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Have your saySandyforth Pit?

A large number of people in Wigan are very concerned that Wigan Council is considering a proposal for a landfill site at the former opencast coal mine at Sandyforth Farm, Winstanley.

Jeff Tudge is against the proposals and has supplied 2 .pdf files:
Landfill link to birth defects
Letter of protest to Wigan MBC

Roger Whistlecroft has provided photos of Sandyforth:
Sandyforth Pit 1 (114K)
Sandyforth Pit 2 (162K)

What do you think should happen to the former coal mine?


eddie from wigan (winstanley) says...
forget it wigan council, its not happening! This area should be turned into a place of beauty, a nature reserve or something.


Adele Wilkes from BRYN. A-in-M says...
SANDYFORTH IS NOT A DUSTBIN!! Even if it went ahead, 10yrs down the line, WMBC landscape the area. The land is of no use anyway. No animals can graze on it, it can NOT be used for growing food ... the land will still be poisonous!!!


K.R.Elliott from Ashton-in-Makerfield says...
Sandyforth should be restored to it's former land with the topsoil that was taken out, and made into a place of beauty for the people of Ashton and district.


T Elliott from Ashton-in-Makerfield says...
I strongly believe that the SANDYFORTH PIT should be returned to it's natural state using natural materials NOT WASTE, we must protect the future of the environment we live in.


Andy from Bryn says...
The idea to create a landfill site at Sandyforth Farm is an abomination. If the council's main concern is the cost involved in doing something with the site then leave the area to nature. We do not want a landfill site in the area FULLSTOP and will do whatever it takes to stop it going ahead. I don't want the adverse risks to my and my family's health and I don't want the value of my property plummetting. Wigan Councillors and planners take note - the residents of Wigan are not happy.


Ronnie from Bryn says...
Nobody wants a landfill site but who's offering any alternative ideas for waste disposal. It's got to go somewhere. If the council and the towns' residents showed real commitment to recycling, we might not be in this situation.


mike from Orrell (ex-pat) says...
i suppose this is what we get for voting labour all these years. when will wmbc learn that its us that vote them in, the least they can do is start to listen to what we have to say. ther are plenty of other options available to them regarding waste disposal, one of them being incineration.


Jim Atkinson from Orrell says...
Why does it appear that Wigan MBC have to foot the bill for this lot. What about the former landowner whose pockets must have been well lined or the coal company who dug the hole? As for the man who complains about us deserving this for voting Labour, the Tories would have done things so differently now wouldn't they!! I don't think!!!


len from wigan says...
to much of wigan has been used to dump rubbish . lets put this place back to some kind of natural site and plant trees .after all we cut many forests down to easily . now they can be the easy answer to an eyesore problem


Mark from Standish says...
Another fine idea by the council. The idiots, i am only 23 but i am mature enough to realise that by the time im older there will be nothing left of Wigan and the surrounding areas in the way i will hopefully remember them, this is just another way of finishing the place off, go on lads do your best its what your good at.....


Susan from Billinge says...
The people of Garswood and Ashton are a set of NIMBYS (not in my back-yard). Waste has to go some-where.How about filling in the hole and letting the farmers have their land back TO FARM. After all it is their livelyhood AND vocation.


mike jones from Wigan highfield says...
Just browsing the net and come across this from earlier in the year. Has there been any developments regarding sandyforth as it has been several months now.


Gary Wilkes from BRYN says...
Well, well, well, Mike from orrell seems to think incineration is the answer. MMM typical Conservative reply. THAT IS JUST AS BAD!! The REAL answer is to invest properly and create an emourmous recycling strategy so communities in this country can benefif and NOT LOCAL COUNCILS!!! The Community Action Party put a motion to the Full Council this August to prevent this going ahead.All of Labour voted against this!Conservative, however, did not agree that the land should be left alone in its current state.Apart from being an eyesore, what harm is it doing?The land is stable, let nature reclaim what is has already lost !!!


G. Sheedy from BRYN says...
Watch Granada Reports Thu Nov 13th @ 6pm. A guy from Banks is being interviewed.This man is glossing over the serious issues!Bottom line is MONEY!!!Well I will NOT put my grandkids health into jeopardy just so banks can take 10yrs to create a smelly, disease ridden hole!!!The thing behind this is, Labour are using this issue to gain votes from the public ... they are actually covering up their tracks. it was mainly their fault that we have a hole in the ground anyway!!! I agree with Cllr Gary Wilkes; it's fine as it is, there are kestrals there now ... back off WMBC AND BANKS!!!


