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Have your saySave Mesnes Park

Wigan's Victorian splendour, Mesnes Park has been awarded over £3m by the Lottery Fund to restore the park. This is fantastic news. So what should be done with the money? I know... let's restore Mesnes Park!

Or, destroy scores of mature trees to build a car park, a huge depot and outbuildings on the bowling greens? Along with a dangerous vehicle entrance onto Park Road next to the railway bridge?

This is not restoring Mesnes Park in my view, this is ruining it.

Visit www.savemesnespark.co.uk to read more and view plans.

What do you think?


Jane from Wigan says...
I read about the funding and restoration plans in the local paper and there was no mention of a car park and depot. Is this right?

Can the people in charge not think of a more dangerous place to put a road into our park? Madness. What about the bowling greens, are these going? What's this car park? Another money making venture..... pay and display no doubt.


danni from Wigan says...
It doesnt need a carpark there are plenty nearby. The depot could be sited at the top end towards Walkden Ave and access made from there. It doesnt need the bowling greens ruined. All it needs is some tlc and restoring PROPERLY to how it used to be.


Pete from Wigan says...
yer avvin a laff - why not do away with the park and build a multi-story car park.


Andrew Lomax from Wigan says...
Given to the town by Nathaniel Eckersley as a "green lung" for the Wigan people, can't the council just leave things alone?

I could go on, simple things which are effective and attractive always seem to get tampered with.

What is the role of Martin Kimber in all of this? His reputation in town damage is excellent.


Marie from Wigan says...
It was perfect when it was first created, its still a work of art today, it needs restoring, not changing. Wigan does not need any more parking, its situated within 2 minutes of 2 multi storeys. If the go ahead is given for the depot and car park, which piece will be lost next?
This park needs preserving for future generations.


Mick from Shevy says...
Mesnes Park is a Victorian worn out park and need being brought up to modern day standard with new lighting and new footpaths the trees will also need thinning out so that the low life cant hide behind them.
The proposed new entrance from park road wont make the road any more dangerous because Im sure they will put in a mini roundabout or even a filter lane for traffic turning into the park.
Maybe the reason they have chosen to get rid of the bowling green is because they are not being used that much and there are plenty of other greens in Wigan to use for them that do use them.
The new car park is necessary so that visitors who want to use the park can park safely, it might be OK for the locals who live near by to walk there but by having a proper park car park it will attract Wiganer from other parts of the borough.

All Londons parks have had makeovers and are well lit and people walk around them safely even at night and its the same with Manchesters Piccadilly Gardens and they are now attracting familys and people sitting eating there buttys at dinnertime where as before they where no go areas.

And as for the Boar War lost memorial well if it wasnt lost I would say keep it there but since its gone and nobody can remember where I say let it be and forget about it because today nobody is bothered about the Boar War.


DAVE MARSH from JERSEY says...
A good car-park is a pre-requisite for any successfull business or public area.True,the Boar War statue memorial is lost,probably forever,but it was an important part of our history in which Winston Churchill took part and Baden Powell whose idea for a Boy Scout movement came from his experiences in this war.Thousands of our troops died,mainly of disease.I visited the Park in December last year and was pleasantly surprised at the improvements made since the previous year.I had a snack in the cafe and it was in my experience the best priced snack in Town and quite tasty.I hope sincerely that Mesnes Park can be returned to its former glory and be a credit to the town of Wigan.


John from Wigan says...
Any new car park built will earn money for the council (pay and display and penalty charge income) and will mostly be used by people visiting the Linacre centre or the technical college buildings, which have inadequate parking. It doesn't matter what residents or other affected people think - if the council want to do something it will be done, they don't care they just implement their own plans regardless...

At least it will be too far away from the nearest bargain booze to attract gangs of teenage hoodies and their associated abusive behaviour and littering


tommy files from wigan says...
the bore war statue is buried behind the blowing green shed in the park as far as i know its still there about 12 feet down we was told to keep quite about it


Sharon T from Wigan says...
I walk through Mesnes Park (Wigan Park) everyday taking my daughter to school and it's obvious that there are better places in the park to put the development rather than the one suggested on Park Road. One could be at the side of the Lodge which I know as been suggested but couldn't WLCT do something with Drumcroon and/or the test centre now they are closing.. the training centre. Spend the money on regeneration of the park not development.

A car park in the park is crazy considering we have a number of parking facilities in easy walking distance of the park but again now Drumcroon and the test centre are closing couldn't WLCT use the road outside for parking in the park?


danni from wigan says...
well done Tommy now we all know where it is and it can be dug up !


1934granada. from Wigan says...
Having spent a lot of my formative years in Mesnes Park as a child, I must confess I am deeply saddened with the lack of respect that our "jewell in the crown" has been granted. I still pass through there on a regular basis and still admire what we have inherited ie, bandstand, pavillion cafe, statue,lodge etc. Lets restore it to its former glory, not desecrate it. After all it would cost small potatoes compared to what what was spent on the "grand" arcade and, it would be a lot more attractive.


