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Have your saySt George's Day?

The end of an era. No more St George's Day Parades for Wigan. Disappointment for the scouts, guides, cubs, brownies, rainbows etc not to mention parents, grandparents... Why? Because the police have decided not to provide cover for the walks.


danni from wigan says...
go Brian ! its a brill idea


dave fisher(wigan1957) from wigan says...
for the sake of 1300,they want to ban it,but if someone wanted a new carpet for their office they would find the money then...tight gits.


marie spiers from ABRAM says...
If police can be found for football matches, rugby matches and the rare visits of a PM that I have seen, then they can most certainly provide policing for an event which is encouraging children to celebrate an important part of British Heritage.It isn't the cost at all, that amount is paltry, local businesses would likely chip in to pay for it, as would the locals of our town. Shame on Wigan Borough if this walk isn't allowed to go ahead.
Its about time the health and safety brigade got a life, people are too scared to 'live' for fear of breaching yet another silly policy.If the police won't provide cover, I am sure parents, grandparents and local teachers would fill the gap.


John from Wigan says...
The police will go down in everyone's opinion - they are meant to provide locals with a service, the rates for GMP have increased 7.5% in the last rates bill.



julie from wigan says...
I am sure we could help somehow. Shame on the council and the police wait till you want our vote.


Franny from Wigan says...
looks to me,the probable reason why the parade is cancelled is due once again to the pc brigade. The police and council are public servants. They work for us. Ask the people of Wigan what they want! We put the council in office.I will help steward it and could get others to help. What are they going to do if we turn up anyway, arrest people? I am sure the media would love that.


joseph from Wigan says...
How many of you actually support these parades with your presence, or is it just another pathetic excuse to blame 'THE FOREIGNERS'


Daniel from Wigan says...
Go for it Brian....it will give them something to do not that it is a hard job to do to stand at the end of the road for half hour!


Marie (again) from abram says...
Thats very unfair Joseph,if we didn't support it we wouldn't be bothered writing here would we? Its nothing to do with foreigners, immigrants or anything else, its to do with our penny pinching borough , and folk getting fed up of our traditions being put on the back burner.


danni (also again) from wigan says...
its not about "THE FOREIGNERS" Joseph its about another English tradition being lost. I fully support it as do my family


Gaudete from Wigan says...
It is a great shame!

It's obviously not just about the cost of policing the walking days, as last year police personnel did the job on a voluntary basis. I know that many officers would be happy to offer their services this year too.

Maybe some of them could be diverted from the task of harassing the motorists of the borough. But then again, that particular job creates more money than it costs to carry out, so maybe not. Sorry.... didn't mean to sound cynical there.

One proposal put forward last yera by one church leader was that costs be reduced by all the various parishes and organisations meeting up for a big, joint procession around Wigan. Although I appreciate the view of some local clergy that this would remove the community element, it would surely be a compromise worth considering. There would then be just a "one off" cost and this would make the police/council excuses seem even more feeble.


Gaudete from Wigan says...
My previous comments included reference not just to the St George's day parade, but also to the annual May and June walking days which are once again under threat.


Ian McL from Wigan says...
An appalling situation that cannot be allowed to happen: 1300? pathetic! The council are our elected representatives; they represent our interests . . really? Well, let's see! I have also offered to help in any way I can to ensure that this and other community events go ahead.


mick from WIGAN says...
just tell everybody its a st patricks day parade no problem.


Peter from Abram says...
The walking days are a tradition which goes back a long way. I remember as a young man carrying the banner around Wigan and up Scholes - it was a great honour. We shouldn't lie down and take this - too many people want this tradition to carry on


Harry from Warrington says...
It isnt about economics or any other silly excuse.By deciding not to provide police cover, events such as this simply dont take place,if they dont take place, then we dont offend or upset the PC brigade or anyone else. Such an easy way to turn these events into non-starters.What a cop out !!!


ste H from wigan says...
IT is not the cost its a case of dont upset the minority


Dave H from Wigan says...
There's more to this than the Police not supplying cover, they don't want to upset ethnic minorities but it's ok to upset us because they know that the british public will just accept it like always


