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Have your sayPainted Roads?

Unused cycle and bus lanes, permit parking, red stripes. Mesnes Road has recently been made narrower due to a cycle lane between parked and moving cars. Are they making congestion on purpose?


reddi8 from Standish says...
The council always moan about the lack of money & then go and waste it on bus lanes & cycle lanes that are hardly being used.


barabas from Wigan says...
I wish people would realise that you can use bus lanes when they are not in operation!


Fucini from Wigan says...
I use the cycle lanes on Mesnes Road they are a great addition


Spud from Wigan says...
What a loaded way to put the question ! Maybe what causes congestion is too many people driving cars ? The world (and the weather) is changing. Things just can't go on as they have done in the past, however much you might want them too. The good old days are over. The planet is biting back. Stop moaning about the bus and cycle lanes and USE THEM instead! Go on, make your grandchildren proud !


stephen from wigan says...
perhaps cyclists should start paying road tax if the roads are being reorganised for thier advantage.


Cadfael from Wigan says...
The day that cyclist are ever given priority on UK roads is the day I will be happy to ay road tax for my bicycle. The fact remains, most cycle routes are for drivers... to get us out of the way. It also has to be said, we need these lanes for our own safety, because as a cyclist I have lost count of the times I have nearlly been hit by cars who have no idea that I am there... or just don't care that I there.

What Spud says is correct... if the roads are congested it is not the fault of cycle lanes, but the amount of people who hop into their car for a 5 minute journey.... you could always walk there, or cycle. ;)


Cyclist from Wigan says...
Cycle lanes are designed to remove cyclists from the road... They are poorly designed, and dangerous. I think cyclists belong on the road, and I am against cycle lanes!

Btw, road tax does not exist, it is called vehicle excise duty. VED and other taxes revenue is put in a big box and used according to the country's budget. So everyone paying tax pays for road maintenance; even me, and I have not owned a car in 10 years.


Matt stott from Higher Ince says...
Why dont we lower bus prices then people may actually travel more on buses, instead of ranting and raving about bus lanes and cycle lanes. We moan also about the global warming and pollution, this is the main cause. Why dont more people take the bus and we lower bus fairs. Theres enough busses around. Ince bar to wigan are once every 2 mins

i no im going off topic here but still.


biker from ashton says...
Bike lanes are useless when you have to pull out every five yards because of parked cars. There is usually room to park cars on the outside of cycle lanes, as I have seen in other town around the UK.


PK from Wigan says...
cycle/buslanes a complete waste of time used to create congestion to back the government stats into bringing in congestion charging.


cds from hindley says...
The road calming on Hall Lane is now being removed and car drivers are having a field day speeding up and down. Why don't we have a bus service that runs regularly so that people can use the station or travel to and from Aspull and Hindley or even Hindley to Horwich? or is this to much to ask?


little standisher from standish says...
when used properly, the bus lanes along wigan lane are a great idea. however a decrease in price is definitely needed, id rather get in my car than pay those extortionate prices every day


Ian from Newtown says...
The bus lanes in Newtown near the Fire Station are never used. They should be made into more lanes for the cars and it could probably make the traffic run more smoothly.


stu from marsh green says...
I'm a cyclist from wigan and cycle to work and back relgiuusly each week.I hate the cycle/bus lane near Pier garage and the Ambulance station.The cycle/bus lane is in the left lane but if you need to turn right towards seven stars at the end i need to turn through traffic in the right lane which can be real tricky situation.they should have both lanes for traffic and would also ease traffic flow.


wiggylad from hindley says...
traffic in hindley is going to be worse when its finished? like top of king street ? why put traffic lights to turn left ? nothing comes that way.. thats the big wigs of the coucil wasting money ???


Alison from Wigan says...
Using the bus lane after 7pm is dangerous cos there is always an idiot using the other lane trying to run you off the road! remember its a road not a runway!!


Alison from wigan says...
Is the permit parking spot outside the tearoom on wigan lane there as a source of income for our council. Everyday at least 4 car owners unwittingly pay at the meter whilst the attendants wait with the fixed penalty notices. Shame on you, these people are usually visiting the hospital, the permit sign is obviously not clear enough.


Joe from Wigan says...
Well done Wigan Council for putting in cycle lanes. It's not these that cause congestion...It's you...and me...The car driver! Maybe if more Wiganers cycled, or god forbit it...walked short journeys, then our roads would be less congested. And there would also be less overweight Wiganers, off which there are shockingls high numbers. I think the author of this article is giving a very biased, weighted and uninformed account.


margaret from wigan says...
wigans roads are a joke my son works at the rebok center and it takes an hour in the morning and night, we need better traffic flow


Austin from Wigan says...
Wigan has had cycle lanes for ages, they are called footpaths.


j wilson from hindley says...
i have dusted my bike off found it too be quicker and cheaper then the car.


Dave from wigan uk says...
All this ranting and raving,.... when did any Senior Council Officer or Coucillor ever listen to what the public have to say. They only come round when they want to enforce some bureaucratic piece of red tape in order to tick another box for the sake of satisfying a statistic target and when did anyone ever see a councillor other than when they want your vote ?


Danny from Ince says...
As a bus driver, bus and cycle lanes don't work because other road users don't honor them properly, I frequently see cars stopped with hazards and people turning(before permited), in bus and cycle ways. Forcing buses to move into traffic lanes slowing everything down further. Few cars on the road would mean busier buses, cheaper fairs and less traffic.


Cas from Abram says...
Cycle lanes are dangerous and would not encourage me to ride a bike.Pavements should be widened to accomodate pedestrian and cycle paths.


roy T from ex wigan says...
park and ride system like they have at southport and preston would be the way forward


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