Adele Wilkes from BRYN says...
Ronnie from Bryn is right. Britain is MILES behind, this country does not have a recycling strategy there is a dire need to re-educate as regards to recycling.It can be done, it has been proven in the states. NOT ALL rubbish needs to be dumped!!!let the people gain from the benfits and not the government and the likes of banks.oh, by the way; there is no such thing as non-hazardous waste !!!


JonM from Lowton says...
Lets face it - it makes a change that the Labour planners are not proposing to put another massive housing estate on it!! Lets preserve our green and open spaces and create a proper environmental policy.


Cllr Gary Wilkes from Bryn says...
In reply to susan from billinge.I agree that waste has to go "somewhere" but there is no need to empty all the contents of your bin into a gaping hole.The population in Nova Scotia have succeeded in creating a MASSIVE recycling strategy.They have created jobs where the public bring the stuff that can be recycled, big businesses are involved too inc' Breweries.The trouble with our Government (regardless of who is in power) do not want to "upset" big business and want to keep them "sweet".So the Government want to charge "Joe Public" for their rubbish - well charge big business, it's them who create the majority of it anyway!!!Get them to cut down on the excessive packaging!!!


Holly from Wigan says...
The waste problems would be greatly lessened if there was a stringent recycling policy. I grew up in America and one borough that I lived in required us to recycle almost everything (Glass, plastic, tin, aluminium, and newspaper) if we failed to recycle we could incur fines. Though there is initial layout costs, the savings in the transport of waste, disposal, and landfill management made it a worthy cause. I am by no means a tree hugging hippy, however, when I had to pay £1.50 for the borough approved trash bag to put out my weekly trash, I became the most diligent recycler ever. I ended up recycling so much that I only needed to dispose of one bag a month. £18 a year for the cost of removing the trash and recycling of two university students shows how much £££ can be saved.


Phil from Platt Bridge says...
Where should this waste go then? Should WMBC dump all its waste in someone elses land? The waste has to go somewhere and WMBC has been awarded beacon council status over its work to protect the environment and reclaim land. Perhaps if people took to recycling sooner we wouldnt need a new landfill.


Adele Wilkes from Bryn says...
The sad fact is that there is only a minority that will/do recycle. It is the majority who need to be educated and will be the harder nuts to crack when this stubborn borough gets itself into gear for recycling.(which will be never!) Another sad fact, we cannot get away from the fact that a lot of rubbish that is created is NOT RECYCLABLE. So landfill has to happen, as Holly from Wigan has said the USA is miles ahead of us.There is proof that because of this there are no health damaging pollutants in the air as we get in this country. Come on WMBC GET YOUR REAR-END INTO GEAR !!! The people are desparate to reclycle, a 10% recycle rate is a darn poor target to aim for!!! - PS for "Phil" Sandyforth farm has too many "no-factors" to be used for landfill - the list is endless (and a lot of them serious); and not just for the health reasons either!


Ged from Bryn says...
Garswood, Bryn, Ashton in Makerfield in general have had opencast mining allmost continualy since 1944, I think we have had enough, as regards landfill, look what happened when they used Billinge Hill Quarry for landfill,When the wind blew Upholland road was covered in rubish, We don"t want the same for our district.Spend some money on it Wigan.


Deb from Ashton says...
Does anybody out there realise that it is NOT just the hole you can actually see that will be filled with garbage. Bank's want to utillise the WHOLE AREA. I.E fill a hole, cover it, dig another one, fill that and so on! Yeh, Yeh, it will look pretty when it's all finished, BUT, can you disguise the large "oil-rig-type" flame that will be there for ever? NO. Can you grow food stuff on there after? NO. Beware everybody - this will go to appeal if refused at council level - that is when the real fight will start!!!


LEN from WIGAN says...


HB from Wigan says...
There's a hole in the ground. There's a lot of rubbish to put into it. No brainer. However, why can't I take my waste plastic and old batteries anywhere to recycle them. They are all covered in recycling information. If I could, I would.


vinny from winstanley says...
look eleswere wigan council you have no chance of ever making this a land fill site, just get on with the job of backfilling the site,Its been long enough


Adele from Bryn says...
Did anybody notice that Bank's application for turning Sandyforth Farm into a landfill site went to planning the other week? Did anybody know that it was not accepted at the Planning Committee's Stage? Watch out, these guys will take it to appeal!!!