Allan Shaw from Georgetown, Penang says...
The application of a little lateral thinking by the Council could easily restore such an important event as St Georges Day to the b
Borough calender. The St Georges Day parade not only commemorates the Patron Saint but acts as a shop window for the youth organisations within the Borough. I remember my days as a scout in the 4th Wigan troop and the weeks following the parade when many new members used to join the cubs and scouts and I am sure the same effect was felt by all other youth organisations. If the council were to view this as a youth event as well as a crime prevention measure in providing youngsters with life improving experiences then money should be found within the Youth Service and Community Safety budgets.


nutty from wigan says...
i remember walking round wigan while i was in the scouts and rembering all the people who used to stand and watch,it was a good day out and it's a shame the council can't find the money to police it any more


angela from wigan says...
The St George's day walk is on for this year 26th April 2009,
11.00am Wigan church.
with help from parents and others.


michael s davies from melbourne/ex wigan says...
dont let the council win ,vote them out have your walk without the police I sure some ex coal miners could provide support


Harry from Garstang. Lancashire. says...
I remember a left wing group of councillors in Manchester decreed a nuclear free zone in the City.....it seems the council new best, for as far as I remember Manchester was never " NUKED "


colin from wigan says...
Whats the police got 2 do with st george's day walks. We are'nt in Northern Ireland, whats gonna happen?


horace from Wigan says...
But the Council can always find money when the Members want to go on a fact finding mission to Timbuktoo via a sunny resort to view at first hand the plight of the poor undernourished, out of work, un-married single parents with aids or drug dependancies, the educationally challenged, the ethnically isolated and those persecuted by the ruling class. Wouldn't the Borough save a fortune if they looked at these sort of problems a little nearer home, say within a 6 mile radius of the Town Hall for example. Hypocrits, the lot of them, but they'll all be banging on our doors this next few weeks wanting our votes !!!! The only time you ever hear from them


Andyj from Wigan says...
End them.
Do not vote major political parties. Vote a local lad with no ties to the internationalist Fascist agenda. At the end of the day, they only follow what their masters tell them what to do.

This is not what we aspire to with democracy.

A fine example was our petition to get out of the EU. ALL sides had a three line whip against it. This means the dictators have the final say.

End them!


andy bannister from wigan says...
on sunday the 22 april at 1000am i will be starting my own walk with my kids starting from sams bar on frog lane,i will be doing the same walk that as happened from years but this time i will use the pavements,no policeman can tell me i cant walk on them,does anyone want to join me feel free.


Al from Standish says...
Well, on Sunday 29 April 2012 my daughter was in the St George's Day Parade and I was very proud to watch, even though we did all get soaked!


Tony from Wigan says...
Lets see the council change their mind when they find the EDL will hold a demo march on this day unless they reinstate it, don't destroy our culture, heritage & identity Wigan council


J Southam from Ashton in Makerfield says...
I would like taxpayers to see a list of all events put forward for costly policing. The paying public could then vote on which they wish their public SERVANTS to spend their money on!


andy from wigan says...
in 60s and 70s used to love parade with cubs then scouts we used to stsrt from old wigan grammar school go round wigan then end up in cinema for the service no problems cant see why they need police


eddie rana from Wigan says...
St. George's Day? Bit of a joke considering most people in Wigan have Scottish, Irish, etc last names, Duffy (Irish), Ireland (Scotch), McCarroll (Irish), Roby (Scotch), Gill (Scotch-Irish), Hart (Irish), Stott or Scott (Scotch), McGuire (Irish), Bradley (Irish), Hughes (Welsh) and then there's the Norman names, Morris, Topping, Roper, Wood, Granger, Turner, Gascoigne. Not many Saxons left (if any), I'm proud to be one of em.


Joe from Wigan says...
Most people in wigan ar ethnic minorities, IRISH!!! All the Mcs and the O's and all them Duffys.


Les Munts from Ince says...
St. Georges Day? Got nowt to do with Wigan anyrod thats a fact jack!


darryll from wigan says...
its racist anyway and rubbish, end it!


Philip Cunliffe from Wigan says...
Could you please explain using unemotional language why a St Georges Day parade in this country could be described as being racist


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