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Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Tuesday, 22nd February, 2022)

Grove House

Grove House

Photo: Mick Byrne  (Panasonic DMC-TZ100)
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Comment by: Linma on 22nd February 2022 at 06:28

Is that down Grove Lane Mick? If it is the Lathams used to live there. Barrie would know.

Comment by: DTease on 22nd February 2022 at 07:45

G-G-Granville, f-f-fetch yer brush!

Comment by: irene roberts on 22nd February 2022 at 08:32

I worked at a chemists in Standish as a girl and remember Grove Lane well. I used to deliver medicines round to addresses all around the area when people left their prescriptions with us because we were awaiting deliveries of the drugs, (no wonder I was slim!!), but I can't recall that building at all. Perhaps it''s just the passage of time that has removed it from memory. Whereabouts is it, please?

Comment by: Veronica on 22nd February 2022 at 09:02

Shame to "spoil the 'ship'for a ha'porth of paint".
Be glad Granville's bike not at the side of the wall!

Comment by: Anne on 22nd February 2022 at 09:29

It is in Grove lane, a few yards on past the junction with Ashfield Park drive. I could just glimpse it when leaving a relatives house after a visit.

Comment by: Barrie on 22nd February 2022 at 09:56

I remember this house before the new housing estates developed around it. Linda, I don't remember the Lathams but the son of the owner went to Gidlow school as I did. If memory serves me right his Dad was a a senior manager at Heinz and was involved with the Kitt Green factory development. Sullivan rings a bell. Anyway, Keith was my age then and had a large Hornby electric train set up in the attic and at times he allowed friends to join him (school holiday times) for the afternoon. This would be 1957/58. A couple of years ago I walked down Grove Lane and was dismayed at the condition of the property to what it was in the 50's.

Comment by: Mick on 22nd February 2022 at 10:32

Its on the right at the bottom of Grove lane, but to see it from this angle you need to sneak around the back.

Comment by: Ang on 22nd February 2022 at 11:03

Good grief! What a scruffy looking place for Staaandish.

Comment by: WN1 Standisher on 22nd February 2022 at 12:10

If memory serves me, this building was next door to Almonds stables, just before Elm Avenue as you travel down Grove Lane. I agree Barrie, progress now means I can drive my car to the bottom of Grove Lane, bear left up the hill, turn left at the Mill Pond ( !!!! ) and come out on Rectory Lane. Mick, did the owners know you were on their property taking the shot or do you know them. I've never seen it from this angle as it was always secreted away behind closed gates. A walk back in time down the little lane just off Elm Avenue would take you past Birketts shop and down Midgy Lane where Cranleigh is now.

Comment by: TerryW on 22nd February 2022 at 13:03

Mick, would you have taken a picture if it was a council house?

Comment by: John G on 22nd February 2022 at 13:57

Well from this angle it looks mainly superficial, not structural, still cost a tidy sum to do it up.
But I bet it would look smart with some paint on it.

Comment by: Bill on 22nd February 2022 at 17:51

A tub of Whitewash and dolly blue would go down a treat here.

Comment by: Janet on 22nd February 2022 at 19:28

Is it in Staaaaandish,Stand-offish,or St.Andish????

Comment by: WN1 Standisher on 22nd February 2022 at 23:31

Tick where applicable Janet :)

Comment by: Tina on 23rd February 2022 at 09:20

All applicable,far too pleased with itself.

Comment by: WN1 Standisher on 23rd February 2022 at 10:37

Tina, I think if you had to ask ' Standish ' was it pleased with itself, I don't think you'd get a resounding Yes.

Comment by: Barrie on 25th February 2022 at 09:02

Correction to my contribution above, Linda, the Lathoms occupied the house during the 1960's (WW-Stuff-Wigan Residents 1968-Standish-Grove Lane). My recollection was mid 50's when I used to play there so having rechecked some diaries, the occupants then were Mr/Mrs. Faulkner (not Sullivan). His son was Richard and we were in the same class at St. Michaels'. It was his dad that that had the Heinz connection. Keith was another school friend living in the area. Incidentally, the above mentioned directory that Brian has put on WW is interesting for anyone looking back to their growing up era of the 60's and seeing the names listed in their area of Wigan & District.

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