RON from Wigan says...
Once again the elected councilors of Wigan. Appear to be hell bent on going against the wishes of the people,who they were elected, supposedly? to represent.
I along with thousands of other born and bed Wiganers. Was against the building of the Grand Arcade. I haven't got a degree in Social Science, or whatever qualification you now need to get a highly paid, job in local government, but I along with others did have the foresight to see what building such a shopping complex would have on the rest of the town. I see that now, there are empty shops in the Grand Arcade. Will it eventually become another Galleries???? Watch this space!!! WHY will the local council not listen to the wishes of the people?
Yes, renovate the Park but don't destroy it. Just because it's over 100 years old doesn't mean that it needs altering. If there is a need for ANOTHER educational facility then use the Gate House, and if necessary build on an extension to it in line with the architecture of the building. What we don't need is yet more CASH COW car parks. Especially when it involves destroying a local amenity.


RON from Wigan says...
Another Urban Myth????
It would appear that there are now as many people who can claim they know the whereabouts of the Boer War Statue, as there are, who can claim they had a relative on the Titanic!!!! There has been a couple of excavations on sites were it was DEFFINITELY buried... Nothing was found. In my opinion when the Parkies. were told to dump it. They sold it to Calderbank's Scrap Yard and split the money between them <g>


hayles from wigan says...
if wigan needs more parking open up the mfi car park!!!1


Boy from wigan says...
I despair, how do you bring a Victorian park up to "modern standards"? let the "cabinet champions" loose on it? Lots of black lamposts and street art? more signs than Disneyworld? This council would put cladding on Conway Castle if it was in Wigan. I dread to think what we are going to end up with.


Jimmy from Wigan says...
Don't forget its £450,000 of rate payers money being used to move the Depot. It's not enough that because of developers we have skeletonized Wigan town centre shops, probably run people out of business, don't notice many tourists taking leisurely strolls around the Weind, Millgate, Hallgate anymore - nothing for them to see. Keep your hands of the Park, it's ours not yours, if that's all you can do with my money, I'll keep it in my pocket THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!


Stacey from Pemberton says...
Mick from Shevington, has said some very valid point's , It does need to brought up to modern day standards, thing's dont and wont last forever, I know its a work of art and a much loved place. but needs must , so let them be, and get on with what they need to.
It definitely gets my vote, we need to look to the future , not keep looking back


john from wigan says...
One of the few green spaces left in Wigan. Why not concrete over some of it? Idiotic!


geoff from wigan says...
well done to the friends of mesnes park for securing this funding.as i understand it is for "renovation"of the park.the last thing in my mind when you talk about renovation,is car parks and aircraft hangars,a new entrance could be considered,but the park does,nt need one.it is a victorian park and should remain so.don,t let wlct and the council hijack your project.and why we are at it,bring back the summer show.


RON from Wigan says...
Should we be surprised at anything this council proposes? It goes to show what wave length, the Council's ideas are on. When, they were going(Or did they pay the £10k to the sculptor/designer! for it?) to put the Blue House sculpture? at the land at the end of Dicconson Street.


Madge from Wigan says...
I have lived in Wigan 82 years and loved and visited the park all my life. Please do not let Wigam MBC destroy the park by concreting over the beautiful green area of the bowling green. Once it is gone it will never be reinstated. Our children / grandchildren will have never forgive us when they see how the park was in its glory days.


jim kershaw from florida usa says...
3pm sunday afternoon,early sixties,a thousand people sit on the grass near playground,hundreds of radios tuned to top of the pops,its a different world now and the park will never be used to that extent again,mores the pity.


ann from wigan says...
wigan needs to keep the park. it's the only nice thing left in this town.


Stacey from Pemberton says...
its ashame , i know , but places like this in this day and age , all they do is attract drunk's and scum at night's, its not like it used to be, let it go!


RON from Wigan says...
Hey Stacey, The Parish Church grounds attract Drunks, Druggies, Scum .... Should we get rid of that as well???? That also goes for the Plantations, Haigh Hall etc. etc.We should be cracking down on these people. Not letting them spoil everything decent for the ordinary people in the town.


Mick from Shevy says...
Its impossible to fully crackdown on all the drunks and drug addicts but by have a place like the park which will be more open and better illuminated people will start to use it more that it is being used now and that way the low lifes will find some other dark corners to hide in.


Stuart from Goose Green says...
There must be better usage for public money in todays credit-crunch


Scott from Wigan says...
It seems daft to move the depot to the middle of the park, surely this will be an eyesore and I certainly don't agree with cutting down trees that have been their since any of us were born.

Surely it makes sense to save money, so rather than building the new outbuildings just make more of The Lodge by extending it if need.