John from Winstanley says...
If this ever gets the go ahead, and God forbid, be prepared for the regulation queue of waste trucks waiting to off-load, then the regulation army of rodents and seagulls that are associated with this type of operation. Not to mention the obnoxious smells that will "waft" over the area, and a pathetic attempt to masked these smells by an addition of dissinfectant.{Go down Vista Road in Haydock on a sunny day - PHEW!!}. As with the French on Bastille Day, there should be a mass storming of the the Town Hall by us if this gets the nod.


Gareth Jones from Higher Ince says...
Rubbish has to go somewere. It's not as though we can dump our rubbish in the next town! Higher Ince and New Springs suffered for years with such a site. After the site in Higher Ince closed, Wigan Council planted trees etc for a nicer area. Live with it, it's your rubbish aswell!


Deb from Ashton says...
I strongly disagree with Gareth from H.Ince. Yes it's our rubbish, but who produces it? Only BIG BUSINESSES! The more extra packaging they make the less space in our bins. Yes, there is no getting away from Landfill. But most of our rubbish is bio-degradable. i.e. paper, brown cardboard and kitchen waste, garden waste. Most of it is recyclable. i.e. Clear Plastic, glass, fabrics steel, aluminium, mobile 'fones, ink cartridges! There now, space in your bin!!! Collate all the rubbish in your bin and times it by the amount of houses on your street. One heck of a strong, pollutant (and potentially) dangerous smell omitting from your road only! Just remember "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE"!!!


New from Standish says...
Why didn't the contract for the coal extraction include a reclamation clause? And if not, why wasn't one insisted upon?


Pete from Abram says...
Over two thirds of WMBC is open land, why are people so concerned that it is being completely tarmacked over, we already have over 20 conservation areas and numerous SSSI's. Sandyforth Pit would be prohibitively expensive to turn into a ecologically sound "nature reserve or something." as has been suggested and it would take decades too. It is, however, geologically sound to be used to store waste which can then be covered over and landscaped to look just like the miles and miles of open countryside that surround it. From what's been said you'd be forgiven for thinking Sandyforth is in an urban wasteland offering the only chance of greenery. Perhaps the people of "Ashton and district" should visit the Three Sisters? Not one person saying we should not use Sandyforth has offered another location within the Borough for the Borough's waste. Perhaps people should be suggesting where we burry our waste not where we burry our money. The word to use is indeed NIMBY's.


Kelly from Leigh says...
Seems to me that Wigan desperately need to look at their Recycling Policies, as far as I am aware there is waste paper collection and the buck stops there. It is up to the more conscientious among us to travel to the nearest recycling centre (only to find it overflowing, so you need to ride around to find emptied recycling bins). Do some research Wigan Council !! Other councils have managed to implement successful waste management programs. You'd be suprised just how many people are willing to meet you in the middle as regards recycling and minimising household waste. People want to do their bit, if you would just provide sufficient amenities and empty the bins regularly.


DC from Derbyshire says...
The debate over Sandyforth Farm makes interesting reading, but one question - who will actually operate the landfill should H J Banks gain planning permission? In 1999 Zero Waste Ltd was formed by former management of 3C Waste. Banks are share holders in Zero Waste and sell landfill sites complete with planning permission to Zero Waste to operate, as with H J Banks Marks Quarry and Port Clarence hazardous waste landfills, whilst, I presume, Banks takes a cut of the share holder profits from the site. Interestingly, during the same period in time as the current H J Banks share holding company, Zero Waste, had previously worked for 3C Waste, 3C Waste had to contribute to substantial out of court settlements for nuisance and ill-health following a class legal action brought by the residents surrounding the Nantygwyddon Landfill. 3C Waste is also named and shamed on the Environment Agency web site for being among the UK's top environmental offenders. What ever promises H J Banks give you now, in all probability they won't be operating the site - as with their other landfill sites, it will simply be sold on for a slice of the profits. Who will be responsible for all the promises made then? Just food for thought!


