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Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Monday, 27th November, 2023)

Hindley Hall Golf Club

Hindley Hall Golf Club
Hall Lane, Hindley.

Photo: Brian  (iPhone)
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Comment by: Ian on 27th November 2023 at 00:06

Fabulous building in great need of some tender touch.

Comment by: PeterP on 27th November 2023 at 07:14

The building looks like it needs a bit of repairs done to it. Is there still snobs and the false elite who go to these places because looking at the parking spots I would say yes. I once spoke to a man sat in the club(bowling club) who was spouting about paying £180 a year to be a member of a golf club and I asked him did he play. He replied NO so it was he was paying to Name drop and he thought he was special because he belonged to this golf club.

Comment by: Veronica on 27th November 2023 at 07:48

It’s the first time I’ve seen this. At first glance I thought the windows were boarded up but they are ‘bricked up’. I wonder why that was done. It spoils the aesthetic appearance at the front of a lovely building.

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 27th November 2023 at 08:19

In the early seventies I worked for someone who knew the people who lived there and went in once. I don't remember much about it to be honest except that they had a daughter who was of a similar age to me. It looks like it could do with a bit of TLC now.

Comment by: Elaine on 27th November 2023 at 08:31

Lovely building inside and beautiful views from the back,it also has a good restaurant,lovely and relaxing.

Comment by: Abram Alice on 27th November 2023 at 08:38

At one time people who played golf were from the upper classes, like managment or business owners and helped to keep to keep the facilities well maintained by giving donations. But these days every Tom Dick and Harry have got into it, so the money men have moved on and the donations have stopped.

Comment by: Gary on 27th November 2023 at 09:01

Abram Alice - that certainly looks the case.
Frankly, it looks a bit of a dump and wasn't like that in the past.

Comment by: Garry on 27th November 2023 at 09:02

A little run down these days. used / still do meals and beer at good prices. Could look very nice with a little money and care.
At one time you could hire a function room.

Comment by: Aspuller on 27th November 2023 at 09:16

PeterP the Ten Bob millionaires still attend. To be fair Aspull has a beautiful golf course and lovely views.

Comment by: Pw on 27th November 2023 at 09:20

Plenty people who had money used this place,doctors,solicitors etc to play golf,socialising and drink behind closed doors so they could not be seen by public.One doctor we had was always in this place and used to reek of whiskey.

Comment by: Sandra on 27th November 2023 at 09:24

There was a farm to the right of the building, don't know the name of it, but kept dairy cows.
There was also a foot path leading to John England steel tube company.

Comment by: Keith Beckett on 27th November 2023 at 09:53

Hindley Hall looking resplendent in earlier times.


Comment by: Colin Traynor on 27th November 2023 at 10:03

I don't play golf or have any interest in it but oh what a load of clap trap, don't be such inverted snobs. It's Hindley not Wentworth!
It's the building we are talking about which looks to be Georgian, not its current use, I am sure the building has a rich history before it was ever a Golf Club and it is a pity to see it in such a state.
Is it Wigan Golf Club at Arley Hall, Red Rock? That's a fine old building complete with moat which without 'Gowf' might otherwise have fallen into disrepair and neglect.

Comment by: A.W. on 27th November 2023 at 10:37

A friend once invited me to go to golf with him assuring me I would like it, and I can honestly say I have never been so bored in my life.

Comment by: Colin Traynor on 27th November 2023 at 11:16

Sandra, I think it is Hindley Hall Farm, I remember once going to an event there is the mid 1960's and sitting on Bayles of Straw, might have been bonfire night, they were very hospitable.
Someone I worked with at the time who lived on Hall Lane invited me and were friends with the family who lived there.

Comment by: Colin Traynor on 27th November 2023 at 11:26

Keith, went to the link and what a contrast to today's picture above which looks post apocalyptic, deserted, dead and foreboding with no sign of life and stripped of greenery, I know its a winter scene but even the tree looks dead.
What year do you think the Link picture was taken.

Comment by: John Noakes on 27th November 2023 at 11:36

It's Hall Lane, Aspull.
Veronica, that's not the front pf the building, it's the tradesman's entrance at the back. The front is shown on Keith's link.

Comment by: DTease on 27th November 2023 at 11:51

Can we not call a truce for Christmas and have some cheerful pictures? This diet of non stop misery is really depressing. It’s bad enough with the news and the weather without piling the sad demise of Wigan on top.

Comment by: Colin Traynor on 27th November 2023 at 12:02

Thanks John, if that is the case, Brian a view from the front might calm nerves.

Comment by: Veronica on 27th November 2023 at 12:32

Yes I see what you mean Keith/ John Noakes. Lovely sweeping lawns at the front instead of the ‘tradesman’s entrance’… the building looks better from the front. Ididn’t even know the hall existed.

Comment by: Malc on 27th November 2023 at 13:53

The photos great DTease.

Comment by: Julie on 27th November 2023 at 16:24

This is a lovely building,the photo doesn't do it justice.Interior has a homely,warm feel to it.The food available here is really good and restaurant is well-appointed.

Comment by: Keith Beckett on 27th November 2023 at 17:19

Photos of the ice house and ha-ha at Hindley Hall.


Comment by: Sir Bob on 27th November 2023 at 18:32


Last time I went there was a few years ago, and it looked nice, and I am sure it was tarmacked at the front, so I presume some tea leaf or tea leaves have pinched the tarmac, and why they were doing that they probably lifted those window frames too, hence the bricked up windows :(

Comment by: John Noakes on 27th November 2023 at 19:26

There used to be two Hindley Halls. This one, in Aspull, and another in Pemberton. But no Hindley Hall in Hindley, strangely enough.

Comment by: Shep on 27th November 2023 at 20:00

but there was a hall in Hindley, well Hindley Green to be precise


Comment by: Rev David Long on 27th November 2023 at 22:38

Despite there being a fancy front to the Hall - this is actually the entrance to the Golf Club building.

Comment by: Jim Latham on 28th November 2023 at 09:59

Hindley Hall is marked on the nls map-
Lancashire xciii.11, Revised 1927 Published 1929.
Its location would be where St Jude's school is now, between Tyrer Avenue and the new A49 Link Road.
We called it Charlie Rigby's farm. I think he moved to a new farm in Abram. This will be the farm that John Noakes says was in Pemberton, or Pemberton Ward.
nls maps were published by The National Library of Scotland. Would you Adam and Eve that? They can be seen upstairs at Wigan Museum of Life in Library St. Wigan.
Well worth a visit, too.

Comment by: John Noakes on 28th November 2023 at 19:29

No Jim, nothing to do with Abram, a farm or a ward. Hindley Hall was a house on an estate in Pemberton owned by the Hindleys. Like you say, it was sited close to St. Judes school and was bought in the 1700's by one of the Bankes'.

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