Spend the money on making the cafe a restaurant so that it gets used at night, if areas of the park like the pond are sorted out and lighted properly this would make the park a nice place to dine.


julie from wigan says...
My Grandaughter plays there just mantain it and leave it as it is for her and her grandaughter


Stacey from Pemberton says...
Hey Ron, No i didnt say to get rid of everything, but if we get rid of some of the places (IE) a park, then it gives less places for the Police to patrol,
Another dump that should of gone some time ago is the Town Hall, its a complete disgrace.


Jamie from Wigan says...
In my short life time it seems like many years since i have seen any maintenance done on the park besides the usual gardening. The bandstand looks like it hasn't been painted for more than 20 years and this is only a relatively simple job. If they can be bothered to spend the fund half wisely once the money has dried up again will it go back to the same old problem... Noone can be bothered as until now it has always seemed to me thats the case.


Margaret from Wigan says...
I'm with you Jim Kershaw, many happy memories of Sunday afternoon in the Park. We used to use the grass near the pavement but nobody walked on the other grass. It is still a nice area, needs doing up a bit, but some of their plans are just not on. I'm doing my bit to make sure they don't get away with it, as is Brian and a lot of others. All power to your elbow!!!!!


Chas from Wigan says...
It appears that the Council want to spend millions of lottery money to reinstate the Victorian character of the park then to maximise 'use' by turning it into a weekly 'venue' for just about any crackpot theme-based activity for 'everyone' especially young people (there's nowhere for Wigan's young people to go, apparently) from extreme sports, festivals, bike races, concerts etc etc.

Can I suggest that part of the cash be put into finding a new site near Wigan centre for just a PARK???

Even better; use ALL of the lottery cash to create venues for young people - ship the WLCT managerment and admin staff out to them and spend their wages on giving the park staff (who are excellent) the equipment and stock to give us back a beautiful green lung.


Chas from Wigan says...
re WLCT management and admin staff.

Does anyone know just how many people are involved in 'running' Mesnes Park?

How much is their combined salary and what exactly do they all do?

In the old days we had a head gardener and a team dedicated to making the park self-sustainingly stunning.

Now, we have desk jockey's who need to justify their jobs by being 'creative' and turning the park into something that's not a park and that needs their involvement.

Jobs are worthy or they're not. If you have to 'make' your job, then it's not.

Every people I see in the park 'doing' stuff are the real deal - these others (and there's almost as many of 'em as workers) are a menace.


Andrew Lomax from Wigan says...
Chas, absolutely brilliant comment.


vera howarth from abram wigan says...
this park belongs to us all, the council are the trustees and are responsible for the park on our behalf.
They cannot act like a quango and just do what they want with anything placed in their trust.
This park should be restored and maintained as it was in it's heyday.
The council have no mandate to alter the character of this site and must be committed to conservation.
Drug dealers , drunks and others are in the main comiting criminal offences and the law should be as vigilant at maintaining the peace as in any other part of the town.
The people of Wigan demand that the council haltit's usualcourse of destruction on our towns heritage.


Margaret from Wigan says...
And so say all of Us Vera!


J S Gill from Wigan says...
Mr. Murray who is WLCT's Executive Director has produced a draft decision flow chart that now involves a huge number of participants and groups that will also include the Real Friends of Mesnes Park group (RFoMP).

Some of these are specialists on conservation, park architecture and other disciplines. Some represent offices of the Local Authority and there are opportunities for mere mortals as well.

Of course all this involvement and effort is meant to feed through to the decision makers in Wigan Council's Cabinet.

The RFoMP Committee is in the process of seeking clarifications of some of Mr. Murray's proposals to manage the implementation stage of the Park Plan.

He's explained that there's a need to change the way that the various bodies, with an interest, are to be involved; it's hugely different from the very simple and straighforward process that was used when the Friends of Mesnes Park group were deemed to represent all Wiganers.

Rather than just add the RFoMP group to what existed before, it's been decided to involve many, many more bodies and change their roles.

Because of this, it may take a while to ensure that all that deserve to, have a real and significant involvement in ensuring the best plan for the park.

We are more than delighted with the unofficial - thus far - relocations of the Training Centre and Power Plant away from their planned Park Road location.

But, there still remains the intention to route a new roadway into the park on Park Rd.

This is to allow the Depot and staff car park to be moved from the current (out of sight) location at the top corner, to the front of the Park.

Bear in mind that this was the main reason for the original 'revolt' by many Wiganers who could not believe that a huge 'green' parcel of park land INSIDE the Conservation Zone could be concreted over and lost (FOREVER) to accomodate an industrial plant.

Once allowed, this precedent can be used to first of all, expand the 'new' depot site then build elsewhere in the Park as 'needed' - like this is needed (though God knows who thinks so, as this has never been explained)

This means that, far from feeling content with Mr. Murray's declarations, the RFoMP Group will be pressing even harder to make sure that Mr. Murray's plans to allow better 'involvement' do not hamper their desire to get this Depot relocation matter resolved as well.

The full RFoMP Group meet each wednesday evening at 7.00 p.m. at the Bull Hey Cricket Club off Parson's Walk.

All who are concerned for the Parks wellbeing should make an effort to attend.