G. P. from North Ashton says...
D.C From Derbyshire has hit the nail on the head. H.J.Banks applied for and got planning permission from St Helens M.B.C after appeal a landfil site at the former Lyme @ Woods Pits colliery in Haydock ,within two weeks of receiving permission they sold it on to Exel for 2 million pounds.Exel bought the site inorder to establish a waste materials handling site for its Cory Enviromental subsidiary.The Residents of Haydock were conned .Banks promised all kinds of perks and are now no longer around to deliver ,beware the residents of North Ashton @ Garswood of things to come


Adele from Bryn says...
Sandyforth site already has it's own nature reserve, many creatures have made it their home, Pete from Abram. The problem with "finding another location for landfill" is this - there are no spaces in this borough and Wigan is being charged to 'dump' our waste elsewhere! Sandyforth was an easy option. There are more underlying problems concerning using Sandyforth as a landfill site. Some as follows ... the road infastructure for HGV's is unsuitable, it's extreme close proximity to the M6, schools and residential areas, there is a 'rabbit'warren' of mines directly below the 'hole' which causes further concerns i.e. leakage into the water table which would affect the River Douglas and possibly affect as far as the River Mersey! We are NOT a bunch of NIMBY's as so many people are accusing the residents of Bryn, Ashton, Garswood, Winstanley North Ashton etc! The general public should NOT be responsible for the mass amount of wastage we as consumers are being 'given' big businesses are responsible for that! WBMC, however, is responsible for the lack of recycling sites in the Boro' because they opted out of any partnerships to encourage a huge recycling programme with funding to back it!!! Being 'unitary council' means we are miles behind many other councils. I finish by saying to all none recyclers "Throw everything you can possibly think of into your own back garden i.e. batteries, empty food and drink cans, paper, left-over-food, garden waste, used nappies, dog-foul, out-of-date nail polish etc etc etc. Now, leave for a few weeks to smoulder nicely and watch all kinds of vermin breed. Now tell me how bad is looks, smells and tell me there is no such thing as "NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE"! Then tell me your garden looks lovely and that your neighbours still like you !!! This fight is NOT over yet !!!


clarev davies from ashton says...
like the rest of ashton the land fill would become another dumping ground use ashton as alast resort, the town is a wash with houses and every body elses unwanted things in life . It needs a Jesus experience


john clements from winstanley says...
forget it wigan council it wont happen it can't happen i live nr the farm and the smell would be terrible! do something with the land but not this!!!


Resident from Winstanley says...
Over my dead body. I have worked hard for my family to live in a nice house in a good area. The current recycling initiatives of WMBC are a joke. My Parents live in London and have a much better collection system then WMBC and thats from a bourough that has a bigger population then the whole of WMBC. I am sure someone somewhere is in for a nice backhander if this goes ahead. I will not live with the seagulls and the smell and the HGV traffic and I will for the first time in my life join any protest that is planned. You do away with swimming pools, build unecessary shopping centres and leave eyesore buildings (i.e. the old town hall). Your decision making processes are all akin to whatever Lodge and old age your various quango's members are. NO NO NO.


G . P from NORTH ASHTON says...
Wakey, Wakey .The one thing that H.J.Banks and Sandyforth Farm Ltd ( The Farmers ) is relying on is complacency of the local community. Fortunatly we formed a group named P.A.L.S People against landfill site .to head the campain against this application with some two thousand signitures against the Planning Application.The application was placed was placed before W.m.b.c, planning committee on the 14th of Feb this year and was unanimously rejected.With the full support of Ian McCartney M.P.and Dave Watts M.P H.J.Banks are in the process of appealing ,so watch this space.P.A.L.S, are a non political group who will not allow any political parties tointerfere with its objective.


Deb from Bryn says...
It's all very well having signatures to poll against an application such as H.J Banks. However, signatures are NOT enough. It needs real people to send real letters of dissapproval to the Council and Central Government, though sadly we, as residents will not be listened to. I have contact with major zero-waste campaigners in Wales and they are still fighting tooth and nail against other forms of 'waste-disposal'. We are in a no win situation, Governments pockets are being lined with dirty money and are too greedy and too selfish to think about the likes of 'normal' folk! We are also wasting our time with the Environmental Agency too - they are all eating out of the same trough !!!


dave from wigan says...
people dont realise how many landfill sites r actually in wigan that have baan covered up. there children probably play on them every day. i say fill the hole with what ever wigan council wants too. it has to go somewhere, we dont have a furnace so fill away


kev bradshaw from brisbane Australia says...
more should go into recycling, in brisbane we have 2 wheelie bins, one for recycling & the other for normal rubbish, we are not allowed to put hazardouse waste in our bins, such as paint, poisens ect, & our town is much larger than wigan, but we do look after our country. I worked on the albert opencast at bickershaw & i believe that has been restored, so why cant this site be restored.


