always smart, well done.

Comment by: irene roberts on 21st August 2016 at 20:07

Alan H, I was at HAGS in the mid-late sixties, in the days when we loved mini-skirts and hated our school hats....now I love hats and the elegance of the forties' fashions! Thanks, Garry, for your comment, and Helen, the only problem with the dress is that you only need to walk past crepe-de-chine and it creases, but nevertheless I love it! Thanks to all for the comments which are much appreciated. x.

Comment by: sanibelfred on 21st August 2016 at 20:44

for some time I've wondered why I didn't remember Irene Roberts at hags. now I know. I left in 1942.
I miss ernie. P A D is not quite
the same.

Comment by: John Morris on 21st August 2016 at 21:06

Garry I agree with you but at a busy event like this, it is virtually impossible to achieve a clear background. Irene, you and Peter have certainly sparked off a lot of comment with this picture.As Henry7 says you were worthy winners.

Comment by: irene roberts on 21st August 2016 at 21:24

sanibelfred, we all miss ernie. He remembered the forties and I wish he could have seen the photo; I'm sure he would have contributed to the comments with his memories. Thankyou, John, for the photo. It was a joy to meet you and your daughter. I think everyone who turned up in costume looked amazing, especially the children. Look forward to next time. x.

Comment by: irene roberts on 21st August 2016 at 21:33

You spoilsport, Neil.....Maureen and Elizabeth and I were looking forward to seeing you on the catwalk! Many thanks for your hospitality on the 1940s day....your thoughtfulness over every detail was much appreciated. We should have brought Our Ben along as a Ministry of Defence Lamp-Post Inspector! x.

Comment by: Alex on 22nd August 2016 at 06:19

John Morris, I think what gary means is take them to oneside (near the trees) and take the shot. That way the 40s dress wouldn't have mixed with the modern folk. Next to the Austin car was ideal.
But hey, the photo's great and well done to you all.

Comment by: Neil Cain on 22nd August 2016 at 13:04

I can still do the catwalk Irene, just not in the dress. I'll get my posing pouch out!!! Wore it to Haigh Show...that's why the Shetland ponies took boggarts.
Keep snapping John..all the best.

Comment by: DotM on 22nd August 2016 at 22:42

Congratulations Irene, what a lovely photo, one to be cherished.
Makes me want to be in Wigan again.


Comment by: irene roberts on 23rd August 2016 at 07:08

Thanks, Alex and Dot! x.

Comment by: ARTHUR COLLIER on 25th August 2016 at 23:24

Irene about your fox fur do you remember Mrs Stonley the wife of the vicar of Ince Parish she was never seen without her fox fur

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 26th August 2016 at 10:49

I can't bring Mrs. Stoneley to mind, Arthur, although I remember Mr. Stoneley.

Comment by: Colin Barnes on 29th August 2016 at 13:02

Nicest couple you could ever meet .

Comment by: irene roberts on 29th August 2016 at 15:01

Thankyou, Colin!

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