Chas from Wigan says...
Vera, totally agree. This lottery 'win' and the kerfuffle kicked up by the RFoMP about the stupid plans for the depot and the Training Centre built of cocoanut has started a debate that's exposed much, much more.

Just what the hell are the Council playing at?

Their job is to get ALL the basics right and provide little treats for us all every now and then.

Instead, they seem hell-bent on ignoring all the things in this town that don't work and mucking up the few that do.


leigh from wigan says...
this is stupid, why does the council have 2 ruin everything im not so old but ive seen pictures of old wigan and it looks better than it does now, even though im young i know mesnes park n it still means sumthing to us i think it shoudnt get destroyed for a carpark, we have plenty of carparks and only 1 mesnes park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jennifer p from wigan says...
JJ on Wiganworld is doing a great job, thanks JJ


Graham W from Little Lever, Bolton says...
I used to go to Mesnes Park when visiting my relatives and I think it should be restored to it's former glory.


Billy from wigan says...
jj on Wiganworld says that some of the responses on the general site make him think about not entering more information there regarding this topic


sam from wigan says...
there used to be a water fountain at the bottom of the steps in front of the cafe i fink that should be restored as it once was and in the paper about a year ago they found old air raid shelters runninig through wigan park i fink the should be restored and opened two the public as parts learning about how it was for people living in wigan in the war also i fink wigan should old its own flower show in the park every year like they do in southport this will bring more people visiting wigan an more buisnees to close by shops and retailes and all the flowers replanted


Victoria from Wigan says...
Please all visit www.savemesnespark.co.uk and go the meetings if you can. We need to do everything we can to save the park


Harry Loughton from Wigan says...
Dear All,
It is now time to have your say - the planning application for phase 1 is in and it is now our responsibility as residents of wigan to have your say. Below is an address to the planning application website, please accept the disclaimer and you will be taken to a search page. the application numbers are A/09/72441 and A/09/72451 LB Please have some patience with the downloads as they are particularly slow


The following is an extract from the planning website

The fact that a large number of people object to an application does not mean that the council has to refuse planning permission: the council has to weigh up the planning advantages and disadvantages and decide which are most important.The council cannot consider comments about non-planning matters such as licensing, moral issues or private matters such as rights to light or rights of way, the effect on property values or disputes about land ownership.

If you have views which you want the council to consider you should put them in writing, by post or fax, addressed to the department. Representations made by email must include a postal address otherwise they cannot be accepted.

Please state your views clearly and concisely, and include the application reference number. Please bear in mind that all comments on planning applications are open to inspection by the public, the applicant and the press and may be displayed on our web site. Under the terms of the Access to Information Act 1985, copies of correspondence can be requested by anyone. Please note that the council normally advises objectors or supporters when the particular application will be considered by the Committee.

Issues the Committee can normally consider:-
• Overlooking and loss of privacy
• Adequate parking and servicing
• Overbearing nature of proposal
• Loss of trees
• Loss of ecological habitats
• Design and appearance
• Layout and density of buildings
• Effect on listed building(s) and conservation areas
• Access and highways safety
• Traffic generation
• Noise and disturbance from the scheme
• Disturbance from smells
• Public visual amenity (not loss of private individual’s
• Flood risk

• Loss of value to individual property
• Loss of view
• Boundary disputes including encroachment of
foundations or gutters
• Private covenants or agreements
• The applicant’s personal conduct or history
• The applicant’s motives
• Potential profit for the applicant or from the
• Private rights to light
• Private rights to way
• Damage to property
• Disruption during any construction phase
• Loss of trade and competitors
• Age, health, status, background and work patterns
of the objector
• Time taken to do the work
• Capacity of private drains
• Building and structural techniques
• Alcohol or gaming licences
This table does not show everything, it is
meant as a guide to help you when preparing
your statement.


Harry Loughton from Wigan says...
My apologies the second set of bullet points should be titled

Issues the Committee cannot normally consider:-


JJ from Wigan says...
Harry is right of course in a “normal” planning objection

However Mesnes Park is In a conservation area it is also covered by English Heritage status, having many grade two listed buildings there are many stumbling blocks to catch the unwary applicant
As most of you already know we at Wigan world and the resident RFoMP are well on top of the situation and no stone will go unturned

Still you must lodge your objection to planning in writing before the 22/02/2009 ask to see mr Richard Taylor if you need clarification

Don’t sit on your hands on this one if you do The Mesnes park will be changed forever go to the JJB arena on Friday 19/02/2009 there as a stakeholder “and we all are” you can confront the group who are wanting to change our park . If you don’t like what they are doing Tell Them

NB if you wish to Question on Any other business at the end of the meet log your request before the meeting starts

I understand that for WLCT to call this type of meet on a Friday when people are at work or picking up the kids from school tell me that maybe just maybe a little afraid of large crowds of peaceful protesters/objectors who love Their Park



JJ from Wigan says...
English Heritage Register of
historic Parks and Gardens
Mesnes Park - Opened 1878 and designed by John
McClean, Grade II on the Register; Notable features
include its topography and duck pond; the survival
of the historic layout and planting structure and early
buildings including the lodge, pavilion and bandstand
which are listed buildings.The park with its many
mature trees forms a major element of the Mesnes
Conservation Area.
First registered 31 January 1996; Notes updated 21
January 2000.
Ref No 2558 NGR SD 5706
(See Policy EV4D above).
Designated historic gardens
If planning permission is required for any proposed
alterations, the Local Planning Authority must consult
the Garden History Society in all cases.