Derek from Hindley says...
I do not think the residents of either Winstanley or Wigan have a cat in hell's chance of preventing big business from doing exactly what it wants to do.
HJ Banks' motto is "Development with Care". Yeah, right!
Wigan MBC must find the money from somewhere (Europe maybe?) to restore this area to something like it's former condition before it was ravaged by a greedy corporation who gave not a toss of the condition the land would be left in, once they had finished raping it.
I say petition HJ Banks to let them know it would not be in their interest to continue with their appeal.
Just look at how slick these guys are!


john from winstanly says...
the Counsel should turn it back into woodland like it was a couple of years ago there ware going to anyway


Councillor Gary Wilkes from Bryn Ward says...
The appeal for Sandyforth is going ahead on Feb 14 2006.
We need to fill this site and others to tell the people of Wigan and Garswood to keep on objecting.
Land Fill is not a suitable option at this location.
Banks have done alot of "Window Dressing" over the summer to try and get this through.
Please carry on your good work.


dave from bolton says...
good luck wiv the work everyone who went against it ...stand up and be counted show them that it not them who live near this land fill who came and suggested ...ooh no they live out of town in the country in big houses and fat incomes ,let dump waste on there doorsteps and see how they would react ..?


John Cottom from Wigan. says...
If this is already a place of natural beauty and has a varied wildlife table then contact someone like the Wildlife trusts which can be easily found on the internet and ask them to offer forward suggestions on how to save such a place because they are very good at what they do has you can see with the continuing work they do on the Wigan Flashes.


joy from pemberton says...
i have just come across this site and was wondering if anyone can help me to organise against wigan council as they have now started to sell off most of the spare land in pemberton.i am trying to find out about a tract of wooded land bordering chapel street pemberton.i heard rumours that they are going to chop down the trees for redevelopment contact with the council is useless they just deny all knowledge and pass you onto another department, i would be gratefull for any help thanks


Bryn resident from Bryn says...
to DC from Derbyshire - upon reading your post (more that once) could you please specify the search for 3C Waste? I have tried to look it up on the E.A website but to no avail. Your posting gives me great cause for concern - I have contacts in Wales - and HJ Banks connection with 'these offenders' worries me even further. Please respond. Yours, concerned Bryn resident.


Adele from Bryn says...
Well, Dave from Wigan reckons WMBC should go ahead and fill the hole with anything! Are you mad? Have you read all the problems that surround so-called 'non-hazardous' landfills? And as for incineration, do you know the consequences? You are quite obviously someone who doesn’t make an effort to recycle as much as you can!

Did anybody know that many forms of plastic contains toxics, inc' PVC? Much of the plastics we buy are not recyclable, despite the 'logo' on the item? If you can, try to avoid buying plastic containers.

I urge everybody out there to lobby your Councillors and local authorities; wherever you are. This country needs a zero waste policy. We need to bully all business into reducing the amount of packaging that we have to deal with. Let’s face it, it’s us and the M.B.C‘s that have to pay the price; in more ways than one!

To be honest businesses should be taxed on the amount of non-recyclable waste they produce It has just been enforced in San Francisco only last week (Feb 2k6)! It is said, “when the U.S.A sneezes the U.K catches the cold“. And, in this case, this is one virus we DO need!

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


Anita from Wigan says...
Landfills are dangerous.

Since this scheme raises the landfill above the ground it is a land raising scheme which is frowned upon by Regional Government.
Regional Planning Guidance for the North West (RPG13)
Policy EQ4 Principles Governing a Regional Approach to Sustainable Waste Management. This states:

'The waste hierarchy which advocates waste minimisation, then re-use, then recycling, composting and energy recovery, where recycling and composting options are not appropriate.

Disposal should only be considered if none of the former options is viable.

Disposal through ‘landraising’ should be discouraged and regarded as a very last resort.'


Dave Bullock from Marus Bridge. says...
I may be in for a good roasting here but here goes.......

I am a mature local businessman who has a passion for motorcycle trials and I am desperately looking for land to use legally for practice and to organise a local trials club. I currently ride trials in Macclesfield and Cumbria in organised events and DO NOT encourage ANY illegal riding.

Now before you good people throw up your arms and scream MOTORCYCLES NO, please here me out.

An awful lot of people have never seen a trials bike and they often confuse trials with motorcross. Trials is a slow speed sport involving skill and balance where the motorcycle is used at low revs for most of the time. Motorcross is quite the opposite and many practice areas do not allow these type of bikes. The trials bikes are about as loud as say a small diesel van when being reved.

A quarry is an ideal training ground for this sport and many disused quarries are used partly for this purpose. Unfortunately, again, non are local to Wigan with the nearest being Back Cowm Quarry near Rochdale.

