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Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Monday, 30th October, 2023)

Frank Ryding

Frank Ryding
Ex newsagents in Wigan Market Hall.

Photo: Brian  (iPhone)
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Comment by: Wigan Mick in Space on 30th October 2023 at 02:24

he must have gone away for a few days in Whitby

Comment by: PeterP on 30th October 2023 at 06:10

Yet another stall bites the dust. In a bit there will be no one left to move over to the new market, That's if there ever will be one? It amuses me that photography was/is BANNED in the market yet over the years a photo history has emerged with people ignoring the rule.

Comment by: Garry on 30th October 2023 at 08:20

Sad end to a once thriving business. As was many.

Comment by: Colin Traynor on 30th October 2023 at 08:51

Wasn't the lady who had this stall Dave Whelan's sister?

Comment by: Maureen on 30th October 2023 at 09:10

Frank has passed away..he was a lovely man.

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 30th October 2023 at 09:37

It looks like The Marie Celeste of the market world.

Comment by: Jembo on 30th October 2023 at 09:39

Sad to see. Hope they come back in the new one.

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 30th October 2023 at 10:38

Colin Traynor, Dave Whelan's sister Pauline had a second-hand bookshop on the outside market.

Comment by: Tommy Dodds on 30th October 2023 at 11:59

Looks like what appears to be a vape shop, have took part of Frank's name.

Comment by: Sir Bob on 30th October 2023 at 15:50

Frank's son, Steve Ryding, ran the stall after Frank retired, but in August of this year he closed the stall.

On about the ban on photography in the Market Hall, that was so that rival stalls, in rival Market Hall's, could not pinch any ideas on stall layouts from Wigan Market Hall.

Comment by: Mr Pastry on 30th October 2023 at 18:00

so those rival market halls stall layouts will be exactly like those in Wigan market hall will they then sir bob , just row upon row of empty stalls , yah right on . it was really put in place to stop all them A list celebrities that regularly shopped in there being photographed when buying whatever they was buying , then folks sending photographs to the Sun ,Star or more likely the Dandy

Comment by: . Ozy . on 30th October 2023 at 20:50

I remain convinced that Korky the cat held sway as headliner in the Dandy … did he not ?
As did Biffo the bear in the Beano if memory serves.
….I could be mistaken , but I do find it comforting to delve back into one’s memory bank on occasions .

Going way back ,…and I mean really way way back …
Late fifties maybe … there was a character called “ Big Eggo “ in one of the comic papers.

I can barely remember the character myself if I’m being truthful , but if anyone else on this godforsaken site can actually recall Big Eggo , then I’ll gladly stand them a half of mild and a pickled egg at the Brown Cow in Billinge .

…( it must be remembered that terms and conditions do apply however ) ..

On reflection , I don’t think pickled eggs are offered for sale in pubs in this part of the country are they ?

Mea culpa , … I should never have expected an uneducated shower like you lot , having rarely ever experienced travel beyond the limits of Marus Bridge roundabout…with the exceptions of notable destinations including Benidorm Torrevieja or Torremolinos that is , to have been aware of that fact .

Benidorm’s ok actually , as are the the other two locations … if you’re into fish and chips , and Watney’s Red Barrel that is .

I don’t know if Watney still exists actually , as it’s taken me three attempts just to get the internet to accept the word .

If they do , then please feel free to email me at ozy@nblimminhome2go2.com and I’ll happily stand you a pint of their effluent at a hostelry of your choosing .

Comment by: Wigan Mick's Derailleur on 30th October 2023 at 21:26

On reflection, one thing you are clearly not aware of is the fact that the Brown Cow, in Billinge, has been closed for some while and is now somebody's house.

Comment by: . Ozy . on 30th October 2023 at 22:31

Au contraire Dérailleur …
I’m perfectly aware that the Burnt umber bovine has been closed to the public for several years now .
Why else would you suppose that I should offer free refreshments to all and sundry at this establishment ?
Perhaps you imagine that I’m made of the stuff eh ?

Comment by: Cyril on 1st November 2023 at 17:52

aah Big Eggo - I'd like to see them pickling one of her eggs. Here she is, in the link below, of the photo of that week battling an Anaconda or similar snake who's pinched her egg, those characters in all the different comics then always made reading comics worthwhile, well the artists doing the drawings of them and those authors who thought up the stories about them. https://www.paulmorris.co.uk/beano/strips/bigeggo.htm

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