Carol from Wigan says...
Stakeholder meeting is on THURSDAY 19th Feb. and not Friday as in JJ message above.


Walter from Wigan says...
A couple of suggestions for questions people might like to ask :

If you insist on going ahead with your nitwit idea of an Extreme Sports Centre (in a Victorian jewel of a park which you have obtained funding to "restore to it's former glory !!) will there still be sufficient space for the depot to be refurbished in it's current location.

What are the projected costs of
a) refurbishing the depot in it's current (totally suitable) location and
b) relocating it elsewhere in the park

Has permission been sought from Wigan College for vehicle access into the park from their Pagefield campus ?

When are you expecting to submit Planning Permission for the next phase including Lodge refurbishment ?


JJ from wigan says...
Well spotted Carol sorry


dave williams from exeter says...
once again the metro want to destroy something that belongs to the town and erect an eyesore.this park,like the old market can never be replaced.yes,improvements can always be made but this is only necessary because of the councils neglect.we are from one of the oldest boroughs in england and have strong links with the monarchy,as we are ancient and loyal to the throne.well,why not get h.r.h.queen elizabeth involved and embarass this undemocratic council.she should at least listen.if that doesnt do it.REVOLUTION


barry bishop from wigan says...
think of the kids where are the going to go because i hang around on there and all my mates hang out if they do this what are we going to do


Jennifer P from Wigan says...
Barry all you and your mates have to do is act normally, no boozing, no littering and no vandalism and the Park is yours to enjoy


Stuart Worthington from Wigan says...
Why is no-one talking about what's proposed for the other side of Mesnes Park? It's likely to have a much greater impact on Mesnes Park and local residents than the proposed depot.

There is a revised application currently with the Council planning department for modifications to the Pagefield Building (Rylands Mill – the large old building between Mesnes Park and Kenyon Road/Walkden Avenue). The proposals include partial demolition of the existing building and conversion of the remaining buildings into residential use. Five new buildings would be erected resulting in the creation of 291 residential units and 700 square metres of office accommodation. Only 166 residential parking spaces are planned - that's 57%.

Since most of the residential units will be 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, I would expect an average of at least 1.2 cars per household, which would mean at least 183 cars looking for somewhere to park in Swinley. I believe that if you live on a street within a mile of Mesnes Park, you are likely to find it very difficult to park on your own street.

The new application number is A/09/72444. You can view the documents at the Environmental Services Department, Civic Buildings, New Market Street, Wigan (opposite Morrisons, near the Parsons Walk corner and the big wheel at Wigan College). There is a six inch thick pile of documents, but you can get an overview from the documents at the front of folder 1.

If you have any concerns about this application, please send your objections in writing to:

Mr Martin Kimber
Environmental Services Department
New Market Street

or by email to richard.taylor@wigan.gov.uk

by Friday February 20th.

Regards, Stuart Worthington (Swinley resident)


JJ from Wigan says...
Phase One of Mesnes park

Works NOT forming part of phase One

ARE :-

Entrance lodge , Main Entrance , Walkden ave Entrance , Pagefield building Entrance , Bridgeman terrace Entrance , Parsons walk Entrance ,Park road Entrance ,
Perimeter railings , Perimeter wall height Reduction , Park furniture , Lighting columns , Security CCTV , Signage and information , Bowls pavilion Upgrade , Lake , Skate park , Tennis court , MUGA ? 9Hole mini golf , some listed building

REMEMBER NONE OF THE ABOVE ARE IN THE APPLICATION TO PLANNING DEPARTMENT as at the eleventh of February 2009 they will form part of the next phase Therefore these may be challenged at a later date .

BELOW IS PHASE ONE Mesnes Park Regeneration with Planning for Approval

WORKS IE;- This will start as soon as Possible if passed

Pavilion , Bandstand , Dalton Steps , *Site services* , Meter House building , Coalbrookdale Fountain , Shelter , Powell Monument , Boer War memorial Plinth (relocated ) , Pulham Rockwork , Play shack , Picnic Lawn , Listed building /structure (some )

Soft Landscape e.g.:- Trees Removed ,Thinned, New , Reshaped , Reduction in height ,

Ornamental Flower beds , Aquatic Planting , Amenity Grassland Pulman Rockwork ,

Footpaths retained , repaired , resurfaced , Some removed , high quality stoneware ,existing stone steps retained ,