There is not a single facility for the sport that I love anywhere in the Wigan Borough and I would like to change that. Sandyforth Quarry would be ideal.
Any comments would be welcome.


brian from standish says...
dont any of you make rubbish? you all do once you put it in your neat wheelie bins that the end of it! not so somebody has to put it out of YOUR site but in someonelses.We NEED landfills so stop moaning and agree a plan to restore the site but NOT with WMBC as they are the culprits in the firstplace by allowing coal extraction without the failsafe of a retainer bond in case of contractor bankruptcy


Adele from Bryn says...
Brian, I repeat what I have already said (17 posts up).

I shall just pick out the bits you didn’t see …

We are NOT a bunch of NIMBY's as so many people are accusing the residents of Bryn, Ashton, Garswood, Winstanley North Ashton etc!

The general public should NOT be responsible for the mass amount of wastage we as consumers are being 'given'. Big businesses should be responsible for that!

WBMC, however, is responsible for the lack of recycling sites in the Boro' because they opted out of any partnerships to encourage a huge recycling programme with funding to back it!!! Being 'unitary council' means we are miles behind many other councils. I finish by saying to all none recyclers "Throw everything you can possibly think of into your own back garden i.e. batteries, empty food and drink cans, paper, left-over-food, garden waste, used nappies, dog-foul, out-of-date nail polish etc etc etc. Now, leave for a few weeks to smoulder nicely and watch all kinds of vermin breed. Now tell me how bad is looks, smells and tell me there is no such thing as "NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE"! Then tell me your garden looks lovely and that your neighbours still like you !!! This fight is NOT over yet !!!

Incidentally, San Fransico (on Feb 14th 2006) passed a proposal to tax big businesses if they produce unnecessary waste; especially if it is NOT recyclable!

It has often been said “if the USA sneezes the UK catches the cold” this is one virus we DO NEED



Shaun from wigan says...


Stef from Wigwam says...
Im a member of PALS! And the way Banks are suggesting we turn this wonderfull piece of land into a landfill site is purely sickening! It's ludicras!!!!!!! Im appalled!!!!!!!!! Horrified!!!!!!! Disgusted!!!!!!! Shocked!!!!!!!!


Shirley from Ashton says...
Lots of people are complaining these days about off road bikes. Sandyforth is an ideal place for this kind of sport. Also there is a large amount of flora and fauna establishing on the site which will eventually provide an excellent widlife habitat. Its a great place for a walk, so what if its not pretty! The view from the top is one of the best in Wigan. I think it should be left alone!


G.Price (vice chairman) P.A.L.S from Garswood / North Ashton. says...
Congratulations to P.A.L.S on the Victory over H.J.Banks Thanks to Ian McCartney,DaveWatts M.Ps.Labour Councillors and our group of brilliantworkers.Once again David slew Goliath. O




G .Price from North Ashton says...
Can i suggest that the above site is no longer relevant Sandyforth is NOT going to receive Landfill so may i further suggest that we should look forward to its future for the Local Communities i.e a country park as one idea .Asyou are aware it is now in the hands of Wigan M.B.C who i am sure will be open to ideas at the right time for its use.


Matthew from Martland Mill says...
It makes me sick all the do gooders who dont want a land file site. I bet they still throw all their rubish in the their bins and do no recycling. What do they think happens to it. Maybe they believe that a rubish fairy magics it away to a far away land. Get real all you daily Mail readers, stop moaning , eat less , stop buying stuff you dont need and burn the rest on your chimineas....


Danny from Windy Arbour says...
http://www.wigan.gov.uk/News/Archive/December2007/sandyforth.htm says that Sandyforth farm has been given a £3.166 million investment to make it into an open space for borough residents and make into a better place for local residents.


Laura from Napoli says...
Well at least you have a forum!!!!!!!! Try asking DON GOMORRA for a public consultation, all you'll in return is horse head in ya bed!!! Its got so bad here i'm thinking of moving to wigwam !!!!! THANKS LABOUR !!!!XXXX


eddie from winstanley says...
I commented on this subject way back, I have not been to Sandyforth for a couple of years. Imagine my surprise when I walked the dog there a couple of weeks ago. It has been turned into the area of natural beauty it deserved, and will get better over the years. It looks great.


george price from north ashton says...


dave from dave says...
YES we won


Oliver Rowlands from hertfordshire says...
sandyforth would be better as a wastebin.


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St George's Day
Lack of police cover sees the end of the St George's Day Parade in Wigan after many, many years.
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Heritage Services?
Reduced opening times planned for Archives at Leigh and the History Shop at Wigan...

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