Various restored or upgraded for park use

PLAY Zone , and picnic area

******* *****

So now you all know Objections for any item in this list must be in writing and sent to planning dept attention of mr R Taylor aplication details are on deadline thread
Check your internet on How to object to a planning application so you get it right also Most of the park buildings are Grade Two listed within a conservation area
so differing rules apply

Good luck



JJ from Wigan says...
Extreme Skate ramps ? Even the kids say NO

Chats with the teenagers at Warmsley park Ince and Victoria park Newtown

the skater/bikers came up with some surprising things
although the kids are delighted to have something to do they say that more could be done on their satelite parks like a roof cover/lights or a more profesional approach to their sport, an indoor rink Is the best solution, they say any building and there are many of them in wigan "this is really needed" and would be just the answer

also bikes and blade,s plus boards, dont mix at the same time on the rink they say they are not bothered about mesnes park having the same as them cos they should improve with lights and roof and security

They are looking for a state of the art skate centre for national competetions so good luck to them

They also said that Skate parks in other areas of the town are ok but not in Mesnes park for that area Margaret st park gidlow or beech hill park is far better and we wont get agro from the "Oldies"

I emailed WLCT with ref to Margaret street play park as a posible site in Gidlow for the skate park they want to install in the area Beech Hill Park has asked for it to be Sited there

As a footnote Just think about it
The contours of Mesnes Park with new pathways' stone steps stone walls, disabled ramps, You can get up a good speed on a one in fourteen gradient smooth pathway what a great BMX race track good for skates and boards WATCH OUT you Little CHILDREN OR Come on you OLD codger out the way opps sorry didnt mean to CRASH into the flowerbeds

Do I need to say more Come on Wigan !!! Give the Kids what they want

And its not an Extreme Skate Ramp in the best victorian park in the north west Its Time to VOTE AGAINST it NOW although its in phase two



michael stuart davies from melbourne australia says...
car park entrance top end of Bridgeman,coming of the entrance to the college,place carpark under ground.


JJ from Wigan says...
Entry in the reporter this week page 7

""Deadline Looms for Park Views""

Was a request from JJ to highlight the coming stakeholder meeting on the 19 /2 /09
Natalie walker reporter checked with the press dept of WLCT who Then changed the context of my piece they used it to repeat what we already know but in the process of doing that that they said that the meet was an invited only meeting
NB this is not the case any member of the public with an interest in Mesnes Park can attend I have spoken to The paper and The trust for a retraction of the statement

I was quoted that ""would like to control the number of attending because of limited space "" but please dont let this put you off if you are interested in the park then you have every right to be there

also on the same day in the town hall "Friends of mesnes" park hold a public meeting at 7pm again all may attend


Carol from Wigan says...
Reference to Thursday's Stakeholder Meeting,today's Wigan Evening Post states that "anyone who is interested in hearing the plans should call the Trust on 01942 487099 first due to limited space".


JJ from Wigan says...

That number has been on messages only, and not answered all day,
all afternoon I tried to contact wlct top table without success,
The reports in both newspapers were supposed to be the retraction of their first error printing that the public were not invited so now its ok but only if you keep quiet and in small numbers

wlct were in no doubt that a promotion was going on to get as many townspeople as posible to hear them at this meet

The press also quoted that if any of the public get into the meeting they must not consult or object Ive never read anything like it in my time.

How are wiganers going to object when they wont know whats going on and only ONE day before deadline for objections to planning



Lynne Almond from Stamford Lincs says...
I can't believe they are going to spoil one of the very few open spaces in Wigan.

Has anyone got the skill's to set up an online petition against it. You can bet there would be a fine response. I'd gladly sigb.


cliff higham from wigan says...
Car park??? behave, plenty car parking in the Town, come on, its only 5 min walk from Mesnes St car park it maybe the paths want re-surfacing a couple wardens or lets say Park Bouncers to keep the empty headed pratts in order oh the lodge at the main gate sorley needs renovation, leave the rest alone. More entertainment needs to be put on in Summer.


Mike from Calgary, Alberta, Canada says...
Typical to want to destroy anything that is green. It is one of the nicest spots in Wigan. One of the reasons why we moved!


Dorris from Wigan says...
If you live in a so called deprived area ie Ince,Hindley, Pemberton etc you get fantastic facilities, the children's areas in Wigan park are disgusting, surely they are the main users of the facilities, there are four swings to share between all of the children that live in central Wigan. Why spend money on a car park when there is nothing to come for? Leave the bowling greens alone they are used, designers need to do a better job of usage there is loads of spare space in the park. Why did they get rid of the car park at the back if we need one. MONEY GRABBERS.


mrs green from wigan says...
o grow up all of you. the park is full of yobs and the childrens park is rubish. it was once a nice place. wigan is going down the toilet. shops closing the the pier that wigan was so fanouse for has closed. do somthing constuctive tarmac the lot


Jack from Adelaid e S , Aussie says...
Keep the greens ,get rid of the idiot,s give the park very good clean up, renovate the keepers house and put a few cops in there ,a mini police station


alan, pemberton from mesnes park wigan says...
it is time our elected council, got a bit of pride with our public park, and had a walk round ,and look at unattend flower beds, and edges,the sad state of the keepers house and entrance on mesnes road, the disrepair shows they dont care ,they have had enough rates of people but all they will say is we have no money .


cliff H from wigan says...
as a previous poster commented it will be used by the college on park road and the new one behind the park on walkden ave and of course town shoppers who dont want to pay for parking. The park paths need re -surfacing the lodge at the main gates needs to be restored and yes, used more, summer gigs on sat or sundays, a couple wardens to keep the prats quiet plenty more ideas from people, lets keep the main part as it was, the council has ripped wigans history apart lets keep this for the next generation to enjoy.


Gary from Ince says...
In reply to Dorris..Ince has fantastic facilities? Where?! The only thing we have is a clinic because everyones sick because of the deprivation you mention.


J0 from Ince says...
Walmsley Park in Ince is now a well used area, money was well spent upgrading this park, always full of children enjoying themselves on the skate boards and the play areas.Keeps them off the street corners,you now see familys walking the park.
COME ON WIGAN GET YOUR PRIORITY RIGHT and give Wigan a tourist attraction thats well worth a free visit.
You never know they may even spend a little time around the Galleries.


alan from wigan says...
take away residential parking and then all the parking problems go away. so many spaces in the daytime can be utilised when not in use by residents.


Sarah Dobson from St.Helens says...
I like Mesnes park and I wouldn't like it is I was demolished or crushed so it is not fair. Whatever builders are doing it are going to prison because I am a police officer!Hee Ha. LOL


JJ from Wigan says...
Well done everyone Phase One has gone through the Council planning committee and Passed Our Main concern was of course the Relocation of the Boer War Plinth Im glad to say that this application was Failed and The Plinth will stay where its always been in front of the Cafe awaiting the replica statue to be installed in its rightful place

Next big battle is phase Two consisting of

The Depot (being Re-assessed as to position in the park )
Entrance lodge , Main Entrance , Walkden ave Entrance , Pagefield building Entrance , Bridgeman terrace Entrance , Parsons walk Entrance ,Park road Entrance ,
Perimeter railings , Perimeter wall height Reduction , Park furniture , Lighting columns , Security CCTV , Signage and information , Bowls pavilion Upgrade , Lake , Skate park , Tennis court , MUGA ? 9Hole mini golf , some listed building



Sophie (tomxcu's grandaughter) from Wigan says...
I dont exactly Know whay their tryin to do ere but it's sly. they are not letting bowlers on 1 boling green just so they can build on it. apparently if a bowling green within the park is not used for at least 5 years they can do whateva they wat on it....:( is this true :@


Daniel W from Wigan says...
This discussion seems to have errupted into a badly played game of Chinese Whispers, If you took the time to read up on the latest plans instead of harking back to outdated plans. A good source of info is on the savemesnespark website. The most up to date meeting notes are here http://www.savemesnespark.co.uk/images/stories/downloads/mesnes%20conservation%20area%20action%20group%20080709.pdf
The WLCT website also contains more up to date information here http://www.wlct.org/Leisure/Green%20Spaces/mesnespark.htm


sophie from wigan says...
taa's daniel. from 1 o those meetins form a while back (few weeks)makin convo.lol. i think we might o won it na, but they're not put in plannin application.see ya l8r alig8r..


Dave from Wigan from Wigan says...
How quickly everyone forgets that there was always a "depot" in the park at the north end behing the former tennis courts. As for all the talk about the Boer War Memorial which commemorated nothing but a Colonial war over land, mineral rights and subjugation of the indiginous peooples of South Africa, why on earth should we want to remember that sorry stain on Britains History ?
The complaints about the Park should be aimed at the Local Authority who have let the area and its buildings get into such a sorry state in the first place. The former Parks Superintendants house was allowed to fall into a virtual derelict shell (as was the Lodge house at the top of Basin Lane Haigh as well as the former Boat House on the Canal there, before someone eventually did something about it. What cost now of putting the building back to a habitable condition, all at thr ratepayers expense...Wigan Counciul should be ashamed of itself. Returning back to the Depot and Car Park issue this is simply a case of nimby's ranting on about their view of the trees not traffic issues, they aren't up in arms about the noise of the trains going past or the yobs who make life a misery for those wanting to use the Park, most of them probably haven't even been through the gates for the last twenty years !


Lauren from Wigan says...
Leave the park alone spend the money on small facilities for children and our elderly such as a little arts and craft shop more play activitites.fresh clean toilets with security on during day and locked and watched at night AND GET THAT POND CLEANED!!!


Carol from Wigan says...
For Dave (earlier comment): The memorial does not commemorate the Boer War but the men from Wigan and district who died serving in South Africa during the Boer War. Are you saying we should not remember them?


brian from hindley says...
why oh why are all you the general public bothering about the only vandels in wigan are the councilors you voted in power they dont care about wiganers at all so vote them out thats the best you can do that way you can atleased have a chance to save wigan.


pam from wigan says...
please just restore to its former glory


Aimee from Wigan says...
i am 15, so i still use the park, we all hang around there, and to be honest what i wpould do i would put more seating area's, a better park, things that would be actually used, toilets things like this, well thats my opinion ! :D


Rebecca from Wiagn says...
Restore it it has amzong facilities for children such as the icecream, tennis and golf all for a little amount of money my daughter loves going with her friends on a saturday


ann from barcelona spain says...
please dont spoile the park i love to visit when i am over thank you iam wigan born and breed


Greg Wilson from Wigan says...
Why dont they just make a car park ware the old skateboarding park is and the tennis courts because durring the day no one uses them accept some little kids. and i think the wigan council should give some money to the games arena in wigan to help them that'll get kids off there mind at the park to go to the games arena instead so adults can have some chilled times at the park.


The Voice Of Treason from Wigan says...
If you want to save the park and other parts of the town from being destroyed, the only way is to vote out a lazy and indifferent Council that thanks to decades of unbroken Labour rule in Wigan think they can push through whatever hairbrained scheme they come up with, despite the feelings of the people they are meant to represent.
It's high time the Labour candidates in this town were given a swift kick in the slats and booted out and made to work for your vote again (if they know how) instead of sitting back and expecting it each election day.


Susan Barton from Wigan says...
some of the money should be used to clean up the filthy toilets in the pavillion cafe.


colin from wigan says...
wigan council are a waste of time, alls they want to do is line their own pockets, they dont care about wigan or the people. Everything is about making money, just look at what happened to central park


Jordan Wilson from Wigan says...
Restore The air raid shelters They are rotting away there the only thing left to remind wigan of the second world war !


josie pennington nee becket from wigan says...
hopefully the park will be restored to its former glory,but will this generation appreciate it? only yesterday i went in with my grandaughter, and i know the house is under way now but before i even got through the gates as ive not been in for a couple of years i was take aback, the beautifull walls and gates were full of graffeity it was everywhere even on the floor as you enter i dont think ive been in any other park in this shamefull state,there was litter and chippy boxes ,plastic bags floating around the grass was in a sorry state, there were lots of teenagers in there but i must have seen three couples lying or sitting on top of each other well you know what i mean,they dont bother about their language and my grandaughter is only 5 its not right,and i wouldnt care i didnt go further than the first turning after the house to sit and drink our pop and everyone had their dogs on a lead except this woman with two children their big labradore was running all over the place and just as i was explaining to my grandaughter that when i was little people werent allowed to walk on the grass and it was beautifull the dog ran and pood streight in a bed of flowers and trampled all over them, they carried on walking as if nowt had happened, when we were comeing out i had to laugh as i kept grumbling about it all my grandaughter ran towards a macdonnalds bag on the grass an said shall we pick them up grandma,anyway ive had my moan now and hope the kids appreciate it when its done.


Brian from Hindley says...
speaking of car parks how come the carpark oposite the court in darlinton st the council spent ex amount of poll tax payers money for council workers to park FREE during the week but pay and display at weekends a back door payrise for council workers.When the carpark was for all it was free the council comes along tarmacs it makes wide parking bays footpaths a carpark to be proud of.Well done wigan council for spending on luxuries for your workers and not for the people who pay for it.Just shows who the council thinks about Themselves.


anthony horrocks from hindley wigan lancs lancashire. says...
if lottery funding as been given for the purpose to restore mesnes park it should be if wigan council had there way wigan would just be one big dump its about time wiganers had there say what happens all over and around the wigan bourgh its about time wiganers spoke out more about whats happening in there own bourgh wigan should be for the wiganers not the wigan councils rueles and the money makeing scams the wiganers needs first and and the matter of £3m of lottery funding to get the wiganers mesnes park restored to its former glory ... :)


phil from appley bridge wigan says...
the park is for everybody and should stay that way it needs tlc but at 100yrs old who doesnt it could do with modernising but please keep the caricter and remember every were you go undisrbles wont be to far away nothing like the majority of the kids u see are bad hoodies our not so dont use as an excuse its pathetic


JDC from Wigan says...
I don't know why we're all banging on about this, our elected leaders don't give a dam what we say after they've been elected. All they want is your vote and then they crawl back under their self righteous canopies for another few years. All very well giving us election promises of what they're going to do, when all the major decisions are taken by Lord Haw Haw and his self elected Cabinet Colleagues, in between photo shoots and cocktail parties. The Council Officers are just as useless, (those who haven't taken the redundancy and pension packages on offer that is), the Politics of living in and paying for the upkeep of Wigans Heritage is pathetic. Despite the fact that most of this restoration work has been done on the back of the efforts of Private Individuals and Groups, no doubt when it comes to the Grand Openings and accolades, the Councillors and Officers will all be clamouring to get in on the Photo and take the credit, despite their utter uselessness.


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